pafp CHERRY ICECREAM SMILE 【★】Abandoned Badger Set


Jul 6, 2022
Many, many moons ago a family of badgers made the hills their beloved home.

Digging out a large den south of the sandy hollow they had anchored themselves down here for many phases of the moon. Numerous generations of badgers had grown up in this den.

In the present day, it's unknown what happened to the black and white-faced creatures. Had they packed up and left? Had the den flooded? Had there once been too much competition? Had twolegs driven them out? A mystery that would never be answered.

Just as the scent of badger began to grow stale a new type of family had settled in many moons ago, claiming the abandoned den as their new home. Yet instead of badgers, they were felines.

Once more the winds of change arrived on the moors. A new and large group laid heavy claim to the land this family once roamed alone. …And hey, if you can't beat them, join them!

So again, the badger den was abandoned… At least its former inhabitants were still around to share its existence with their new clan and recall giddy memories that once occurred there.

(Sunshine and Ember lead their new friends to their recently moved-out den! Giving the landmark its basic name is still required, and as the original people who signed up the honor will go to Blitz or Nico. Everyone is still welcome to explore!)

Their scent still lingers, Ember realizes as the patrol draws close to their former den. "Now presenting... the greatest abode you've ever seen," the flame point announces as she comes up to the mouth of the badger set, her tail sweeping behind her in dramatic flair while she steps out of the way to reveal the entrance. A toothy grin finds itself on her face, glancing between the patrol and the den. "This bad boy has seen more seasons than your mother, and by the stars does she have some stories to tell!" Ember snickers as she looks towards Sunshine, recalling the morning that she'd thrown a bunch of stinkbugs into the den while her siblings were still asleep. She'd gotten her ears chewed off for that one, but hey, it was worth it!

Sunshine bounced excitedly beside her sister, letting out a short squeal as Ember introduced their new friends to the place they'd called home their entire lives. She slipped inside, circling the roomy den before poking her head back out to peer at her clanmates. "Badgers dug it out a loooong time ago! But don't worry, they're all gone! Now it's just a cozy den! Pretty cool, huh?" She chirped, blinking expectantly at the cats around them. So badly had she wanted to share this part of her life with newfound pals; it was so important to her, and she was thrilled Ember shared the sentiment! "My sisters and I were born and raised in here, and Mallow and Echo, too! It's been in the family for generations!"

Why was he here just to suffer...Leech looked bemused as always as he tagged along already regretting his promise to follow with Damask Rose whenever he not dared to go somewhere on his own. How had that freak face manged to deal with this all of the time for?. Ugh. Making this promise had been the worst decision he had ever made in his miserable life this far. But here he was following this two moor wannabes to show of some stupid abandoned badger burrow like it was the coolest thing on earth. Damask Rose was the only one between the two who was excited over this.

When they finally arrived Leech would face this discovery with a deep disapproved frown, literally glaring at the den like he was expecting it to grow legs and attack them all. He was hardly impressed and neither would he call a empty badger den for cool.

" Yeah, it's cool!." Damask Rose would shyly reply to Sunshine with a burning curiosity in thier copper eyee. He had actually never seen a badger before with his own eyes but he had heared they where terrifying..." Have uhm, you two ever meet an...alive one?. B-Badger i mean..." he asked the two sisters timidly, smilling nervousely as he stood beside Leech. " Is it...okay to go inside?." He asked and took a step forward ready to get a bit closer to explore it further but Leech stopt them by placing his tail in front of the cinnamon, his eyes now narrowed.

" Don't go in there it's most likely filled with fleas. " He said with his distrustful eyes knowing for a fact he wouldn't want to go anywhere near that filthy thing. It was better to be safe then sorry and who even knew if this two spoke the truth. What if a badger was lurking around here while they spoke? having claimed that den for itself. Of course he couldn't catch up on any scents of one but at the same time he had never encountered one either before...Better be safe then sorry and he did not trust this two strangers. If Damask Rose decided to enter that burrow anyway though that was up to them but he was not going anywhere near it. Ever.



Cold had been skeptical when Ember and Sunshine had invited the group to go out and explore the badger sets they'd previously been living in. For one, the shecats and their large family group weren't cats he knew or trusted, and even if they had been he couldn't imagine that coming along would lead to anything fun. But realistically, what was the alternative? As a Windclan cat he had to know what was in his groups territory, and by that same standard it also made sense that if some of his clanmates were going to be lured off by these newcomers, that he should go along to keep an eye on things. Besides, he had nothing else to do anyways.

When they arrived at their destination, Sunshine and Ember both seemed happy enough to show them around. To be honest, if Cold hadn't been so in his head about everything that had happened lately then he probably would have found Ember in particular to be an amusing presence. As it was currently, he couldn't help but agree with with Leech's cynacism.

How big is this place- just the one den?" he asked, snifffing at the entrance cautiously.

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