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She was going to get a kick out of this once her carefully laid plans fell into motion! It had taken an alarmingly long time to gather up all of the 'material' so to speak, a lot of digging about here and there but thankfully the marshy land lended itself well to her cause. In no time at all she was carrying a bundled swath of moss that seemed to wriggle if one examined it carefully, though she made sure no eyes would linger on it long as she swayed from side to side in a cheerful jaunt along the spongey earth to the camp. To anyone there it would look as if she was bringing in nesting for the warrior's den area as she waltzed her way over to it but to any who knew her well they would not the mischievous glint in those golden eyes. Her large plume of an ashen tail disappeared into the hollow of the den area, the sound of nesting being shifted about the only indication of what she was conspiracing to do before she popped out quickly and gave a little hop, sprint to the freshkill pile to pick up a frog perched there with a smile on her maw. Now all she needed to do was wait for @Frostbite to return from patrol and lay in his nest to find her surprise, but until then she wanted company for her meal and her eyes drifted about the camp before landing on the nearest cat. Minnowsplash's sleek gray form seemed more suited for RiverClan, but her speed rivaled that of a WindClanner as she whisked her way over to promptly sit down next to her clanmate without even a moment to ask permission, only a "Nice day isn't it! Think it might rain? Say, does this frog look fresh or should I grab another?"


Frostbite was indeed coming in from a patrol. He wasn't a fan of the marshes, nor was he a fan of it's choice of prey, but it was easy on his eyes and that was why he stayed here. His eyes were sensitive to light, and so it was only natural that he made his home here in the shadows.

He carried his prey to the pile, a snipe, and placed it carefully on top. He sat off to the side and started grooming his paws.

He was blissfully unaware of what awaited him when he went to rest. He could hear Minnowsplash talking to a clanmate. She was so bubbly and energetic, it exhausted him.

"If you're not sure about it, pick another one." He said.

I've no time for confession
Wolverinefang isn't quite familiar with these two cats but he knows a plotting smile when he sees one. He's had one time and time again in his youth with the elders, much to their chagrin. He can't be sure of course, but having nothing better to do at the time, the large tom throws a frog onto the freshkill pile as an excuse to get over there. No one needs to know that he had taken that same frog off about five minutes earlier, just so he could look like he was doing something when he brought it back. By the time he's made it over there, he's missed to setup so Wolve stretches and lies on his side, pretending to rest with one eye peaked open to see if his hunch was correct. If not, he can always take a much "deserved" nap. "That one looks good," the tom yawns without indicating anything in particular then rolls about as though he doesn't have a care in the world. It'll be nice to have something funny and sunshine-y after the recent upsets.
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Sitting beside Minnowsplash, Hailpaw would bend down to sniff the frog. Everyone else either said it was fine or to pick a different one. The girl couldn’t grasp what exactly was going on here. “It smells fine to me, why does it look bad or something?” Confusion would dance across her face as she looked between the warriors, wondering if she was missing something. Surely the warriors wouldn’t allow crow-food to sit on the fresh-kill pile for anyone to grab and eat would they?

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the lithe form of the older warrior would come into view, brushing passed the small group of cats to head towards the fresh-kill pile to pick off whatever was just bought in from the recent patrol. an ear would flick at the tail-ends of the current conversation, something about picking out another frog which caused a slight scoff to catch in her throat.

"now isn't the time to be picky with what's fresh or not. be glad there's even frogs still around because by the time leafbare comes around you'll be picking through crowfood at the carrionplace." geckoscreech mummers in a blunt manner, picking off a lizard and heading to a spot to settle down in.

although a little harsh, there was truth to the words she spoke. winter in the marshes were anything but a walk in the park, these swamplands become devoid of half their prey source incredibly quick when the threat of winter comes around.

Picky bunch, fussin' over the the food to go in their bellies. Marsher's hardly had the time to think about that sorta thing, not when the prey wus always scarce like it was. A laugh bubbles in his throat, crooked as ever. He stands in agreement with Gecko, sharp little thing. "Keheh- She's right, ya bunch of rats. Picky things-" he pauses, drags a deep-oak eye across the frog they were musin' over.

His face goes neutral for a moment, before it's replaced with a lopsided grin, his head tilted to the side. "I mean, I'll take anythin' yer not eatin'" he adds. F' they were gonna argue about it for so long, might as well jus' give it up.