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Jun 20, 2022
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ok i still need to figure out colors for their signatures whew. aesthetically i am satisfied for now but that just means i gotta actually start character creation

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Magpie is small for his age. His black and white fur is often mussed and a little muddied, but when he cares about upkeep, it's fluffy and makes up most of his body weight. His next meal is never guaranteed, and it shows. He's lithe and spry, able to move swiftly and confidently due to his size and weight. He's had a lot of practice running from danger, so despite any dizziness or fatigue, his stamina makes up for the lack of power he's able to exert. He'll grow up to be average-sized (or just a bit under) once he finds a stable home and a more reliable source of food.

One of the few memories he has of his mother is of her teasing him for his fur, telling him that he had once fallen halfway into a can of white paint and had been stained ever since. Most of his torso is creamy white, never fully pure white. He has a few "paint splashes" of white around his tail and paws. His mouth is also dipped in white, almost like his kit self had also taken a sip from the paint bucket. The fur around his eyes are reverse-panda colored, with streaks of white on both sides that climb almost all the way to his ears. His eyes themselves are a warm amber, always twinkling with something. Curiosity most of the time. Mischief and desire the other half of the time. If eyes are the window to the soul, his soul is restless. His mind is racing most of the time. Let's call it a survival tactic. He almost always sees things optimistically, something easily mistaken for naivety. Magpie isn't naive about the way the world works; he's lived in it on his own almost all his life. He fights with kindness, considering himself a warrior in his own right with this uncommon weapon. (Think Waymond Wang from Everything Everywhere. He believes in the googly eye.)

He adores shiny things, always willing to risk the danger to lunge for something glimmering in the dirt. It's where he got his name, although he's not entirely sure what it means. He had a name before being called Magpie by one of the other loners he's met on his journey, but he can't remember it. He doesn't think he wants to.

Seeking stability has never been a priority for him. He prefers the freedom of being able to do what he wants when he wants, with a fierce independent streak -- that's probably how he's survived on his own this long. He doesn't like being tied down, constantly on the move and outrunning both danger and the idea of having to grow up. His parents and siblings have succumbed to this long ago, something that he believes led to their death. Since then, he's been on the move from place to place, exploring new places with the intention of settling down one day (he finds excuses to keep moving on every time).

Despite this, he is very much a people person. He's easygoing and bright, with a kind of charm to him that isn't really able to be placed. He just is. It's likely due to his lack of formality and unique perspective of the world -- he's literally just an Aquarius sun. He's a showman, but not purposefully. He has a flair for the dramatic that manifests itself in the way he carries himself and speaks -- he says things funnily, with a kind of unintentional pompous tone that doesn't suit him at all. He's used to being one of the younger ones compared to those he met on his travels, so he rolls with the punches easily. People find that he's easily teased and babied, and no matter how much he jokingly protests, he revels in it.

He's an Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, Aries rising. Yes, his placements are the same as his human faceclaim. Yes, that faceclaim is another kpop idol. Yes, it is Dino from SEVENTEEN. Do not persecute me I swear I made Magpie before deciding this!!!!!!!! He literally gives Magpie energy it's crazy and it is not my fault!!!

Warrior name is likely to be Magpiefeather, naturally.
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Pearl is shiny, white, and round. I'm half-kidding. Her snowy fur is long and fluffy, always maintained very well. From a distance, she is visually very similar to her brother, but you can tell them apart by their fur maintenance and the color of their eyes. Pearl has sage green eyes, smaller than Cloud's -- hers are more of a rounded almond shape. She's smaller than average, just a hair larger than her littermate, but it suits her. She carries herself with a natural sense of elegance befitting her name and similarly has that same sense of mystery and allure.

She's the younger one by only a couple of minutes, but you'd think she was moons younger with the way she's treated. Cloud and the rest of her family dote on her endlessly, although they were mindful enough to keep from overly spoiling her. There's not many negative things to say about her home life -- it was only natural for her and Cloud to be fitting products of such a long lineage of love.

Despite the abundance of support and care she's been given, Pearl finds it hard to break out of her perfect and pristine shell. Her bashfulness is seen as something cute, a sweet kind of shyness rather than a social crutch. It helps that Pearl can maintain just the right amount of sociability to keep herself afloat, and even though she's normally always genuine, there seems to be an underlying inauthenticity if you look close enough. Some may say that there's nothing below the surface of polished actions and always polite smiles, but that's not the case. She's extremely observant and empathetic, something that she finds is the core of her and Cloud's close relationship. She makes up for any inattentiveness and bluntness that follows her brother, but she lacks the ability to direct that energy to herself.

She's indecisive and nervous, often seeking grounding in her family to help guide her to what to do. She doesn't trust herself much, but ideally, you wouldn't know it by looking at her. There is a fear of being anything else besides the Pearl that her family knows, although it's self-imposed pressure rather than familial expectations holding her back. There's a comfort of being in her own bubble, stuck in what she thinks is the real Pearl. She shuts mostly everything and everyone else out, keeping the little nervous wreck she is hidden away. People see what she wants them to and no one ever gets too close. This adds to her mystery, giving her a sense of unattainability, both platonically and romantically.

Not sure about astrological placements or warrior name yet. Pearlshimmer? Pearlshine? I need to catch up on traditional naming schemes.
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sobs my baby girl i love her so much

i support u and ur K-pop characters​
SHE IS SO CUTE IN MY HEAD i've never played someone like her before....she's like a little porcelain doll what do i do with this

thank you for supporting my kpop characters skull. there will be more eventually [prayer hands emoji]​