hot sugar in the afternoon
Aug 22, 2022

The river has been their solstice since they were young, Coast has found nothing but content and love within bodies of water. Shes not sure if she likes the ocean or the freshwater river the most, perhaps the latter just slightly- saltwater tended to sting their eyes and leave a nasty taste in their mouth. He purrs happily as he remembers his time upon the ocean. Though cut short by the death of her twoleg, she remembers her memories fondly with him. She always enjoyed the rock of the boat, of the gentle way he had curled up besides him as stars broke through a blackened sky.

He sits at the edge of the water, still dripping from his earlier endeavors, a soft sing-song hum coming from him. The sun was slowly setting amongst the horizon, finally being put to rest for the night as the sky explodes in beautiful shades of reds and oranges. He curls his tail happily, casting his eyes up to the cacophony of colors and smiles. Evenings and early mornings were always her favorite, for the colors looked as if a cat painted it themselves. So many pretty colors, and she admired how it reflected off the water. She sits back heavy on her haunches, content, a purr coming from her throat. Today was good.