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Jul 10, 2022
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Frostpaw had been dead set on her intentions as she stormed her way into the medicine cat den, a cold rage in the tiny apprentice's bi-color eyes, knowing her best friend was close behind her but any pleas the girl had attempted to make fell on deaf ears. At first, she had only spotted Beesong, but then she noticed the form of their leader as they seemed to be discussing something, or perhaps Cicadastar had come to check on Raccoonpaw? Tail flicking the girl sighed a bit "we need to talk... it's about Spiderfall" she said smoothly. Her gaze flicked between the too of them while her heart began to race in her chest. Would the two even believe them if they admitted to what Spiderfall had done? Would he only get a slap on the wrist and a warning? If that was the case, more would be hurt, and their attempt to drive the man out would be failed but... she had to try.

"The foxtrap, Racconpaw's attack? My injuries? Raccoonpaw and I did not walk out on our own, the injuries weren't caused by a rogue, that was Spiderfall, he forced me into a situation and...I pushed Racconpaw out of the way, Spiderfall attacked me and Raccoonpaw came to my defense, he caused all this... and... and he was the reason that apprentice died, the adder attack? That was him too, he told me it was him. He roped me into all of it, and when I tried to break away and struck me, and threatened me by trying to harm Raccoonpaw and...not only that he...he...he hurt Ashpaw" words flooded out of the she-cat's mouth as she expressed the account, unable to be burden with any more secrets she was forced to keep.

"I was fine, knowing, thinking I was the only one he was harming but he roped others into it and...this isn't the same cat I know and I fear he'll hurt others, or someone else is going to end up dead because of him" she expressed, she only spoke the honest truth and she was just...tired of it, no longer could she defend the action of her own brother, not for the safety of her friends. "Racconpaw can even tell you, after all, they were Spiderfall's target." her gaze flashing towards Ashpaw with an apologetic look on her face, she wasn't going to keep this all a secret any longer, and it was just their luck both Cicadastar and Beesong were in the same area together, all she can hope was that they believe them and that Ashpaw would eventually forgive her for not keeping this a secret.

A S H P A W.

She crashes into the medicine den after Frostpaw, just behind her, kitten-fluff standing on end—her green eyes are wide and wild, terrified, desperate tears flying as she scrambles to stop Frostpaw, catching the tail end of her words.

"—it's about Spiderfall."

"No, Frostpaw, no," she's begging. Her voice comes out strangled, closer to sobbing than actual words. "You can't tell them, please, he'll hurt me so b-bad if he finds out—" She chokes on her next breath. "He'll kill me or he'll kill my f-friends or—or—Frostpaw please—"

Then the scents hit her, the medicine den's current inhabitants, and Ashpaw realizes exactly who Frostpaw is talking to. She freezes, cold horror crashing over her and filling up her chest, gaze panning over the scene.

There stand Beesong and Cicadastar.

No, she thinks.


But the damage is already done.

The tabby kitten stands there, feeling so small, vision gone fuzzy. Her eyes flick from Beesong to Cicadastar and back again, eventually sliding out of focus entirely, terror wrapping her mind up in a blanket that blocks out her body. Frostpaw keeps talking, telling them everything and oh gods he's going to destroy her for this, spilling secret after awful secret until—

"He hurt Ashpaw."

She responds like clockwork, like it's coded, too quickly to sound like anything but a lie. "No he didn't," the orange kitten whispers. The desperation has faded, and she sounds numb, even robotic. "No he... he didn't. I was just a bad 'prentice, I snuck out an' I got stuck in the trap. It wasn't Spiderfall. Spiderfall doesn't h-hurt me."

She doesn't seem to realize what her words reveal—her eyes are glassy, staring into nothing. A practiced defense. Words she's muttered to herself a hundred times, as though she might make herself belief their truth.

"Spiderfall doesn't hurt me," she whimpers, even as she starts to tremble.

She's going to die. He's going to kill her.

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "

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A white body laid in a nest made of willow fronds and feathers, head rested on black paws as cobwebs and herbal paste coated their sides. The amount of pain they felt was horrendous. The world felt like it was swaying back and forth every time they opened their eyes, and yet every time they closed them all they saw was metal fangs. Sharp and quick, piercing their body without another thought and left them to nearly die. First the fox attack and now the trap itself? They felt like Starclan was punishing them for something, and they weren't sure what it was.

Voices at the medicine opening caught their attention as an ear flicked in the direction. They lifted up their head and blinked blurry eyes, flinching as the world swam slightly with the movement. It was Frostpaw, Ashpaw right behind her, and the black-legged cat moved to get up. So thankful to see she was okay. She was alive! They had feared the worse when they had passed out in the trap, but the amount of relief that left their shoulders was intense. It felt like they might pass out at any moment.

Yet any attempt of movement struck with pain and they gave a yelp before falling back into their laying position. "Frostpaw!" They called out weakly and shoved their paws under their body, forcing themselves to sit up despite the pain, "What she says is true. I saw him myself" Raccoonpaw held up their head and shook a bit from the radiating harm in their sides.
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− ♱ ABOUT : the sky looked a dark blue - grey, littered with ashen clouds growling with promise of downpour. he has only just returned from a hunt, bringing beesong a kill fresh from the river — water still dripping steadily along shimmering iridescent scales. his muscles ached, though pleasantly, stretched and brimming with energy. he enjoyed the cinnamon tabby’s presence ; as much as he assumed it intimated them at times, he took to the medicine cat easily. perhaps due to the bond that was forced between them during his initial recovery, but they were a comforting presence. the least he could do was bring a meal every now and then, when the cinnamon tabby was too busy to feed themself. he’s laughing when the molly walks in, alight with life, a greeting smile smattering bright over his dark maw, “ frostpaw! join us — “ he’s interrupted. the girl speaks. it’s about spiderfall. he thinks of the kits immediately, hidden away within the nursery, sleeping soundly alongside the queens. protected. but as frostpaw continues, the expression that had formerly born a warm smile began to dim. the adder attack. raccoonpaw. ashpaw.

it’s too much information. there is a distinct ringing in his ears, tinnitus blocking out the sound of raccoonpaw confirming the story. it was spiderfall. the onyx tom cat, the one he’d only seen slinking around camp a couple of times before appearing with a litter, reeking of fox and blood. ashpaw is cowering, muttering, panicking. frostpaw is coolly recounting, i was fine, knowing, thinking i was the only one he was harming but he roped others into it and . . this isn't the same cat i know and i fear he'll hurt others, or someone else is going to end up dead because of him.

he was going to kill him.

that was his decision. as he stands upon numb legs, paws unfeeling, his mind has been made. he was going to kill him. he would let ivory paws run crimson with blood once more — he would feel the slip of viscera fall between shrapnel claws. he feels it bubbling within him, a cool - toned fury. extremities buzz. eyes are distant. ashpaw is still whimpering, and the sound seems to sink into his ribs, infecting his marrow. pulling him towards the clearing where he know spiderfall resides, under watch but not quick enough. he was not quick enough. he’d failed them — all of them. he should have seen the signs. the tortoiseshell tom glances towards where the rock splits, the hazy sky beckoning him forward. lightning reflects in pallid eyes, streaking across the weeping willow branches, their long limbs billowing in the late greenleaf weather. today, he would be a murderer once again.

beesong, keep them here.get smokethroat if you need. he hopes, he prays they do not see. should he be thinking clearly, he would know the cinnamon tabby would have difficulty keeping them all contained, but he is already turning.

outside, rain begins to fall.

  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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