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Jul 15, 2022

Everything Stays

A hacking cough shook the skinny body, some mucus dribbled out of a light grey nose. There was a little bit of crusting at where Inkylotus' eyes should be and the sightless cat hadn't eaten in days. Lately he has been feeling both very gross and stuffy, he also felt like he needed to eat all the time when his stomach wouldn't keep water down. It was the strangest feeling he has had and he had been this way for a few days at this point, it starting off with a simple cough. Thought it was dirt from the tunnels that had gotten into his lungs, but then the sneezing started and the exhaustion. Inkylotus was still far from accepting he was sick, and had gotten up from the spot he shared with Duskfire and planned on continuing to go on the afternoon patrol or go back into the tunnels of the day.

Though as the cat moved to stand, a sneeze tore through his skinny body and caused the black ghost tabby to trip on his own paws. Falling flat on his butt in a bit of a daze, before shaking himself for a moment and sniffling. Rising back onto his feet he managed to get a little bit further before having to pant a bit from the amount of air that refused to enter his lungs. It was just a little bit of a cold, it was totally fine and everything would be okay. He just needed to get this patrol over with then he could take a nap or something for a brief moment.



Dusk had been out for most of the morning, patrols and training with Rosepaw keeping him busy well into the day. By the time he finally returned to camp and sent his apprentice off to eat some lunch, he was more than ready to take a bit of a breather. His shoulder was stiff from his sparring match earlier and he was looking forward to taking some weight off it for a bit, but as he glanced over in the direction of his nest, he was surprised to find Inky only just getting out of bed.

He knew the other hadn't been feeling great lately, but the black tomcat had insisted it was just dirt and dust from the tunnels. But as Inky quite literally sneezed himself off his feet and then failed to even make it a few steps farther, Duskfire felt himself grow nervous. Inky.. They actually didn't look for good at all.

"Where do you think your going?" he asked as he came to a stop in front of the other, and while his tone was light so the other didn't get the impression they were upset, there was an underlying tone that was far from just kidding around. "There's no way I'm sending you on patrols today. Your confined to camp until Honeytwist clears you for work."

He didn't mean to sound stern with them, but... it wasn't happening. First off, Dusk was not about to let the other collapse out on the moors somewhere. Secondly, if whatever was making them ill was contagious then the rest of the group couldn't be exposed to it.

"Come on. Let me help you back to bed, okay? I'll get Honeytwist and you can get some rest." he insisted, gently nudging the other other to their feet before sliding up alongside them, offering their shoulder to lean on if they were too tired to or dizzy to hold their own weight.

He'd be fine though, surely? Probably just exhaustion and dust from the tunnels. And yet, even as he told himself this he found himself scanning the clearing for either of their healers, quick to gesture them over when he spotted them.

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windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

"That doesn't sound too good!" The hacking and wheezing from the blind tom was hardly subtle. Dandelionpaw padded over to stand alongside Duskfire, nodding his assent and agreement to the remarks with each one punctuated by a sharp but cheerful, "Yup!"
His still relatively small backlog of herbal information was already rolling in his head, it was tansy...for coughs, if he remembered correctly? He'd have to doublecheck with Honeytwist but he was pretty sure that was right! It was the pretty yellow flower, the ones that grew in clusters all over the moorland hills and made the field look kissed by the sun in certain spots. It smelled nice too. Maybe honey if his throat hurt? Admittedly he would need to check how much they had cause he was too much of a bleeding heart for his own good when a kit was in the den so he plied them with the treat on occasion. Thankfully, no kits had been in the den recently. A few stubborn and foolheaded apprentices but outside what had happened to Kestreltalon they had been relatively at peace and left alone to just do his learning.
Shaking his head to focus back on the situation at hand, the sepia point offered Inkylotus a smile which he quickly realized the tom couldn't see so he laughed instead, "Yer comin' to the den whether ye like it or not ah'm afraid! Can't risk ye gettin' anyone else sick! Though I'm sure a few wouldn't mind bein' laid up cozy like fer a few days."
He quickly shifted about to move to the dark tunnerler's otherwise, leaning against him in a friendly gesture so he would know he was there, "Get along now! Let's go!"

Everything Stays

Ah he should've known better than to do any of that around others. With his nose so stuffed up, he couldn't smell nor hear hair of anyone in the camp. That is till he heard Duskfire speak up with a rather stern tone that made Inkylotus flick back his ears, "I'm fine! It is just allergies, it'll pass," Stubbornly stated the sightless tomcat, but as he rose to his feet once more his mind swam. Like suddenly he was underwater and couldn't rightly breathe, and thankfully Duskfire was to his side as the ghostly tabby cat leaned heavily into the deputys' shoulder.

Even with a stuffed up nose and muscus for what seemed like miles, the tom rubbed his cheek against the others' sweetly scented coat, "Really, I am okay," Inkylotus spoke more softly, chin lifted up as if to look at Duskfire and ran his tail along his back softly, "You got other things to worry about, darling," He gave this wobbly smile and then turned his head at the sound of another voice; Dandelionpaw.

The Southern cat agreed with the deputy, before he felt the apprentice against his otherside, "I won't get anyone else sick, I promise, its just al-er-," The black started but hsi words got cut off as he sneezed so hard his nose hit the ground, causing it to bleed just slightly and him give a yelp of pain.



It didn't matter if Inky was sicjk to Duskfire- the other toms affections were welcome at any time- and so when they rubbed against him and tried to offer their reassurance that they were fine, he didn't object, because even if they were sick Dusk would look for an excuse to be close to them. He just.. liked being near them. The black tabby was the only cat in the clan he felt like he'd made any progress with, though he could admit his affections toward the other were probably a bit more than the typical clan cats held for each other.

"You've got other things to worry about, darling."

He always liked the little names the other would call him, and he leaned down to lick the top of their head with a fond purr. "Yeah, and I'm going to be worrying about you the entire time if your out there." he replied, chuckling softly.

He was glad when Danelionpaw appeared to back him up, stepping up alongside Inkys other side to help stabilize the shaky tomcat while they ordered him to the den to rest. And again, the warrior tried to protest, but when they sneezed hard enough to smash their nose into the ground and cause a nosebleed a moment later, Dusk had heard enough.

"Shit, are you okay?" he asked, reaching out with a paw to angle the toms face upward so he could inspect it. "That's it- no more arguing. Your need to rest before you hurt yourself." But despite the firmness of his words, he was nothing short of gentle as he urged the other tomcat forward, tail wrapping around their waist to help stabilize them as he tried to get them to move toward the den. He knew the other didn't like to be underestimated, and Duskfire really did his best to never make them feel that way, but this was different. It had nothing to do with Inkys blindness. This was about their health, and he wasn't about to let them make themselves worse just because they were too stubborn to take a day or two off.

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

Hyacinthbreath listens to the conversation calmly, tail-tip ticking side to side in irritation at Inkylotus' stubborn resistance. Had it been her, she'd have been the same way- refusing to go to bed, wanting to finish work, make herself useful. But, with Duskfire's annoying bitching, she didn't want to spend another second listening to this. So she stands, and walks over- clearing her throat so Inkylotus knows another person had came over. A small sign of respect for the tom, though it isn't a surmounting amount of proof that she's beginning to tolerate him.

"It's either you go to the medicine den, or I drag you there myself. You're a Tunneler, and I expect nothing but perfection, and this.." Hyacinth waves to Inkylotus dramatically, even though he can't see her. "..Is not what I envision perfection to look like. So listen to your Deputy and Medicine Cats and go rest in the medicine den." She demands, turning her eyes upwards to express her intent with a nod. She wouldn't admit that she cared for the Deputy, but he wasn't the worst cat to deal with. He minded his own business, unlike other WindClanners.

"Your duties can resume later. Worry about yourself."

And just like that, Hyacinthbreath turned right around and gestured with her paw- as if saying Do you think I'm kidding?

"Jus' allergies ye reckon? If only we had one of them there healer cats who could tell ye fer certain. If only there was a handsome, really cool apprentice ye could ask fer a second opinion." Shame there were none of those around, a true tragedy. Dandelionpaw smiled sympathetically to the dark cat's plight, and worriedly glanced back at the medicine cat den at the sight of blood because for a second he could not stand to look at it. Every hair along his back rose up, he felt his stomach twist into a knot but just as quickly it had faded. Thankfully, because he would need to deal with that once he got the tunneler situated. Bloody nose meant there was definetely something messing with his sinuses though? Maybe it WAS just allergies but better safe than sorry after all. Besides, if it was something that could catch the quicker he was isolated the less chance the fire began to spread. He could only imagine how annoyed Sootstar would be if she found out her clan all got sick cause of one cat; almost made him want to shudder.
Hyacinthbreath's presence was a welcome one, with two authority figures now insisting they rest then there would be no more arguing from Inkylotus hopefully. "Ye heard 'er! Easy does it now! Back on yer paws and let's get ye goin!" Moving back alongside the other he attempted to help him up alongside Duskfire and shot the silver molly a grateful smile.

Watching the group move about, Ivoryflight was curious what ailment Inkylotus had come down with. Hopefully, it wasn’t something contagious that would bring more of their warriors. Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw knew what they were doing. The warrior was in good paws with them. “Is there anything I can do to help? I can fetch some water or help look for herbs if you need more.” Hopefully, there would be something of use she could do. Standing around and watching the group wouldn’t benefit anyone. Worst case, she could head out and see what she could bring home from a hunt.