down by the river - o, intro to riverclan


What was home for Lily. For all of her ten moons of life, home had been what had once been the Pine Group's territory, now SkyClan...or whatever it was they had called themselves. Home was her mother and father, her siblings yet to be born, and the extended members of her family.

The idea of leaving the pine trees she had once called home had been a strange idea at first. Unlike some other members of the colony, who had joined after moons wandering alone or from escaping the twoleg nests, the forests had been the only home she had ever known. True, she had never felt like she fit in there, but just leaving also weighed heavily on her mind. What if their new home wasn't safe? What if there were other cats living there who might chase them out or instigate a war as the marsh cats had. All those thoughts and more weighed on her mind, but still she followed her group, her family. Although it was hard to say goodbye, Lily saw no point in staying in a place where she knew deep down she did not belong. She was never built for climbing or jumping through the high branches...but the river brought with it new possibilities. New skills for her to learn and perfect.

It was the river's edge she found herself at now, staring at the rippled surface as sunlight danced atop it. The new camp sat not far behind her but the young tortoiseshell had needed to get away for a moment to steady herself and her thoughts. She had hoped to be alone, but the sound of pawsteps behind her told her that was not to be the case. "Sorry, I just needed a moment," Lily explained, without turning to look around at which cat had come to join her. "Do you think we'll be okay here?"


For all of Spider's life, the river had been home, his mother taught him all that he needed to know to survived here and eventually took in Frost as well as her mother, though at the time Frost had only been about 3 moons, he wasn't sure, however he was sure enough to know she was 6 moons now and old enough to begin learning things at her own pace, she could be out alone and he would have trusted her.

Frost and the River had become Spider's home, but of course Riverclan came and he as well as his friend had decided to join in the group, but the vines that held so tightly onto the older apprentice aged tom dare not fall and break. He still held resentment on them but hid it well. He hated how he had came across the young she-cat, one of them oodling at the river and he had half the thought to push her in but instead he forced a fake smile onto his maw.

"Greenleaf, perhaps but once it gets cold, you'll be wishing you guys never came here" Spider stated, leaf-bare was harsh, and he doubt these cats have what it would take to survive in such condition. He let a low sigh out as he took his place next to the other, amber eyes looking down at the clear river below, watching as the fish moved gracefully within the water.

"Or, the river would be the first to take you out. The currents are strong enough and I doubt most of you are built to even swim against it" the newcomer explained to Lily before pausing and letting a soft sigh out. Frost was better at talking to these clanners better than he was but, it did not stop him from trying. He wanted to entice them with fear and make them regret ever coming here, but sure, if they were brave enough and adapt quickly enough then they had a chance. "You made many of the loner cats upset by coming here, so you might have to worry about some of them wishing not to join and trying to cause harm rather than good" he warned Lily calmly before smirking a bit. "I'm Spider, I just joined, so you perhaps wouldn't of recognize me" the lanky tom explained.
The river was teeming with more life than ever now. The presence of those who lived alongside it stretched far and wide. There seem to be more loners than he ever recalls there being here. A litter of kits maybe? Strange, oversized prey? New shadows seemed to flit through the darkness, but he didn't mind. He welcomed the change of pace, really.

His days were near-always spent next to the river. The ripples of color as it streamed through rock and mud was enough to entertain him for hours. Seeing how the fish interacted with each other, the sun that bounced atop shining scales. You'd nearly always find his fur partially wet. And he can mind his own business when he needs to. He's learned now, not to sneak up on others, used to keeping his tone gentle for his friend. He keeps his words friendly and unassuming. Not as if they wouldn't be otherwise, anyways.

But maybe he's a bit nosy when he glances over to the strangers. A mottled tortoiseshell pelt, and one darker still with merely a flare of white on their chest. Mahi's head would tilt to the side, curious as he takes in his words. He blinks, eyes wide in slight-bewilderment. "You trying to scare her, or what?" he asks, the question rhetorical. There isn't a hint of accusation in his tone, only light surprise.

"Rivers s'not that scary! You'll be fi—ine, miss ♪! I didn't know a thing when I got here!" as if to prove a point, he dips a front paw into the depths. A grin spreads across his paw as blue-green depths ripple around the pale fur. "Folks'r nice here! No one's gonna maul you in your sleep, or something. I mean, unless you're planning to!" he remarks, tone carrying a hint of questioning just in case Spider was planning that. He supposes it's possible.