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Aug 4, 2022
Nothing that Baggy Britches does is ever subtle.

Marching into ThunderClan's territory with exaggerated strides that make too loud of footfall, a wide grin encompasses his face. He's heard plenty of things about these buffoons! Plenty of wonderful, magical, stupid things! His head snaps around, unnaturally quick. No one's come yet. It's only been a few minutes, but he's impatient. A giggle, a skip, he sucks in a breath and then... "HELLOOOOOOOO?!" Birds disperse into the sky, stray feathers scattering. He watches them for a split second, his grin widening. How pretty! He wants to pluck them all from and sky and play dodge-the-birdie! It would be just like the games he'd played with his siblings, except this time they wouldn't be forced to play with a boring, lifeless, stuffing-filled puppet of a mouse!

Oh, but he doesn't have anyone to play with...

Which is why he came here! After that tremendously loud monster with the pretty blaring lights took his twolegs away, Baggy Britches has been soooo lonely. He'd waited for days, hoping that his twolegs would come back, but they just didn't! He misses having the company of another living soul. "Anyone hooome? Here, wild kitties, kitties, kitties!" Baggy Britches sing-songs, hopping a step forwards with every repeat of 'kitties.' "I'm here to play with you! We're going to have so much fun, you and I!" The chimera giggles, quivering with excitement.
The sound of crashing footfalls tempted Slow from his exploring. Straying from his experimental route around camp the tom let his ears catch the ruckus from deeper within the forest. A booming greeting startled him for a moment, the call ricocheting off the oaks above him. His confusion rose. Taking the potential invitation and opportunity, he let the sound lead him towards its source.

Crouched low, dark paws folded beneath him, the umber feline lay in wait. The noise was growing closer now, hollering and laughter floating in and out of his hearing. Trepidation growing, he was unsure what kind of cat would be so unapologetically bold. Then- for a moment it fell silent. He held in a hot breath. Suddenly it started up again, only a pace away. Slowpoke tensed... and turned.

"Here, wild kitties, kitties, kitties!" To his left, emerging from shaded undergrowth, was a cat of which the likes he had never seen. Ripples of excitement seemed to race down their thinly striped pelt, a pelt which ballooned into puffs of white at the neck and paws. He was stunned- and then the giggling bubbled from them again. "Oh bloody hell- uh- you're enthusiastic. I don't know if I can 'play' but I can take you to the others?" Voice tight with a strange kind of concern, Slow stepped up out of his spot beneath a flopped-over fern. "... Erm, sorta afraid to ask, but what's your name?"
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"Here's a wild kitty!" Emberstar announced proudly, bursting from the underbrush. Her grin split her face from ear to ear. How could it not, after hearing a call like that? It was so funny and strange that her curiosity had been instantly piqued. Even if it hadn't been, the voice had been brimming with such a cheerful earnestness that she had instantly wanted to meet whoever it belonged to.

After a moment of standing tall, she couldn't help but descend into giggles. Wild kitties was just such a funny phrase! She had never heard anything like it before. If everyone she met called her a wild kitty then she'd never get anything done through her laughter!

Eventually, she managed to actually overcome her own amusement and approach the newcomer. "Heya!" she greeted, attempting to match his enthusiasm with her own. "I'm Emberstar, leader of Thunderclan. Nice ta meetcha! What's you're name?"
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"Huh!" Wolf chirps, her face twisted in a cruel sneer (or more like if a little puppy was trying their best to do a cruel sneer.) "You really gonna respond to kitty kitty kitty? This guy has you wrapped around their paw already!" she huffs, shaking her head in distaste. She takes an exaggerated step to the side, as if not wanting to be so much as breathing the same air as Emberstar.

"She's a kitty kitty kitty, but I sure ain't! Slow n' I are warriors, and you're scaring all the birds with your dumbass argui─ er─ YELLING!" she insists, the edit to her smart and reputable quote coming in smooth as a polished stone. "N' unless the game is YELLING, I'm not PLAYIN'!"