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periwinklekit | 02 months | demi-boy | he/they | physically easy (pacifist) | mentally easy | attack in bold #ccccff

Peri feels unusually energized today, a bounce in his step that has been lacking for days now suddenly returned. Pale gaze narrows contemplating, long-limbs dropping into his best attempt at a 'hunting crouch' as he watches his 'prey' - his rump wriggling as his weight settles upon his haunches, eyes blown wide in focus. A deep breath and he's pouncing, a quiet exclamation of joy slipping out unbidden as he lands squarely upon the ball of moss, eyes alight at his success. Soft inky black paws batt at the toy, sending it flying across camp with him swiftly following. Thoughts of the events of the past few days are far from his mind, and he enjoys just being a kit for a little longer.

It was nice to see Periwinklekit's strength returning. With the season turning colder and no longer having Honeytwist among them, Sootstar began to fear for their sickly. Especially those young and elderly, part of her couldn't have helped but expect to lose them... but she was joyous to be getting proven wrong. At least with Periwinklekit, anyways.

The ball he had kicked thumps gently against her hindleg, she peers back to see the child chasing after it. With a smile she uses her hindleg to kick at the toy, sending it flying back towards the child with a decent accuracy and strength.


( primary character / "speech" / ic opinions )

· SOOTSTAR, female — she / her
╰ ‣ 31 moons . pisces. ages on the first
╰ ‣ windclan leader . marsh-born . believes in starclan
╰ ‣ former soldier of the marsh group

· DOMESTIC FELINE, smells like heather and wet dirt , status — 100%
╰ ‣ blue smoke . scarred chest, difficult to see through fur . green eyes

· ESTJ-A ❝
EXECTUTIVE ❞ , Slytherin, Lawful Evil
╰ ‣ Cunning, brash, fierce, confident, self-reliant, envious & selfish
╰ ‣ finds great difficulty in relating to others . can be cruel, usually shows mercy to those she can find sympathy with
╰ ‣ Appreciates titles such as "miss, m'am" etc

· SOOT CLAW x PEBBLE BREEZE, sister to Pebblenose
╰ ‣ heterosexual. romantically interested in Weaselclaw
╰ ‣ mother to owlpaw & shrikepaw
╰ ‣ average fighter . skilled hunter .
╰ ‣ will start fights . unlikely to flee .
╰ ‣ attack in underline . penned by user @ava.

He had been observing Perwinklekit with unease the past moon and was terribly uncertain what to do about the kitten's strange shift from well to unwell, it didn't seem like a normal cold but he could think of nothing else. Maybe he was just prone to getting sick easily? He'd heard of cats who lacked the sort of inner strength to fight off illness the way most did, though he had not experienced dealing with one before. There was a word for it, but he couldn't recall it at the moment.
The point tom wandered forward with a placid smile, stopped alongside Sootstar as she kicked the ball back in the cheerful kitten's direction and he felt strangely comforted by the idea that the seal point had the energy to play so enthusiastically. Maybe it had been nothing...
"Yer a real fiesty one, aren't ye Perwinklekit? Reckon ye'll be a mighty fierce warrior." If he made it that far. As soon as the thought entered his head Dandelionpaw aggressively shoved it back down. Leaf-bare or not, they weren't losing any cats, not if he had his say in it.

periwinklekit | 02 months | demi-boy | he/they | physically easy (pacifist) | mentally easy | attack in bold #ccccff

As the moss goes flying, he stills - remembering sootstars challenge the other day, he pushes off on his hind legs, spine twisting, and snatches it out of the air - giving a happy mewl and a little wiggle as he manages to nag the moss in his paws, though the rough jolt of the landing has him wobbling for a moment - wincing. His limbs feel heavy and sore enough without such a hard impact, and he almost regrets his attempt, were it not for the pride bubbling in his chest. The long-limbed child is quick to turn his attentions onto dandelionpaw, rolling the toy under paw absently, as he listens to the praise. I- ah... th-thank-s," he can't say what he really wants to say - he's not stupid - but somehow the compliment eels backhanded. The smoke furred tom avoids their gazes, instead quietly batting at the moss once more, his attempts more half-hearted now. He doesn't want to be fierce - he just wants to be himself.
( ) As she pats one more pawful of moss back into place, Aspenkit sits back, glancing over the nest with a scrutinizing gaze. It was particularly messy that day - she had been dreaming pretty actively that night, moving around more in her sleep than usual - so she had decided to try and fix it up a bit before they would all inevitably return at night. It's not as easy of a task as she thought it would be - bits of moss can be found all throughout her fur as a testament to how finicky keeping all the moss in one spot is. It's...far from perfect, Aspenkit surmises, but good enough to leave it be for now. She gives herself a shake, trying and failing to rid her pelt of moss scraps, and heads out of the nursery.

Blinking against the sunlight, she gives a quick glance around camp to see what's around for her to get into. Immediately, Sootstar catches her eye, with Dandelionpaw and Periwinklekit following soon after. It's concerning, she has to admit, seeing the leader and medicine cat with her brother, and she moves towards them as she gauges the situation. Periwinklekit doesn't look worse than usual, and as she gets closer Aspenkit can see that he's batting around a ball of moss, which eases her state of mind. Surely if something were wrong there would be more hubbub, though she can't say that Periwinklekit looks particularly happy. Had something happened after all?

As she reaches the small gathering, Aspenkit gives her brother a small smile. "Are you playing some kind of game?" she asks, looking him over. He hasn't had as much energy lately as he used to (which, to be fair, wasn't all that long either) and she has no idea why, but if Periwinklekit is up for playing right now, Aspenkit doesn't want to waste the opportunity. "Can I join? Whatever you're already doing is fine," she adds after a moment of thought.