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Waiting is all they can do. Wait and wait and wait. But he tries best to keep a positive attitude. Yet he has never been able to do so for long. After he was attacked by that coyote everything shifted within him. His stomach keeps twisting up in knots and he struggles to keep anything down because the memories keep flashing in his head. What happened on that patrol. It stays with him especially how fast it happened. And if those twolegs did that to just one cat and their leader at that then could they-. Bile starts to rise within his throat and his empty stomach tries to push. He twists his head sharply and disappears into the reeds. Retching out an empty stomach nothing but the acrid acid from his stomach.

It hurts because this isn't the first time. His anxious emotions surging through him making him sick and lightheaded. Forcing back a groan he covers up whatever remains with dirt, trying to hide the evidence of his weak constitution. Like a mantra he needs to keep reminding himself that things will be okay. Cicada will make it back. But it's like an endless cycle of what ifs breaks him down, and further and further he falls into a pit of despair.


The camp was tense with a fog of stress and uncertainty. Dogteeth could hear murmurs, sniffs, and dreadful meows within the reeds. The ones suffering the most had been on that patrol though, and from what words offer- it probably did no justice to the absolute horror of a sight. Pinned through the neck into a tree- their leader had bled around his final words and now they could only pray for his return.

Smogbreath had been on that patrol, and it was he now who pulled the curly-furred tom’s attention. Dogteeth had been leaving the nursery and Peachkit- to wash his paws of the dirt and moss, when he saw the quick frantic bolt through the reeds on Smog’s part.

Dogteeth’s heart is drawn to the look on the warrior’s face before they had abruptly disappeared. Half obscured by scar, but noticeably troubled. The blonde-toed feline kicks off across camp, quickly making his way toward his clanmate when he skids to a halt. A foul and familiar stench hangs in the air.

" s-…Smogbreath- erm… " he doesn’t push past the reeds- afraid to invade the warrior’s privacy. " this may be- a stupid question… but, are you okay dear?" a paw hangs in the air a bit as he tries to find the right words.

" I can’t imagine what it was like-… to see that " he adds with a softer tone- one only a whisker above a whisper.


What a pitiful sight to found one of his clanmates in. Standing in thier own vomit they tried so desperately to hide, a stank that could be smelled from miles away. They where predators after all. No reason to hide a such obivious fact. Aha, hadn't Smogbreath been one of these cats who had been on that patrol Smokethroat had taken out only to come back without thier leader?. Ravendusk could understand then why Smogbreath was having a such upset stomach then if the information were correct in what had happend. Two-legs were a new threat even to himself. They should be avoided at all cost. In all honestly wouldn't it be better to leave the river altogether and found a place far away from the twoleg monsters?. How many more would they have to lose before someone made that decision...he wonderd.

" He obiviously is not okay." he stated to Dogteeth while he observed the warrior closely. The poor tom was clearly under alot of stress and anxiety right now. After what they had went through thier respond to all of it was natural and to be expected. No one could fault them for the traces they had tried to bury underneath the dirt. " Would you like me to fetch you some water?. I have some lavender flowers in my nest...i have heared they could have a healing effect to stress and anxiety." he would offer not thinking there was much more to be done here at least from his part. Dogteeth though might be more helpful when it come to the emotional part. They seemed just like the sort of cat anyone would open thier whole heart to...pouring out all of thier problems. Cats like Dogteeth was importand to have especially in a such dire situations like this. Hopefully they understood thier own worth here. It would be a shame otherwise.

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Frostpaw had not been on that patrol, and perhaps it was for good fortune that she was not luckily enough as she was certain that she wouldn't of known what to do and perhaps be quite horrified at the events that had unfolded before her eyes. Smogbreath had ran off, following close after had been Dogteeth, willist Frostpaw had been checking silently on others to make sure ev×erything had been alright. Despite this, everything was clearly not okay and she too followed after Smogbreath.

The smell of bile hit her nose and she winced a bit, seeing Ravendusk was already there offering their comfort to the other. Frostpaw approached with a soft look of worry on her face, unable to imagine being there when Cicadastar had lost a life and she wondered, will he return? Her fluffy tail twitched a bit as she opened her maw to speak before shutting it. At the moment she was unsure what to say, so she would just watch, her concern clawing at her chest, wondering if they should tell Beesong of this.
He stiffens, body tense as he hears a gentle voice behind him. It's a terrible thing he thinks to always be this weak and before he can stop himself he turns and looks at Dogteeth. His eyes of amber are almost mournful as he stares at him, pleading. "I'm sorry...sorry...I just.." How does he explain himself? To be a warrior he needs to be strong but he keeps proving to himself and every cat here that that is not the case. His head lowers and he feels dejection and sure he can give the excuse of the patrol but this isn't the first time. Surely won't be the last either. His stomach churns and he is partially glad he hasn't eaten anything, breathing out roughly he forces himself to meet Dogteeth's gaze again. "I'm okay. I'll be okay. I just need time." He breathes out understanding what the other meant. It had been horrific and he knows when sleep grabs him the night terrors will be there.

Still he jolts as another Riverclanner comes over and offers him water, tells that of course he isn't okay. His throat is dry but he doesn't want the other to go through the trouble. "Thank you, but I can get some myself. I-I really appreciate it though." Out of habit he keeps the horrific side of his face turned away before he notices another feline there. Frostdrop. He tries not to wince as he quickly averts his gaze to focus on the conversation. Lavender sounds nice and he will try that.