DOWN BY MORNING ; shadowclan patrol

Jun 8, 2022
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He didn't quite get the point in things like this, patrolling borders that surely, none were keen on crossing without friendly intensions. What was worthwhile here within the marsh - worth the assault on the senses that was the thunderpath. Acrid tang, hot pavement burned into the earth. At least, as leaf-fall approached, the stench would die down, if only slightly.

Winding oaks come into view as the border draws closer still. A certain apprehension shudders along his spine. He's yet to attend a gathering - stuck in his own ways, perhaps. Maybe he'd rather not acknowledge the existence of others now. The consequences of the war they'd wrought. Still, the whispers reached his ears, small as they were. Salamander, healer of another clan. Stubborn as she was, would she really turn towards another group so quickly? Stars know she'd end up killing somebody before healing them -

It was a lie, wasn't it? He wasn't sure if he could take it, the cruelness of it all, especially with kin - and lavenderpaw - in tow. He squints against the sun, flattened muzzle wrinkling in his distate. "Well, let's get it over with then," he rumbles, a low sound.
❝ holding it together with one loose string. ❝
geckoscreech happened to fall in besides the scared, older tabby as they began to come up to their 'shared' border with thunderclan. could one even consider this a proper border if both sections of land are separated by the wretched asphalt that is lain before them? either way, the acidic and burnt smell that wafted off the thunderpath would never fail to cause the bridge of her nose to wrinkle in disgust. if one could get over the stench, one would be able to catch the barest scents of thunderclan across the path. it'd be no surprise to her if they end up running into one of their patrols as well.

"i swear, we couldn't have had a river instead of this? i hate how the damn smell invades every part of my senses." the warrior would mutter to no one in particular.

a slender tail sweep back and forth as she inspected their side of the border, aqua eyes occasionally shooting to look over at the woodland territory. geckoscreech could hardly remember who exactly from the former marsh group turned tail and headed there asides from her sister-in-law, salamander, who she doesn't think she's seen since the incident.


" I see you got the marsh’s finest with you old timer. " it was simple pleasantries. One could raise their hackles and spit, nose down with the patrol to make sure noone tries to cross- but Rockyridge recognized a border patrol when he saw one. A southern politeness on his tongue and offered where it was or wasn’t due. Didn’t matter, he could hold his own- so much was written on his face but it didn’t mean he had to be a bitter brute.

Whether they spit back or not, he wouldn’t pay it mind- but he nodded his head in greeting to them despite it. " Ain’t run into no trouble have ye? saw me an adder earlier today- reckon’ it was a lil' too cold for em’ guess not " it’s a casual greeting, his vocals straining to travel over the thunderpath.

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