private DON'T LOSE HOPE // Ivory

Jul 27, 2022

Rosepaw had been so close but he had waited for too long as he had leapt after the mouse and so it slipped right past his nose like it had sensed his hesitation. Hopelessly he watched as the mouse run of and jumped into some of the tall grass leaving the cinnamon red tabby behind. With a quiet whine he would stand back up on his paws again with ears slightly flattered back. His hunts never went all that well. Rosepaw more often failed with his hunts then to actually capture anything. It was truly embarassing. If he ever captured something it was small prey like mice or voles, never rabbits and birds was far beyond his reach to even get close to. Lately his mind had been more distracted then usual as well. Nothing seemed to really go well for him. Shaking his head a sad sigh left the apprentice maw before he picked his head up and started to retrack himself back to the patrol he had gone out with to see if they had been moe succeedful then he had been. He ended up founding Ivoryflight first as he peeked through the grass but the warrior looked to be in the middle of a hunt so Rosepaw decided to not interupt and decided stay hidden in the grass to watch them while secretly hoping their hunt would be succeedful. It was always exciting to watch a warrior hunt, and he always admired how skillful they were. One day he wanted to be just like them as well...if he could ever get there.