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Jul 24, 2022

Why is their mentor so hopelessly useless, Crappiepaw wonders. His mentor never wants to do anything fun, they only want to teach Crappiepaw things about StarClan and other boring topics. He doesn’t care about StarClan—he wants to have fun!

He has been lying upside-down in camp, stretching out with his paws extended out in front of him. He’s watching clanmates pad by, upside-down, pretending that they are all about to fall off the earth. Maybe if the ground is up, they’ll fall off the earth and float downward into the sky. Wouldn’t that be a fun experience to watch?

A familiar pair of paws passes by, though, and the mostly white tortoiseshell perks up a bit. "Kelpie!" They shout, twisting to roll onto their front with ease. "Kelpie. Kelpie. Keeeeeelpiiiiiie," the apprentice keeps going, trying to capture the warrior’s attention. "It’s so booooring today, Kelpie. Can we do something fun? My mentor is so lame." Kelpie is much cooler than his mentor, he thinks—maybe she’ll agree to do something fun with them today.

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A cheerful shouting of her name draws her from her thoughts, turning her focus onto the mottled figure calling for her. Mismatched gaze blinks slowly for a moment, before a dazzling smile and a wheeze of laughter slips out before she can help it, eyes alight with humor. "Really crappiepaw, I heard you the first time," she teases gently, turning back around to face the tortoishells, her head tipping to the side as she listens to the apprentices complaints. She understands that learning can be boring - especially when your mentor is only interested in teaching through theory. A contemplative frown flicks across her maw for a moment - is she really the best cat to be in charge of a small child-? before pleading green gaze has her melting. "oh alright.... how about we go treasure hunting? she offers, not really sure what crappiepaw's definition of fun is, but having notice the boy seemed to like colleting shiny things as much as any other riverclanner.

❝  Thornpaw could not call his mentor boring, though whether he doesn't due to respect or fear cannot be said. The old tom is a force to be reckoned with, stronger than the river's tide and more stubborn than it too. His lessons aren't boring, but they are brutal. Exhaustion has gnawed at Thornpaw day in and day out since he was assigned to the tom, and beneath that grew resentment. He hated him. He hated all of this, hated hated hated– but just when those feelings threaten to crest over, his mentor would do something like this: give him the day off. The apprentice is blessedly free, even if just for a few hours. So far most of it has been spent asleep, not in the apprentice den but tucked into a corner of camp, long limbs curled up comically small. It's Crappiepaw's shouting that changes that. With a low groan, Thorn tucks his face deeper under his paws. It doesn't help in the slightest. Well. If Crappiepaw is gonna ruin his nap, he might as well...join them?

That hadn't been the plan until he heard treasure hunting. "What kind of treasure could you even find?" he questions, trying for irritated but sounding downright curious instead.

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  • THORNPAW. snarky apprentice of riverclan, at least for now.
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The small calico apprentice had been attempting to nap not too far from Thornpaw, and had tensed slightly as he had jerked awake at Crappiepaw making all of that noise outside of the apprentice's den. Foxpaw's thick ginger tail twitches with anxiety, wondering if he's been upset. He's been so tired, she knows. His mentor takes him out every chance he gets, and Thornpaw hasn't seemed happy about any of it.

But, to her surprise, Thornpaw shoves himself to his dark paws and pads their way. Joining them. Foxpaw's eyes light up, and she scrabbles to her own feet, a small smile cresting her white maw. "I bet we could find something cool. In the marsh, we'd find mushrooms sometimes." She glances at Thornpaw, twitching her tail against his flank. "Mushrooms can get really big. I don't know if RiverClan territory has any, though..."


To say that he expects Kelpie to agree would be a lie. His own mentor doesn’t agree to do fun things with him, so why would the patched warrior? But he has hope, and he allows his eyes to widen as he awaits their answer—and he is very clearly trying to make himself cry, bright green eyes beginning to water just a bit. He’s very good at the pathetic kit look, despite being just a bit too old to make it convincing.

To his pleasure, though, Kelpie agrees somewhat easily, although they do complain about his repeated calls of their name. And they suggest an activity that sounds extremely entertaining. "Oooh, treasure! That sounds fun!" They shift upward onto their toes, then back down onto flat paws—they repeat the motion again, smiling brightly at the warrior.

Thornpaw is not a familiar clanmate, despite being a fellow apprentice, and the mostly white-furred child tips their head to one side as they observe him. They also wonder what sort of treasure they would find, so they turn to gaze curiously back at Kelpie, awaiting her answer. Foxpaw makes the suggestion of mushrooms as a so-called treasure, and Crappiepaw’s attention shifts to her. They flick their tail and ask quickly, "D'you think we could find tasty mushrooms? Or… are mushrooms even eatable?" It’s not as though the apprentice has ever actually seen a mushroom with his own eyes before, but he’s heard descriptions of them from others who have traveled farther outside of camp than himself.