clay's heartchart

  • i decided to make a heartchart for clay, just slide your characters in here if u wanna know what the local idiot thinks of em​
  • - Loves platonically
    - Loves romantically
    - Crushing on
    - Family
    - Close friend
    - Friend
    - Wants to befriend
    - Acquaintances
    - Protective of
    - Admires
    - Respects
    - Trusts
    - Curious about
    - Neutral
    - Unsure
    - Jealous of
    - Dislikes
    - Distrusts
    - Loathes entirely​
    "He’s a lot like me, actually! He’s a super cool guy! He’s also really funny, especially when his pal Reed is around. I wanna be his friend so bad okay, you don’t even understand. But I don’t know too much about him, or anybody, yet, so I’ve just got to figure out what kind of things he likes. Do you think he likes shells? I bet he does, actually."

    "I swear, Buck is the coolest cat around. She’s not even in the clan—but I call her my clanmate sometimes because I keep forgetting that, actually. Don’t tell Cicadastar. She made fun of me for falling into the river and it felt really condescending and mean of her to say that, but then she offered to teach me how to swim so I’m not sure how exactly I should feel about that. She’s got a kid; I don’t know if they’re actually, like, hers, or if she’s taken them in as hers, but they’re super nice so she must be a good parent.

    Now that Buckgait’s actually a RiverClanner, I’m really glad. She’s super friendly and helpful even if she has to have, like, a babysitter all the time. I’m just glad I didn’t have to chase her off or anything. I like her a lot."

    "She’s a tough kid; I like her. She’s kind of sharp-looking and a little bit intimidating, but she’s been nothing but nice to me. She’s sorta rough-and-tumble, but she fits in with all the other kids in the clan, because they all seem like they wanna make Cicadastar go fully gray before he hits fifty moons."

    "I don’t know much about him. He’s a cool kid, but he’s also kind of creepy. Maybe I’m just being mean behind his back, though, because he seems friendly enough so far. He’s like Buckgait, kind of, like… he’s chill but also sort of tells it how it is."

    "He’s so awesome. He’s the leader and the stars or something said he was supposed to be, and what’s more awesome than that? I trust him with my life, honestly. He also has kids, so that automatically makes him so much better! Also his eyes are super pretty even if they kinda made me wanna go throw myself into the river when he looked at me that one time.

    After he got hurt, I’ve felt a little weird about him. Like, he’s the leader and he knows how to protect himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s gotta die for us over and over. Maybe he needs somebody to protect him."

    "I'm not gonna lie, I think I love him. He makes my stomach feel like it's full of butterflies and makes my face feel prickly when he says nice things about me. I know I'm not anybody special, but he makes me feel like I could be. He helped me learn how to fish, and he was so nice the whole time! It's not fair, he makes me wanna melt into a stupid little puddle on the ground! I wanna be close to him all the time; what's wrong with me? Aaaaa, I think I have a crush..."

    "Ashpaw is, like, one of my best friends. It doesn’t really matter that she’s a little kid; she’s funny and kind and I like playing games with her. When she got hurt, I thought I was gonna die with how afraid I was. I thought she was dead, and that was probably the worst feeling ever. She’s back now, though, and she’s not okay but she’s alive and that’s all that matters. I’m going to keep visiting her in the medicine den until she’s allowed to leave, but I’m worried she’s going to get hurt again."

    "She’s one of the coolest apprentices in the clan. When we chased off that loner, it felt like she had my back just like I had hers. I trust her with my life, but I’d also give my life to protect her. She’s super mature for her age, so I’m kind of worried about her ignoring her problems or trying too hard. But I also think she’s smarter than I am so she’s gonna pull through just fine. I think she’s gonna make an awesome warrior someday!"

    "I don’t have a favorite of Ice and Mud’s kids, but Icicle is one of my favorites! She’s very serious, a lot like Smokethroat, but that’s part of why I like her. Fernpaw’s kinda like me, but Icicle is totally nothing like me, and that just makes it more fun to tell her stories about things like Bigfoot. I don’t think she actually believes any of them, though. I was super worried when she became an apprentice, because I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, but I’m super proud of her!"

    "Oh, Smokey? Yeah, we’re practically best friends, actually. He’s a cool guy, even if he does kind of have a stick up his- uh. Anyway! I think he’s gotta loosen up a little, have some fun, but he seems mostly annoyed with me. It’s whatever, though! He’s a cool, tough guy and he’s exactly the kind of lead warrior I expected Cicadastar to pick! He’s definitely the right guy to take care of RiverClan. I do wish he told more stories, because he doesn’t seem to believe mine."

    "Lily’s one of my favorite nieces, oh my goodness. I love her so much! Watching her grow up has been one of the best parts of my life, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I think she’s grown up to be a capable warrior, but I also think she could definitely be more outgoing. Not that there’s anything wrong with being quiet! But she’s definitely a lot smarter than I am, so maybe she’s got a point."

    "He’s so cool! Like, at first I was like… what are his intentions with my sister? I wasn’t sure what to think of him at first, but then I started talking to him more and he’s actually a super fun guy! And he’s a good dad, too. I hope if I ever have kits, I’m just as good a parent as he is."

    "He’s kind of a weird dude, honestly. He, like, follows Buckgait around all the time and sometimes he doesn’t even say anything?? But Buck doesn’t even seem to care. I dunno. He’s cool, other than that. I respect him a lot; he’s a super dependable warrior and it’s pretty clear that he’s a good guy. Just a little weird."

    "I love Willowroot. They’re so cool, and she has fun stories about the sea, just like her siblings. They’re definitely a good lead warrior, and I would trust them with my life. Cicada made a good choice, picking her for the position. But there’s one bad thing about her. They look at Poppy like she hung the freakin' stars, and watching the two of them is getting so annoying. Like, just… confess your feelings to one another already!! Come on!!"

    "Otter’s so fun! He’s a lot like me and I think that’s really cool! He’s my cryptid hunting pal, so I think overall he’s super brave and funny. He’s really short, though, so sometimes my neck hurts looking down at him. But, uh, anyway! He’s a good buddy of mine and I think he needs a girlfriend! Maybe I could set him up on a blind date…"

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