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Sep 29, 2022

Her siblings have been frantic and it would be a lie to say she hadn't started worrying too. One moment their parents were there, the next they were gone and then came the chaos between the trio of siblings. Quiet as her namesake, Snow wouldn't butt in, only wobble after the other two as they desperately comb through every little bush and every little tree stump they'd find. Eventually they'd come to a marsh, unbeknownst to them passing a sent marker, and it only sent them in to a further panic.

Snow however was not worried much, huddling with her siblings at the base of the tree. Shes tiny compared to them but she doesn't mind, shes tired and sleepy and they're super warm. "Mama and Papa left us, so now its just us, ok?" like the self righteous savior she thinks she is, she states the obvious with a nod and a yawn that breaks through her lips not even a heartbeat later. "I'm super duper... strong... I will..... protect you guys..." the warmth eventually gets to her and there she is, huddling with her siblings and dozing off mid sentence like she usually did.

// you don't have to wait for the other kits to post, but they are huddling together!
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Tornado's lips were pulled into a grim line as the trio walked about aimlessly. An annoyed sigh fell from her maw as she stopped abruptly to look back over her shoulder and then forward again. Everything looked the same and she was beginning to think that just maybe they had been walking circles. "This isn't working. We need a better plan then just walking around." Her paws were beginning to ache and the wet marshy ground had long past annoyed her. Eventually they made it to a tree, taking a moment to rest and recuperate. The soft tone of her sister caught her attention however, causing Tornado to look down at her. Snow had been silent for much of the conversation she had with Typhoon, but the words that left the young molly caused another ripple of uncertainty and fear to pulse through her.

"Hey...no, don't say that. I'm sure they'll find us..." Her voice trailed off, optimism evaporating as she juggled the fact that they might not. Just how far had they walked and for how long? She was not sure. Snow was soon fast asleep, nestled against her side which prompted Tornado to place a comforting lick between Snow's ears, just like mama would. Curling her tail close to her side she then looks to Typhoon. "Where do you think we are?" Tornado utters in a tone low enough to not jostle their sibling awake.
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it seemed like shadowclan was becoming a dumping ground for defenseless young kits, and chilledgaze didn't know why. they couldn't afford all these mouths to feed and yet... here they were. no matter what, though, this was not the fault of the kittens. they didn't ask to be here, and they certainly didn't ask to be abandoned. as much as chilledgaze didn't like kits, they would protect the little leeches with all they had, if it so came to that. taking in a deep breath, the black feline walked around, ears flicking and nose twitching at the sound and scents they were picking up on. all new. chilledgaze made it a point to know all the cats within the clan, and whoever this was... it wasn't them. their paws carried them to the scene, flinching almost immediately as the sight. with a rough growl under their breath, they slowly approached the kits, clearing their throat.

"hey, little ones... er... fuck what the fuck do I say?"

they furrowed their brows, bresthing the last bit of their sentence under their breath.

"look i.... noticed you look a little cold. I'm sure your parents are looking for you but maybe we should get somewhere warm, with a nice plump piece of prey, while we wait for them to find you? I could carry you so you don't have to walk."

ew. being nice was not exactly something they enjoyed unless it was to their friends. but kits responded to kindness, right? and stars knew how long they were walking by themselves before i found them.

Three little brats, right at their paws. They speak to each other in these lil' mewls, pathetic as it was cute. Shivering little scraps. Leaf-fall wasn't so bad just yet, but n' the mornings an nights it could get a bit chilly. N' kits... agh, they haven't built up their thick skin yet. Were they waiting for somethin'? He lifts his nose, tastes the air. He feels like he could catch a wiff of somethin', folks who were here once, but not anymore.

He knows its over for 'em when Chilledhaze, Chillphase, whatever the hell walks over, already gruntin' an growlin' like some sorta monster. He's kind enough to give 'em another try with 'ier words, lifts an amused brow as he watches 'em think before they speak. Awfully rare of 'em.

Mmm, but maybe it ain't the monster-wreck he was expectin'. Barkbreath whistles, low. His eyes are smilin'. "Now look at that, didn't think ya' had a kind bone in yer body, Mmmm—" Mister? Miss? What the fuck is he supposed to say?? —mmmChilledgaze," he finishes, smooth. He's nailing this.

A piece o' prey insinuates they'd be draggin' em back to camp, then. He hums at the thought. "Not even gonna try t' look for their parents then? Someone's eager to snatch up a couple 'a kits. Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't gobble you up, keh—" He grins, sharp-toothed at the bunch 'f kittens, the ideal model of comfort, he's sure.
The days are beginning to grow shorter, the nights colder. Leaf-fall has settled over the swamp, and Pitchstar has never dreaded the impending leaf-bare more. ShadowClan has always had the short end of the fuckin' stick, even before they had all of this StarClan bullshit hanging over them. The smallest territory, and the barest. It shows in their gaunt frames and hungry eyes. But after the fire had destroyed a quarter of their territory, Pitchstar fears that this leaf-bare would yield even less of their already diminished prey.

Needless to say, he isn't eager to expand his ranks. More cats means more mouths to feed. But when faced with the sight of Chilledgaze and Barkbreath hovering around a bundle of kittens, Pitchstar doesn't have a choice, does he? He couldn't leave children to die. Even if they would be nothing but a burden in the cold season.

Barkbreath, unexpectedly, brings up a fair point. They should look for the parents... If they could find them, that means Pitchstar wouldn't have to worry about three more kits on top of his already youth-filled clan. "Patrols will be sent out to search for them... Until then, they'll stay in the nursery where it's warm." Pitchstar stares down at the kittens, evaluating them, as if sizing up prey. "Pray that we find them."

The leader suddenly barks out a laugh at his own words, his shoulders quivering. Pray that we find them. Since when has StarClan listened to their prayers?
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He follows behind Pitchstar, wrinkling his nose at the offensive scent of outsiders. Kits, but outsiders, nonetheless. He gives them a hard stare, a curl of his lip stamping his disapproval over the situation. Chilledgaze offers to take the kits in, and he can't help but drop his jaw, incredulous. "More mouths to feed? This isn't our problem. I'm not going hungry so these brats can eat what prey we have left."

He snorts, unsurprised that Pitchstar allows Barkbreath and Chilledgaze to take them in. Granitepaw glowers at his mentor, but does not say anything to contradict him. "I'll look for them myself, if I have to," he mutters, barely sparing the kits a glance. "Then we can get on with our lives."

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Ebon ears twitch at the sound of paws approaching however it was not the smell of their parents being carried by the wind. There was an air of caution that hovered over the young femme, watching as Chilledgaze dared to move closer. Tornado gave a suspicious squint of her eyes as they fumbled over their words. Mama and papa had always told them to be weary of strangers, but the duel toned feline offers kind words and promises of food. In a situation as difficult as this did she and her siblings really have a choice? "That is...kind of you. Thank you, but I can walk." Tornado gives them a small nod before glancing down at Snow, if anyone needed to be carried it was her. Another cat soon approaches and the young laperm finds her gaze falling upon the older male. She is not sure what he is prattling on about when he mentions someone gobbling them up but it causes her brow to crease together with disapproval.

Another reveals himself, looking quite worse for wear as she looked him over. Obsidian paws knead at the marshy ground once then twice in an attempt to self-soothe while in the presence of so many strangers. Just where were they all coming from? Their numbers seemed endless as a smaller male encroaches upon the edge of her vision but her attention falls upon Pitchstar. Pray? The unknown term piqued her interest despite the expression she wore. "Umm...thanks." The sooner her parents were found the quicker they could get out of this strange place. Finally, the smaller male speaks up causing Tornado's whiskers to quiver with annoyance. Carefully she stands to her paws, not wanting the sleeping Snow to slip and hit the ground. "Please do help us find them. You look as if you'd need the food more than us." She jabs back with a lash of her curly tail.
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Shes just about to fall asleep until there are voices and sleepy eyes reopen. "Fuck!" she echoes enthusiastically, another yawn as she sinks in further to the huddle of kittens. "No, mama and papa left us!" she insists, pursing up her lips in slight annoyance. Then theres this old guy and hes really weird and the kitten quirks a brow. "No, no, no, I will gobble you up, stinky." its almost challenging the way she says it, scrunching up her muzzle as she stretches out, probably crushing her siblings.

The next couple to approach were mean, sizing them up, angry and all of the sudden she stands up, stamping her paws against the ground. "You're so mean, I ought to feed you to the rats!" she complains in a loud whine, slumping against the ground once more as the dizziness comes back. So sleepy, so tired, she yawns, crawling to curl up besides Tornado once more. "I'm so tired, can we sleep now?" another complaint but this time softer as she looks up to her siblings with cloudy eyes.