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Aug 15, 2022
So, Duskfire is the new deputy...

Pebblenose has calmed down since the other night, but she still holds disdain for this dumbass who calls himself deputy. Sootstar has made a severe lapse in judgment. A miscalculation that would negatively impact the entirety of the clan! That ignorant tom could only pull WindClan down into the dark depths of his stupidity...

She's crouched in a corner of the clearing, nibbling on the wing of a ouzel. Her nose wrinkles into a indignant sniff, narrowed eyes watching Duskfire go about... whatever idiots do in their free time. (She wouldn't know, of course!) If he's going to be deputy, which he shouldn't, Pebblenose should at least get him to practice using that underdeveloped brain of his... It's the least that she could do as the self-proclaimed damage control of this monster-wreck.

With her head held low, the blue smoke stomps over to Duskfire, abandoning her meal for someone else to trip over. (She hopes it's one of those lousy lead warriors. Weaselclaw, specifically.) "Hey!" It's less of a greeting and more of a demand for his attention. Once his eyes lock onto hers, she grins impishly at him and stands as tall as physically possible. "What color is the sky?" A trick question... This would be perfect.




His promotion to Deputy had been a surprise, to say the very least. Not only had he not known about the ranks existence to begin with, but he certainly hadn't expected Sootstar to choose a cat that wasn't from the original Windclan group. The blue-furred femme had made it no secret that she was cynical of any outsiders who came sniffing around to join, and it had only been a few weeks prior at his joining when she'd told him he could stay, but as less than a Winclan cat.

And now, he stood above them all.

It was a dizzying shift in perspective to suddenly have all this trust and responsability thrust upon him. He was still trying to wrap his head around the why of it all, and then there was the mixed reaction from the other cats, half of whom seemed perfectly happy for him while the other half was glaring daggers at his back whenever he walked by. The reviews were split right down the middle, just like his own feelings on the matter.

On one hand, Dusk thought the entire thing was a mistake. He had only just escaped twoleg place a few months ago, and before that he'd been shut up in a room for the entirety of his life. And while he'd been working hard to fit in with the other cats, he still very much felt like a stranger among them despite the weeks spent in their midst. He had no idea what their history was and was lacking in the cultural aspect to say the least. He didn't even have any real friends outside of Inky and maybe his own apprentice.

And yet despite all that, Dusk also couldn't help but feel an inkling of pride shine through the doubts. Because he had been working hard. And he did want Soot and the other cats to notice and accept him. And even if he didn't understand the why of it all yet, this had to mean something, right? Soot had to have seen something worthwhile in him to promote him above the others so suddenly like that and he couldn't help but feel a bit of satisfaction at knowing he'd been doing well this whole time. Because honestly? He'd kind of been stressing over it. Maybe he could relax a little now, not in the 'lets slack off and take it easy' sense, but maybe he didn't have to worry so much about weather he fit in or not.

Deciding that he wanted to go hunting -since he'd managed to hunt everything but a rabbit so far and it was kind of annoying him that they could still outrun him- the copper-gold bengal was just about to head for the exit when a voice cut him off.

"Hey!" It wasn't a greeting so much as it was a demand for attention, and the aggression within it had Dusk turning his head to see just who was calling out like that. To his surprise, Pebblenose was stalking right toward him, and the tom felt his ears twitch back a bit in confusion as she stood tall and uttered her question.

"What color is the sky?"

"Um," His look of confusion would deepen, because why hell was she asking him that?, but deciding to placate her he slowly looked up, casting his green eyes toward the sky. "It's blue." he answered, tone a little flat because really she could have just done that for herself, couldn't she?

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

Sitting not too far away was a black shape of fur. Curled up beside the prey pile after having dove into the tunnels for the day, and needing a much needed rest. Though the thoughts of the meeting still plagued his mind. Did Inky need to do more? Was he just not worthy enough? It was untelling, but he knew for certain that he was proud of Hya and Duskfire. That they got positions they deserved, albiet they'd be better switched, and that they'd do great things for Windclan. The young cat was snoozing away peacefully when a voice cut the air like a knife with a sharp hey!.

Eyeless face lifted from his small paws and turned in the direction of the sound, nose twitching as the scents of Pebblenose and Duskfire reached him. Had a fight broken out? No, there wasn't any sort of screeching or scent of iron. Was it something else entirely? Inky wasn't sure and moved to stand up with a small stretch of his back legs, before approaching with a curious look across his face. Though when the question reached his ears, this little snort came from Inky that he hadn't meant to let loose. A paw going to his nose to stiffle the noise, what color was the sky huh?

What was the point of this? What was Pebblenose trying to prove? Inky wasn't sure, but it was even more funny when Duskfire answered. His tone flat and he could sense slightly annoyance radiating off his pelt. Though it was nice to know that the sky was in fact blue, whatever blue may look like.
Weaselclaw admittedly hasn't had much interaction with Sootstar's littermate. He isn't sure if that's because she despises him or if it's because he despises her, or something in between. She's equally small, equally dark-furred, but while Sootstar seems to have gotten the beauty and the brains, Pebblenose has ended up with all of the other brash qualities he somehow finds attractive in his leader.

Still, the tabby isn't sure what to think of Duskfire yet, and the jury's out on whether or not the bengal will make a worthy deputy. So he watches with faint amusement as Pebblenose stalks close to him and demands him to answer her question. "What color is the sky?"

Weaselclaw furrows his brow. What could she be talking about? The sky is the sky. It's blue. Duskfire says as much. He can't help but feel Pebblenose might've been sat on as a kit and maybe isn't quite right in the head.​

If Hyacinthbreath had a mind-reading ability, she would have snorted at the opinion Weaselclaw had on Pebblenose's intelligence; as much as it was a bit harsh to think, she would probably agree with the sentiment. Alas, she was stuck with her own paranoid mind and doubtful look as she walks over at the sound of their Deputy being called out by a cat she hadn't really met before. She turned to look at Weaselclaw questioningly, as if silently asking him what the actual fuck is going on right now? She wouldn't say much, but she would indeed watch.

The sky is blue. That was fact.


"What time of day are we speaking of when she asks such a question?" She asks Weaselclaw in a whisper, tail lashing behind her. Was this some kind of trick?

" What kind of stupid question is that." Leech pointed out, being the only one who seemed to call Pebblenose out for asking a such meaningless thing. He stood a bit away though, having minded his own business when his ear had catch the leaders sister confronting thier new deputy like this. Leech too might not fully agree with Sootstars choice not trusting outsiders and thinking Dusk hadn't done anything special to become a such importand face in the clan all of the suddenly. Still though, his main concern was Rose. That tom had fondness for this tom, constantly talking about them and who had to be the one listening all the time on how much they admired this bengal cat?. Yeah, it was starting to get annoying and he couldn't exactly tell what was so special about Dusk to like. Didn't matter though, since thier new deputy was getting closer to his friend he had to keep an eye on them to make sure Dusk didn't have any bad intentions. In the end he was just looking out for Rose, like he ever would openly admit that though. Being convinced that pretty much all cats in this world where rotten eggs beside Rose, one of these days Dush was going to show his true colors and when he did Leech would be there to make sure he didn't put even much as one paw on the only cat who mattered anything to him in this rotting world.

She grins as he answers, childish glee radiating from her. "WRONG!" Pebblenose caws, giggling to herself. "You are as dull as dirt!" The blue smoke hops from paw to paw, her giggling growing louder. "The sky isn't always blue! It changes colors!"

She's garnered a crowd, so it seems, but Pebblenose doesn't care. An audience is perfect! This humiliation has turned public! She's cackling now, thumping a paw against the ground. But one member of her audience turns against her. Pebblenose whirls around, the laughter dying in her throat. "What kind of stupid question is that?" The small she-cat parrots his words in a mocking manner, her eyes narrowing as they lock onto Leech. Why must toms be so stupid? "I'm helping him exercise his underused brain, obviously." It's obvious to her. It should be obvious to everyone else! (Except for the shitstain and the leech... She doesn't hold much hope for them.)

Pebblenose cocks her head to one side, appearing thoughtful as she examines Leech. "...Perhaps you could benefit from such an activity."
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"WRONG! You are as dull as dirt!"

For the first time since joining, Dusk felt a wave of annoyance raise dangerously high within the tides of his emotions. Because Pebblenose was trying to humiliate him, and now there was a crowd standing around gawking and listening to her openly call him stupid. And he'd be a liar if he said it didn't touch on his already existing insecurities, which were quick to remind him that she was right. He'd been out in the real world for a handful of months and he knew nothing compared to these cats

But Sootstar had still chosen him.

And he slapped that thought down over the cracks in his confidence, letting it patch the weak spots and steeling him against the insults. The tom huffed, rolling his eyes as the shecat rambled on, until finally she hit a lul that would allow him to speak.

"If you wanted an answer that specific you should have phrased your question better." the tom shot back. " You asked what color the sky is- and right now, it's blue." the tom reitterated, a frown settling on his maw as she began to lay into Leech, causing his tail to twitch in annoyance. "And don't you think your time would be better spent doing something productive rather than telling kids how stupid you think they are? Though I suppose I could ask Sootstar about letting you share their chores for the week, since your so keen on 'educating' them." Because quite frankly with this kind of childish behavior Pebblenose might benefit from having to do some of the more 'demeaning' kid work, since she'd clearly missed the lesson on 'respect your peers' when she was a kid herself.

It was one thing to bother him with this bullshit, but she shouldn't be making Leech or any of the clans youth feel like crap about themselves.

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

Leech would grimace when Pebble turned her attention to him regarding his comment on her question to Duskfire. His fur started to slightly bristle over the fact she dared calling him for dumb. " Says the idiot who tried to make fun of our Deputy. Wonder who really has the underused brain here, oh wait. I don't think you even have one." he would mutter back at her, giving a slight annoyed flink of his tail looking ready to contunie to argue with her, to pick a fight. However, his ears suddenly perked up before leaning towards Duskfire's direction to listen to every word he said. Now the Deputy had gained the apprentice attention with confusion. Had he just...defended him?. Leech rose a nonexisted eyebrow in disbelief. No one really stood up for him. Often if not always he was always the one with the short straw who got scolded and got told of for picking fights, for talking back when he shouldn't. But this time right here, the Deputy was scolding Pebblenose, Sootstars very sister and not him. What was wrong with this cat?.

Oh well, that was something to think about later. Leech saw a rare opportunity, an advantage that benefited himself for once. A smirk that was rare to see upon this never smiling lips was comfortable settled there for once as he faced the warrior again with a 'haha serve you right!' look. He beat on she didn't feel so full of herself now. Heck, he would even babysit this idiot to make sure she did her apprentice chores if Duskfire would ask him. But for now he would enjoy this rare moment of having someone on his side for once. In that very moment Leech didn't think Duskfire was that bad after all.