"Shards of words of a shattered voice."
Jun 7, 2022

Crowstalk | He/Him | 4 Years (Feline)
Crowstalk is a very laidback and friendly cat. He is work oriented, always making sure to do his best when given a task while also encouraging those around him to do the same. He is outspoken in his beliefs and will do anything to keep his loved ones safe and protect his clan. He greatly values strong bonds and relationships, as he believes this ties clanmates together, which in turn makes for a force like no other. He never hesitates to lend a helping hand if needed, he loves to run errands, whether it be for the medicine cat, hunting for prey, patrolling the borders, and of course the heat of battle. He feels as though his lifes work is to his clan, and because of this he is fiercely loyal and efficient in terms of what he is asked to do. However, his demeanor, loyalty, and effectiveness will slowly begin to wear off after a horrible accident, leaving him crippled and lost. He would isolate himself from everyone, his motivation for his clan and himself will become almost non existent, and his mind will drift only towards what he would come to miss the most.

Combat ●●●●○
Hunting ●●●●●
Swimming ●○○○○
Climbing ●●●●○○
Speed ●●●●●
PARENT x PARENT sibling to whoever | mentoring no one, mentored by no one
Mate to Dewdrop | Parent to Tomato/Tommy, Foxy (Adopted), Dizzy, Rocky, Froggy | Other kin