cue the training montage [rose]


Jul 20, 2022



As exciting and nerve-wracking as it'd been to be made Deputy, the idea of having an apprentice was no less effective. Dusk had been secretly thrilled to hear that he was assigned to mentor Rose, though he could also admit that a part of him nervous. Rosepaw was a good kid with a kind heart, and the bengal tomcat was already proud to be apart of the process that would lead to them becoming a warrior, but he knew this was going to demand a lot from both of them. After all, Duskfire had never had an apprentice before and Rosepaw was now the Deputys apprentice, and that would mean the cats of Windclan would be expecting a lot out of both of them. It was a lot of pressure for sure, but for whatever reason, he was confident.

That morning he'd woken up and, rather than heading straight out to begin the day with his usual routine of patrols and workouts, he'd instead let his paws carry him over to nudge Rosepaw awake. It was still pretty early for the apprentices, but Duskfire had a tendency to rise with the sun in order to avoid the nightmares he still suffered from. He probably wouldn't force them to get up with him this early every day, but for their first day he really wanted to make the most of their time together.

And so the spotted tomcat made his way over to the younger toms next and gave him a gentle nudge awake. "Rosepaw, wake up." he called to them, hoping they weren't too heavy of a sleeper. "Ready for your first day of training?"

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat