The meeting had backfired stupendously, as most of the things Blazestar does lately seem to. His spirits have been crushed by the disaster his leadership has turned out to be so far, and he can't help but feel StarClan has made a mockery of him. Why give him nine lives? Dourly, he thinks they should have sent lightning to strike him where he stood when he clambered onto the rock beside the marsh queen.

But no. He's here. Rain had, for whatever reason, given him the final life, the name, the blessing. His housefolk are gone, his home lost to him forever. The she-cat he'd left his home for is not even here.

Blazestar has never felt so alone.

Beneath the cover of the elderberry bush that guards his den, he turns to stare almost miserably at the two cats he's called to his council. A queen he respects, a friend he's always known.

"I don't understand," he says, not sure who he's even addressing. "I thought this would be... I thought they wanted this. I thought you would want this." He looks at the calico almost accusingly, but there's no malice in his voice. "And Dawnglare! You can't... act... like that," he all but begs the blue-eyed fiend. "They already don't... they don't respect us."

True enough, isn't it? Even the Clan known for loving kittypets has turned their coats against the two leading their Clan now.

@Daisy Flight @DAWNGLARE

( ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ ) We should talk, I think. Why, he couldn't agree more. He acknowledges Blaise with little more than a flick of an ear before joining him beneath the elderberry bush. A two-toned face remains staid in its placid expression, though his eyes would narrow as the third party trails behind. A heart hangs tauntingly between a gaze laced with irritation. Lost soul, she doesn't know where she belongs.

Though, his thought process is interrupted as Blazestar speaks, urgent, desperate. Dawnglare's lip creases with confusion, narrowed eyes widen into something surprise-like. Why did he sound so... distraught? "Like what?" his question is genuine, almost careful as he addresses his friend. For a moment, he can pretend Daisy isn't there. "It's not our fault that they're blind as they are," he adds with a frown.


Following the fiery blur of Blazestar's disappearing tail between the largely dissatisfied crowd, Daisy Flight set her spine straight. Shoulders rolling beneath a cinnamon pelt the new deputy cut her way towards the elderberry bush.

Once inside, the scorn that eagerly clawed up her throat was smothered at the sight of their leader's dejected state. Cornflowers eyes lacked lustre, sandy fur fell heavy on his frame. It pushed- struck- her with empathy. The responsibility he held was evidently taking its toll, and finally, she acknowledged that. Dragging their diminished group out of conflict amidst the throes of so many complications, all while suffering in Dawnglares company? He had done well.

The queen couldn't ignore her frustrations, fury lay hot and thick on her bones. But she was tired of it. So often it coated her- her parents, the streets, Raven Ramble. They wicked away what little happiness she could gather. Here beneath the sun-splashed pines contentment was readily available. It was time to make the most of it. And perhaps, she could help Blaze in shouldering the leadership required to keep it that way.

As his lost lamenting came to a close and Dawnglare prodded at his wording, she stepped forward. "I didn't want this. And I am angry." Clear and keen, her response did not dull her sentiments. However, after a heavy beat her frosty tone thawed into something more forgiving. "But, if it is support you need I will grant it. I respect you Blaze, and I am grateful for what you have done for our group. A little warning would be nice next time though, hm?" Features lax with exasperated acceptance, and an edge of what could be considered fondness, Daisy Flight gave the tom a slow blink.

"I have to say I am very relieved to hear your... prophetic role... is a little less grandiose than advertised." With a quick look over their new medicine cat she let out a terse chuckle.
To his credit, his almost frenzied depressed state has brought some reaction from both members of his newly appointed council. Dawnglare looks at him as though he's about to snap. "Like what?" For a moment, Blazestar isn't sure what he's referring to. He's forgotten what he's just said.

"Like... like you're better than them," he says, voice worn like leather. "I know you aren't used to this place yet, but we are all in this together. StarClan gave you a gift." He hopes the appeal to Dawnglare's ego will help soften the blow.

With a glance towards Daisy, Blazestar gives a small, tired nod. "I should've warned you. Yes, I see that now. I'm sorry for that." The impulses. They've gotten him into so much trouble the past few moons, haven't they? He flicks his tail. "Truthfully, I need you. I need both of you. I can't do this myself, and I was a fool to think I ever could."

Almost wistfully, he stares at one wall of his den. Where Rain had slept once. Where his sons expected to be sleeping now. Blazestar wants to tear the den down, start over. How can he lead with a legacy like that hanging over him?

( ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ ) Blue eyes gloss over, an icy sheen over a vacant expression. Strange, misguided speech from flapping gums. Soft features fall upon Blaise's face, pathetic, down turned lids, eyes that lost their luster. Why the face? The exhaustion? It's lost on on him, the meaning. He deigns an importance on these wildcats that they're undeserving of, isn't that it?

Starclan gave him a gift, the words ring true, but what's the difference? Never once has he intended to keep it from Blaise. Born disciple, eager student, warm face among soulless forms. Did it matter so much to him, that these others are attended to?


He barely hears Blaise, static in his mind turns violent as Daisy Flight breaks through the haze, grating voice disturbing his tranquil state. He tilts his head upward, looks to the sky, prays that this one isn't truly speaking with him. "I should rip you to shreds," His mind spins and spins, the world is dizzy, cruel in its tricks and treats.

He snaps back to attention, lips pressing into a thin line as wide eyes meet Blaise's. Was that out of line? It's an accident, he swears it.

Needs him... yes, he knows. How necessary does this leave Daisy Flight? Not very. But Blaise has seemed to have convinced himself otherwise. Dawnglare clears his throat, he tries to keep his expression neutral as he looks at Daisy. It half-works, leaving him with an oddly strained sort of face. "Very well..." he says, though his tone implies that not even he is sure of what he's saying.

Another sigh swilled in her throat like blood, languid and thick. It puffed out in a pillar past her whiskers as Blaze gave her a nod. He needed them, he said. Truthfully, she couldn't begrudge that. "Hm, well it's good you've picked up on it. Better to ask than go down like a wingless hawk." Despite the veiled insult, the calico was genuine.

Watching the dawn-pointed tom's eyes drift to Rain's old nest spot she felt a weight sink into her bones. Oh, there were just so many layers to the mess he'd volunteered himself into. With a playful tap, she brought her woollen tail up to his pink nose, trying to drag his thoughts from whatever depth they had fallen into. It was out of character for the queen but she couldn't manage to find the words for the topic.

The sad, blossoming half smile was wiped clean as Dawnglare spoke. 'I should rip you to shreds.' He can't be serious? Baffled eyes searched the mahogany feline's face and she found- that she couldn't tell. So taken aback by the apparent warning a chuckle wormed its way from her maw. "You'd threaten a pregnant woman? Dawn, I didn't think you the sort!" It masked the unamusement she felt at such a comment, the irritation squirrelled away into her little bank of opinions. Frankly, she didn't know what sort he was. Daisy Flight supposed she'd have to learn.

"What's the plan then? If I could hurry these kits along I would but the reality is I'm carrying them." Turning back to Blazestar, she condescended her many questions into one.