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The night air has been cooler than normal. Yes he can feel the changing of the seasons as the wind ruffled through his black and white figure. The times are changing too and there has been much talk, more like whispers, around the open moorlands. Cats suddenly clambering in like a hoard and he isn't so sure of them. Mayhaps he shouldn't be too quick to judge them but he's been burned before and his trust although there and willing to be given he hesitates on it. He has stopped his prowling during the day time because of their growing numbers and now with those large beasts on the loose the night seems that much more appealing. Slinking through tall grass he wanders, tail swaying back and forth as he lingers for a moment before he continues on his path. He isn't sure of what he means to do. Perhaps get a good look at them while they sleep? Hmm, maybe not as they might think he is up to something. With the way everything is going he may as well bring a peace offering to show his less than enthusiastic want for violence

So he continues on his path along the slopes of the hill. Taking his time to find a suitable piece of animal he can offer. He knows that he is being a bit sneaky but he has gotten curious. With his tail low he parts his jaws to pull in the scents of the land, making a face as the smell of those things hits him. Ah, he wishes they would go back, their smell rather off-putting to him. Shaking his head he focuses on the other scents he has gotten and he shifts gears. Making a beeline for something nearby, and as he gets closer his steps become more elongated, stretching his form out. The tall tom is suddenly racing across the moors and down the side of a hill before he pushes off on a jump. The tussle is sudden and quick but there is only one victor here and he holds up the hare in his jaws.

Now it is time to make his approach, one more open than sneaking around. Turning he begins to make that trek, pausing when he hears the potential of one of them close by. Dropping the hare he gives his best smile before dipping his head. "Nice night for a walk, I think. Sorry if I'm bothering you. I've noticed a lot of you around and came to talk." Definitely to see what it is all about.

It was probably beneficial to the tom approaching with the friendly words and the polite offering that it was Dandelion standing there off to the side of the passing patrol. He hadn't developed any sense of territory yet and even if he had his amicable nature and unwillingness to be openly hostile on first meeting made him quite the little greeter. If a smiling face was needed to perpetuate a sense of goodwill, he was one of WindClan's best at the job, though he didn't lack for brute force if needed. A tall, spindly limbed young cat that could rival the size of a smaller adult, he was no slouch when it came to fit and form but prefered the more laidback methods to approaching his problems. The hare was replied to with a nod of acknowledgement but he didn't make any motion to mess with it, that sounded more like a job someone older ought to deal with. He could just hear his pa now chiming in that cats might be dangerous and could poison them and since he knew hide nor hair 'bout toxins he let it go for the time.
"Fair skies it is, pleased to meetcha! Ah'm Dandelion, good eye though! There sure is a lot of us now ain't it? This here is WindClan territory now or fixen to be-got a few rough patches here and there..." Border marking was a much more complicated affair than he expected it to be especially with the area so new and the cats still organizing. Huh, maybe he shouldn't say that to a stranger? But hell, you could probably tell they were new to begin with. Least new to the area. "Reckon ah'm not the best to be asking anything much of if'n yous got questions, but sure 'nough some other cat ought to be along shortly..." He expected Sootstar would probably be giving him lessons on how to address strangers later if she found out about this, probably something about sticking a claw or two in'em first before talking or whatever nonsense that she-cat got up to in her head. Real fiesty lil'lady that one was, no wonder Pa had a fright dealing with her.

Unfortunately, Roost luck didn't last for special long to meet Dandelion alone because soon Leech would join up as he had smelled the loner on thier territory. " No, we are not answering any of your questions." Leech would correct as he stopt beside Dandelion but not without giving a disapproved side glance towards them along with a 'what are you doing?!' look. Acting friendly towards outsiders where not something that would please Sootstar. He rememberd still when Rose had told him how Sootstar had praised Cold for attacking and chasing away a kittypet who had been hunting on thier territory. He had also seen how she had greeted trepassers before. Not attacking straight away but not being friendly either.

" We are the ones asking the questions here. So tell us who you are and why you have trepassed as an intruder on our moors." He turned the tables around as he glared at the much older tom while knowing he should be wary. If this one had been a kittypet he would not have felt so worried but since it was a loner they where dealing with here he had to assume they had experience in fighting which he lacked, and he doubted Dandelion had any either. Hopefully some of the warriors would catch up to them soon not wishing to become physicial and risk getting touched by this filthy adult.

His eyes spoted the hare that lay in front of the intruders paws and instantly the anger rose inside of him. Was that thier prey?. The nerv this loner had to hunt prey on thier moors. Leech had to bite back to not comment on it. He had to wait until backup came first.


Well he can definitely agree that there is a lot of them and he isn't too sure about them. He has lived in these grasses for a good length of time and so he is a little unsettled by the influx of them. Not understanding their intention. Still he is easy going and watching the other talk relaxes him a bit. A pleasant chap to be around that much he is certain. "Yeah, there are a lot of ya but I don't see the harm in it.: At least he doesn't yet and he is going to keep it that way unless he is proven otherwise. Shifting slight he tilts his head, ears pulling forward in confusion. "Windclan? That sounds kind of weird. Never heard of something like that before. Yall gonna claim all of this..?" It's more of a rhetorical question as he figured they will just like the young tom said. Soon enough. They all didn't move here for no reason at all.

He nods then to the other's words and sure enough another cat does come but he doesn't seen so happy here. Down right hostile especially with his words and the older tom scowls as he presses a paw against the hare. He's debating about taking it back at this point. "You hold on now. I've been living here before you and yours showed up. So don't act like you have the higher ground. I'm only here to learn about what this all is. I've been on my own I feel long enough. Name's Roost if you need it so badly you'll get your fur all twisted up in knots." He frowns as he looks at the dark colored felines but he keeps himself poised in case he needs to run. He knows he is fast enough to get out of here if necessary.

"Newly formed group o'sorts, working on picking our place here indeed. Out givin' a look 'bout now-" Speaking of the rest of his patrol, ah yeah-he did forget that Leech was there. Didn't make for the most welcoming of fellows that one and he rolled his eyes with an amused flicker of his whiskers as the other young tom started in on his territorial hissing and spitting the second he got close. He expected this, his tail flicking up in a nonchalant brush under the dark tom's nose before he could focus in on the hare there any more intense than he was already. "Leech, yer a porcupine's worth of quills. If'n he wanted to pick a fight he'd have swung at me 'fore you even got here." Not to say caution wasn't important, its why he hadn't touched that hare nor gotten too close. If it came to blows he was quick and could dart away before the loner gave them any issue most likely.

He raised a paw at the black and white tom and bent with a whisper to his fellow WindClanner, "Look at'em, he's bout two tails taller then us both and said he been livin out here ALONE for moons." It was subtle but the implication of his words were there: this cat could probably fight and well enough to defend himself on his own this entire time, they were both young and inexperienced cats who hadn't fought much bigger than a barn mouse. Least they could do was stall him until an older cat ambled along to handle the discussion and what not. Last thing they wanted was to go and tick the tom off so he decided to be less friendly neighbor and more inclined to stick a claw or two in them both.


Having been lurking nearby- though the lurking was innocent of intention- Mallow's hulking ivory form heaved over, imbalanced walking carrying him to the fray. The tension in the air went largely unnoticed, for tuning in to possibly-sensitive atmospheres had never been his specialty. The black-and-white tom before him- and hey, they were the same colour, though in different ways- stated he had been living here before WindClan had settled, a statement that brought a discordant giggle from Mallow's throat.

"Oh, me too!" he cried, a chirp chittering through sharp teeth. Ink-gloved paws kneaded the ground excitedly as his grin persisted, even with the impact of him sitting. His head tilted slightly, snap-quick, though eyes did not flinch or match the width of his grin. "Funny we never ran into eachother, huh?" A giggle crackled through him again, though the disturbance toppled not his stance.