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Aug 17, 2022

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    hazel; hazelswirl
    hazel for the tree that symbolizes inspiration, swirl for her easygoing attitude
    — warrior of windclan
    — female, she/her; bisexual, polyflexible
    — 13 moons / ages every 1st
    ↳ penned by @foxlore
  • lilac and ginger chimera with high white / reference
    a regal she-cat with a willowy frame, hazel carries herself with a graceful dignity. her almond-shaped eyes are olive in color, and she has long, deceptively powerful, legs. her pelt is a patchwork of heather, orange, and white, and is normally well-maintained.
    ↳ sh solid lilac w/ high white​
  • neutral good, celestial warlock
    intelligence ●●●○○○○○○○
    confidence ●●○○○○○○○○
    charisma ●●●●●●●○○○
    creativity ●●●●●●●●○○
    empathy ●●●●●●●○○○
    humor ●●●●●○○○○○

    (+) polite, diplomatic, conscious (/) quiet, virtuous, creative (-) hesitant, childish, pushover.
    long paragraph
    ↳ mannerisms elaborate.
  • npc xx npc sibling to meadowflame | mentoring no one, mentored by no one
    mate to none | parent to none
    — admires
    — close friends with
    — friends with
    — likes
    — dislikes meadowflame
    — loathes none
  • strength ●●○○○○○○○○
    stamina ●●●●●●●○○○
    agility ●●●●●●●●○○
    hunting ●●●●●●○○○○
    swimming ●○○○○○○○○○
    climbing ●○○○○○○○○○
    grace ●●●●●○○○○○

    single; bisexual, polyflexible / ladies' gal
    quick to trust
    — physical health [ 100% ] | mental health [ 100% ]
    — will not start fights | may end fights | may flee | will show mercy
    excels at negotiation, deescalation, hunting, running
    poor at climbing, swimming, fighting
    sounds like laura bailey as imogen temult
    smells like heather
    — healing & peaceful powerplay allowed.
    — speech is #fbc8b3
  • backstory / simplified history
    hazelswirl used to live in the pine group with her older sister, meadowflame. hazel was very close with her mother before her unfortunate death, but was never as close with her father. she was even further distanced from meadowflame, who she saw as a manipulative, selfish cat. she left the pine group as soon as the clans were formed, running away to join the ranks of windclan.

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