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OW! Is what she had inwardly thought while eating breakfast this morning. A sudden jab of pain had been sent through her gums... Eating this morning had been difficult, she had to ensure she chewed with her back teeth and not the front. It made from ripping meat from it's body difficult... but with some gnawing and maneuvering of her neck she managed.

Yet after her meal, while she was exploring the outskirts of camp, casually she was wiggling her tongue about in her mouth. It's when she pushed against her bottom canine tooth that she realized something... It's moving...!

Instantly the child freaks out, why was her tooth moving? It didn't do that before! Was it going to fall out? Was she going to lose it forever?!
Figkit doesn't understand losing one's baby teeth is a normal part of growing up, she's never witnessed another kit lose any before... or even an adult! If any of her den-mates had she hadn't been there for the fun.

Tears well up in her eyes, she didn't want to lose a tooth! She didn't want to be like Squirrelspring (npc elder), he didn't have much for teeth at all!
She could already hear it, her litter-mates teasing on her.

Nervously she approaches the first adult (or at least, decently aged) cat she could find. Before she even opens her maw it's quite clear there is something wrong... "Um..." quietly she starts, "my tooth... my tooth is moving..." her voice is filled with a mixture of fear and shame. Genuinely believing this situation to be something awful... something had to be wrong with her mouth. Maybe she was sick? "...Do I go to Dawnglare...?" Shuffling her paws she looks up at the feline with wide, dialated eyes.

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Although it appears that the slate-furred child is sleeping, her head resting delicately atop her forepaws and her eyes closed, she remains conscious of her surroundings. Always listening, always observing. Knowing what is happening around her provides the security that she so desperately seeks. The discussion of patrols, the idle chatter about mundane topics such as the weather or a particular catch which she quickly tunes out, but none catch her attention quite like her sister's nearby voice...

It is unusual for Figkit to sound so.. subdued. It starts as a hushed whisper, easily mistaken as a soft breeze. Yet as she continues, Violetkit begins to decipher what she's saying. It's something about her tooth moving, a mixture of fear and shame carried with her words. With a concerned wrinkle of her brow, Violetkit's tongue rasps over her own teeth to check if any of hers are loose. But, thank the stars, none move upon being prodded. She exhales a quiet sigh of relief.

Violetkit rises to her paws and pads over in the direction of her sister's voice, stopping next to Figkit once ivory whiskers brush against her. "Did you fall?" She doesn't look in Figkit's direction, clouded eyes staring at nothing, but it's clear that the question is aimed towards the other kit. She doesn't know why else a tooth would be loose if Figkit hadn't hit her mouth, recalling the time she'd overheard a warrior grumbling to a clumsy kit that they're lucky to have all of their teeth in tact after the latter had taken a particularly loud tumble.

Her nose wrinkles at the mention of Dawnglare. "No," comes her blunt response. "He can't help." Does she have any evidence for his incompetence? No. But Mama doesn't like him, so Violetkit doesn't, either.
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Theres a tiny voice that sounds to her side and lost in her own daydreams she almost doesn't hear it. But the childs sounds so scared, so terrified and her eyes slide down to meet the newest additions to the clan, Figkit and her sister Violetkit. Figkit speaks of her tooth being loose and a soft purr begins in her amusement. Ah, the woes of being a tiny child, she fleetly remembers Sopapilla and hers adventures.

"It only happens when you're a bad kit. The tooth kitty comes to knock out your tooth, because its making you bad." she teases lightly, softly, joke apparent in her voice. No, she wouldn't scare the kid, she was not heartless. "And then legend says if you're good afterwards she leaves a piece of prey on your nest, chica." she nods, done with her little game. Though, she did twist the rumors a little bit, obviously you just left your tooth in your nest then your twolegs give you something, buuuuut the kit lived outdoors, so there wasnt much that would make sense if she said the original fairytale.

But then she asks for Dawnglare and Violetkit shuts her down quick, causing a snort of amusement. It wassssss a bit true, Val- Dawnglare. Could be a bit of a handful sometimes. "You'll be okay, lo prometo." she promises with a quick nod.
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Something's wrong with his sister.

He noticed it while they were eating earlier in the day - her chewing was more careful, cautious almost. As if it was something yucky. But, Greenkit ate the same food Figkit did this morning, so he knows it wasn't yucky. There's a chance she just got a bad piece, sure, but Greenkit doesn't think so.

Her weirdness continues on later. The tom watches as she pauses in her exploring, an abrupt stop to whatever she'd been doing. All to just, speak to Churrodream? That didn't seem right. He tries to listen in, but her tone is hushed, and she almost looks scared, talking to the daylight warrior.

He comes closer to the conversation to figure out just what was going on, if this was something that would need to be reported back to Daisyflight, but the words he hears confuse him more than anything.

Figkit's tooth is moving? Was it the yucky food she ate?

He's about to ask if it was the meal that caused it, but she brings up Dawnglare. What would Dawnglare be able to do about her tooth? Put a leaf on it?

"Don't go to Dawnglare. He'll steal your tooth." Greenkit isn't sure if that's true, but it must be, because it's Dawnglare and Daisyflight doesn't like Dawnglare.

Churrodream says Figkit's tooth is all wiggly because it's a bad tooth making Figkit bad, or something. Greenkit doesn't quite understand her story, but it does make him nervous - the idea that there's some sort of story to tell about this, added onto the fact that Figkit's tooth is apparently going to fall out.

"If Figkit's tooth is moving," he begins, "Does that mean mine will too?" He doesn't want his teeth to move! How scary!
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Daisyflight's children have grown quickly, and Blazestar delights in watching them find their legs and explore the confines of their camp. He doesn't look at them and see future SkyClan warriors; he looks at them and sees how their mother is reflected in the proud tilts of their heads, the patterns in their coats.

Unfortunately, they also seem to be reflecting Daisyflight in their opinions about SkyClan's medicine cat. Blazestar's ears flick as though a fly is bursting in and out of them, and he stifles a groan as he approaches the kits. He gives Violetkit, Greenkit, and especially Churrodream a chastising look. It's not especially scary coming from him, though.

"Dawnglare is our medicine cat," he reminds everyone present with a look as stern as he can make it. "He does not... steal teeth." Here he hesitates. He hopes he's right. He's not gone into Dawnglare's den since he moved in...

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Snowkit's pale form comes toddling over at the sound of his siblings voices and he's briefly alarmed by what he hears as he gets closer, ash and snow pelt blurring as his pace increases until he is finally next to Figkit. His muzzle tilts up to look down properly, her maw didn't look weird but if a tooth was loose what did that mean? Would they have to replace it? Was there gonna be a hole there from now on? What horrible ailment had befallen his sister? The soot and cloud little tom cat placed himself properly between his siblings and the warrior with his head lifted up as high as he could.
Churrodream's attempt at a lighthearted story is met with immediate petulance and a frown that would rival his mother's disappointed stare, "It isn't kind to call others bad." The jest was lost to him, more focused on the fact something might be wrong with his littermate than the jovial tone the other used with their tall tale and given he didn't know the she-cat he was inclined to ignore the advice. He didn't even know what a low prometo was.
It is only Blazestar's approaching presence that has him falter before speaking, a frown on his maw and an intensity in both golden eyes before he turned to give Figkit an encouraging nudge, "You're not bad, let's go find mama and she'll know what to do." She had told them to find her if something happened, so he would push for that because it made sense. Their mother was very smart, the older you were the more smart you became and she was certainly much older than any of them. His brow wrinkled as he glanced to Greenkit and then Violetkit before looking sharply at Blazestar, "How old are you?" If he was younger than their mother then that would simple affirm to him she was the best choice.

Dawnglare is our medicine cat, True.

He does not... steal teeth. Hmm...

"hah...” A burst of laughter suddenly bubbles from his maw. Clouds in his head - itch in his lungs? The amusement he feels is immeasurable. Giggles crescendo into a cacophony of unsettling cackles. Perhaps this is the loudest he's been in quite some time. Stolen teeth, ridiculous, juvenile, a kitten's naivete never fails to amuse him, the joy wracks through his body like a hurricane. He yearns to approach and to correct, but naturally, in this state, he can barely speak. A sun-bleached paw reaches out towards greenkit, his single claw unsheathed to show that yes, he was pointing at him. "I don - HAH! HAHAHA - !” KITS ARE SO STUPID, WOAH!!

The corner of his eyes crinkle in a too-wide smile, feathery tail twitches to and fro as he can finally manage to approach on shaky legs, gliding through with the grace of a mole blinded by the sun. "I don't steal TEETH!” he assures them. (Perhaps the enthusiasm behind his voice would make it seem like a lie... the thought only makes him want to laugh harder.) He baps Snowkit on the head, thoroughly and utterly entertained by the glare they shoot Blaise's way, face all small and plush like a - like a - like a -

"Why would I steeealllll mmm'teeethhhh???” he tells him, it sounds horribly suspicious. He sounds ditzy. Isn't that amusing? His paw continues to bat at him with each drawn-out second. By now he's very possibly missing the kit's head and is instead assaulting him elsewhere. Isn't that hilarious? He isn't really looking - HAH! "Your mm - prophet's right here, no need to leave! I'llllll... take care of it for youuuu...” he insists, smiling as he makes vague grabby motions towards Figkit.
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