pafp don't wanna be - combat training

He was not oppossed to the idea of teaching, in fact it was useful to pass along what you were good at to cats who could use the skills. It just wasn't something he was used to doing. He'd never taught outside just by example alone, but proper instruction was something he never gave. Smokethroat stepped off to the side of the camp, surveying the area carefully. He didn't want to go dragging the younger cat out to spar in the territory in case something happened (Cicadastar had lent him some paranoia apparently) but he also liked the idea of being able to show any of the young cats basic fighting form if they happened across. The clan's current kitten population was still much too young to learn hunting or combat but they could observe, the sooner the idea was impressed upon them the better. While he was not fond of the idea of the clan having conflict that caused everyone needing to fight, it was certainly better to have than not.
With his mental preparations made and an area scoped out he turned with a sharp pivot to walk back into the center of the camp and find the gray she-cat.
"Frost." Smokethroat didn't yell, but his voice was loud enough he didn't need to-she'd asked him for this lesson not even a few moments ago and had already vanished from his sight. Did she get distracted? Wander off to get a drink first?
The tom's black whip of a tail lashed behind him as he narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. She better not have decided against it last second. When he had told her he was not exactly a kind teacher she didn't seem swayed and while the warrior had no intentions of being rude or cruel he certainly wasn't going to pull any punches to spar feelings. If you came to him to learn to fight, you would leave knowing how to fight and that was that. Cats who preferred a more gentle approach he would direct to Willowroot, she was endlessly more softer in her teachings while still getting her point across but he was forged in force and fire and gentleness did not come easy.


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Frostpaw wasn't the kind to easily be sway on the basis of someone's teaching style and she would also not back down to disappoint her clanmates, especially one who was considered a lead warrior, someone who had respect within the clan and Frostpaw had silently kept that hopeful thought in her mind that she too would eventually be one of Riverclan's lead warrior, or perhaps their leader eventually. Those thoughts stung in the back of her head, a small painful reminder that she was not here to be a Riverclan warrior, but what if Spiderfall had been wrong? What if this was a new opportunity? Frostpaw had wondered off a bit lost in her thoughts as she felt anxiety begin to prick at her paws.

Smokethroat's voice brought her back to reality and she quickly made her way towards the lead warrior, bi-colored eyes setting on the tom as her tail flicked, smothering those thoughts that kept eating at the back of her head. "Sorry Smokethroat, I got distracted" the young she-cat expressed, a warm smile lifting on her face. Frostpaw wondered how Spider can hide behind the mask he had created, and what it took for him to do such a thing, Frostpaw felt open and readable, like others knew what she was thinking, and perhaps that was why she was the tom's shadow. Yet she wanted to learn, she wanted to defend herself, fight and protect those around her who she loves dearly, thats what it took to be a warrior...right.

If he felt any particular way about her apologetic smile and comment he said nothing, orange eyes calmly watching her approach and stop.
Cats that age lost focus easily, it wasn't anything new. He expected to handle similar things with Iciclepaw as he trained her, but for now this was good practice for both of him. Frostpaw could gain some insight into fighting and possibly learn her strengths and weaknesses and he could see how far he was allowed to push an apprentice before it was too much. It was a thin thread to walk, younger cats were untrained and easily dispirited by loss and failure and if he was too aggressive he would ruin any motivation to learn, but if he did not push enough then they would gain nothing as a result.
That Cicadastar thought him fit to teach was still something almost laughable, he snorted once at the thought of the meeting and all it held, dismissed it entirely from his thoughts.
The dark warrior lashed his tail in thought, sized up the apprentice before him to decide how best to go about starting when it came to combat training. There was a blatant size difference and if he wasn't careful he might hurt her, but it would be a good first lesson that she needed to be prepared and not take to each opponent the same. Frostpaw was most likely faster than he was, he wasn't exactly a WindClan level runner and his strength lay in his size and strength rather than agility. Smokethroat took hits he knew would waste his time dodging, Frostpaw would not be so fortunate.
Since the sleet gray she-cat was so distracted she might not notice him drop suddenly, a foreleg shooting out in a swift sweep across her legs to possibly knock her right onto her tail.
"Lesson one. Don't get distracted. On your paws and attack me..." Let's see what he had to work with first.