clearsight's heartless chart

Sep 11, 2022

this is a heartchart but without any hearts because it's past my bedtime and i can't figure them out. so for now it is just thoughts

➵ comment a character below, and clearsight will give his opinion!


"Stars, I love that kid. He's so bright, and he's the hardest little worker I've ever met. I couldn't ask for a better apprentice. He's already been in some really difficult situations, and each time he's listened well and handled it like a little warrior.

He trusts me so much—looks at me sometimes like I hung the stars myself, does exactly what I ask even when he's scared. As his mentor, I want nothing more than to do right by that."

➵ At first mentorship put Clearsight on edge, being so directly responsible for a child's training and safety and success, and the twolegs attacks that followed didn't help. He maintained the front of confidence throughout, and he's since settled into the position. He wouldn't trade this for anything. He adores Gillpaw, and he admires the kid's determination.

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"Oh, Cicadastar. He's... a wonderful leader. I hold a lot of respect for him. I'm so glad he's still with us. Handsome, too, I'm sure everyone says that. He's—"

A long pause. "He's a very good friend."

➵ Watching Cicada die sparked a sharp change in Clearsight; before RiverClan, Clear hadn't been close with anyone in a very long time, and initially he'd kept his emotions... contained. Now, shaken by the nearly devastating loss, he wears them much more plainly. Still he won't be fully honest about the way he loves Cicadastar; he's hardly honest with himself—the tom certainly seems fond of him and returns his flirtation, but Clearsight doubts he'll return the same ferocity of feeling, so he'll tread carefully.

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"Clay... stars above. He's lovely. So kind, so bright, so friendly." He purrs as he speaks, though he doesn't seem to realize. "I love the way he talks, the way he tells stories, the sound of his voice—I could listen all afternoon. And stars, have you seen his smile? Well, of course you've seen his smile. He's always smiling. worries me sometimes."

➵ The things he could say—you'll have to cut him off if you want him to stop talking. Clearsight loves this man. What started as a crush, finding him cute when flustered, has blossomed so quickly into one of the deepest relationships Clearsight can ever remember having. He's loved his clanmates since the start, but that was a distant and principled love. This, warm and bright and aching in his chest, is new, and he'll do anything to keep it.

He would die for Clayfur, and he will probably try at least once.

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"Willowroot! Oh, she's the worst. Can't stand her. Total lovesick mess, it's like being friends with a songbird in spring." Barely contained laughter. "No, don't listen to a word I say, they're fantastic. They're an incredible warrior, a real asset to the clan. And only as much a mess as I am."

➵ Willowroot is a good friend and an excellent lead warrior; Clearsight holds a lot of respect for them. She's funny and kind, and she makes him feel younger than he is. There is no one else who will listen to him talk about drowning himself in Clay's eyes for ten minutes straight.

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"Smokethroat... well, Clayfur thinks he needs to loosen up a little, but I don't know. Everything that's hit RiverClan lately, and so much of it fallen on his shoulders as a lead warrior... everything he went through before the clans' time, too. Of course he's vigilant.

I wonder if he wishes he could relax. Sometimes I wonder if he knows how."

➵ Clearsight doesn't know Smokethroat well, but he wants to. He's only heard Smoke open up once, but he knows the tom's far from just physically scarred.

He respects the man as he does all of his fellow warriors, and though he won't bring it up because he knows the subject is touchy, he holds Smokethroat in high regard for making the call to leave Cicadastar. It takes someone very strong to make a choice like that, and Clearsight has no doubt that Smoke saved lives by making it.

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"Oh, stars. What has she said about me?" A pause, some light laughter. "She's a good friend—any sibling of Willow's is bound to be, and he's caring and perceptive, just the kind of cat I'd want beside me when things get rough. He's just also a goddamn tease."

➵ Coast's insistent nickname for Clearsight is a little embarrassing. And when he says the cat is perceptive he means it—frighteningly so, sometimes, and not one to keep her thoughts to herself. The insight can often be refreshing, and Coast is plenty serious when the situation calls for it. Clearsight loves them as he does all of his clanmates, and he looks forward to getting to know them more.

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