Cold Reality || Ash

Jul 10, 2022


As much as Frostpaw enjoyed the overwhelming scent of the herbs while she rested and recovered from her injuries, Frostpaw felt she needed to get up and stretch her legs, and what better way to do so then inviting her friend, Ashpaw to a little night walk, of course they knew better then not be accompanied by a warrior, yet they were together and she was sure that it would be fine. The nights air was cooler, hinting to leaffal being on its way and Frostpaw let out a soft sigh as she paced herself, gingerly walking as to not put too much weight on her still healing paw. Her bi-colored gaze drifting down towards her friend with worry as she noticed some fresh cuts and bruises on her friend and how she had been acting strange.

Deep down, she didn't know what came over her but "...Spiderfall...this was his fault, he... he went after Racconpaw and I got in the way, Ashpaw... I...its my fault too, I convinced him to join" she no longer could keep the web of lies that her brother had weaved any longer, she had to tell someone and Ashpaw...she trusted her, Frostpaw knew the other wasn't good at secrets but she needed to tell someone. Had she known all the pain Ashpaw was going through in this very moment then she would of not said anything but, a pang look cross on the she-cats face.

"I know it is not fair to ask, but...has he hurt you? You're one of my friends and...and if he has, then I don't know what I can do, I tried to do everything but if he harmed Raccoonpaw and me, I'm sure he has harmed others so, Ashpaw has he? I'm sorry for such a direct question but you can trust me" her voice warm with concern and honesty as she looked at the other with a sorrowful look. Perhaps deep down it was her trying to quell the question of "could he possibly hurt others?" And the doubt that came from it yet more and more time passed by and now she wanted to know if he has, and Ashpaw was unfortunately the first she asked, not knowing the spiraling events to come.


A S H P A W.

Ashpaw shivers as she glances around.

She... she doesn't like sneaking out. Spiderfall likes to take her out at night, since there's no one to overhear—but he's being watched now, isn't he? So he can't...

Glass-green eyes dart across the landscape, still bracing for glowing orange eyes to rise up out of a bush or a patch of reeds, promising pain and snarling threats.

The cuts and bruises Frostpaw's noticed are an unusual display, more blatant than Spiderfall's been before. Every step aches, some little injury panging with the movement. She's explained it away with stumbles and falls, but... she thinks some people might have realized she's lying this time. Even clumsy little Ashpaw isn't this worse for wear.

Frostpaw's question, so direct, freezes her in her tracks. Her stomach drops at the admission of the true cause of Frost's injury, and then flip-flops at the "has he hurt you?"

"No," Ashpaw says, shaking her head frantically, "no, he, he doesn't—I'm fine and he doesn't hurt me I promise—"

"Ashpaw, has he?"

And the insistence is all it takes. She can't hide it, can she—and Spiderfall's hurt Frostpaw too—Ashpaw crumbles beneath the questioning, desperate tears forming in glass-green eyes.

"You can't tell anyone," she blurts out. "Please, Frost, you can't." The kitten's ears have flattened to her skull as she gazes up at her friend. "He'll kill my friends—he'll kill Gillpaw or Steeppaw or Pumpkinpaw—and it'll be all my fault, you can't tell anyone."

She swallows, her throat tight with terror.

"He—he doesn't hurt me really bad anyway—so it's okay—th-the twoleg trap was bad but he won't do that again as long as I'm good—"

And then she freezes, blood draining from her face as she realizes what she's just admitted.

The twoleg trap.

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "

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Ashpaws words felt like a heavy stone dropped onto Frostpaw, numb...everything deafening as she heard her friend express that he had been hurting her, and then something about a fox trap? She thought...she thought that had been an accident. Trembling, rage and sorrow mixed deep into her chest as she stared at her friend, a frosted stone look covering the rage she felt. Spiderfall had not only hurt someone she loved so dearly, but he had also hurt basically a child, and for how long? Bi-colored eyes searched the other face before she slowly began to turn around.

Slowly she began to walk, her tail swaying for Ashpaw to follow her, thoughts racing rapidly in her head before she froze. She knew that Ashpaw did not want to tell, but "I am sorry, I cannot promise anything, knowing he had hurt you, I...I will not tolerate it" she said to the other as she begin to search the other's gaze before turning around to look at her friend, still her face showing no sign of what she was thinking. "Ashpaw, even if you don't tell, what would happen? He'll still eventually hurt them. I had asked him not to hurt those I felt were close to me after I refused to be dragged into any of his plots, and...and he still hurt Racconpaw, and... he also hurt you" she pressed towards the Ashpaw before shaking her head.

"If he tries anything to any of them, I'll be the one to step in the way, I won't allow it. I don't care what happens to me, but I do care what happens to you guys" she paused before a thought popped into her head, she could always tell Beesong, Beesong was trustworthy and...and maybe they'll know what to do? Maybe they could protect Ashpaw? Turning around once more the girl's pawsteps become faster, this time with more intent. "We're telling Beesong, they can protect you" she stated towards the other. She know Ashpaw would refuse this, beg Frostpaw not to but...she was already making her way back to camp, walking as fast as she could despite the pain each movement brought to her ankle, tail swishing in angry desperation. Who knows who else Spiderfall had harmed? Frostpaw would not allow it, she was okay if it was herself but... not them, not those who she cared so much for and would do anything to make sure they were safe and Spiderfall was threatening that.