Sep 10, 2022
Large paws would seemingly thunder into the camp, gazing distatefully amongst the npcs inside the camp. Do you not have anything better to do than laze about camp? A snort would accompany the roll of his eye, carelessly throwing the rabbit onto the fresh-kill pile. As far as he was concerned, there was always something that could be done inside or outside camp. Sure he heard the whispers and saw the gazes thrown his way. What other cats thought about him was little of his concern. If they were careless enough to mention something to his face, however, he wouldn’t shy away from reminding them of their place.

You’re just going to throw prey around like that? Are you incapable of walking close enough to set it down?” Wolf would freeze at the sound of an npc’s taunting tone, glancing over his shoulder with an icy stare. “Come again?” Turning slowly, he offered the warrior a chance to correct himself, hopefully knowing better than to rile him up in such a manner. “You really shouldn’t be throwing prey around like that, have some respect.” A snort would emit from the tom as he moved towards the smaller feline, raising a brow as he spoke. "Oh? It’s dead, what difference does it make? It’ll only be eaten then discarded. Prey doesn’t have feelings. What are you going to do about it?"

His words would be delivered with a cold tone, daring the younger feline to make a move. It wouldn’t be on him if he didn’t make the first attack. “Self defense” is what he‘d claim. “I-I uh….” Pausing, the young warrior would visibly become flustered, unsure of exactly how to respond to the older male. Chuckling, Wolfsnarl would turn to head back the direction he’d came, feeling confident that he’d won the “battle.” “Wolfsnarl! I challenge you to a spar!” A grin crept along his lips as he prepared himself, pleased that things had gone this direction.

Wolfsnarl spun around, and would throw himself at the npc with unsheathed claws. His goal was to knock him off his balance and pin him to the ground. While not expecting Wolf to spin around and leap at him, the npc was able to move out of the way, but not without a claw to his nose. Yelping in surprise, the npc would swat at Wolf, wide eyed, almost as if he’d forgotten how to fight. “Oh look! The little kitty forgot how to fight!” Again, Wolf would move to pin the npc to the ground, this time succeeding in his goal. This time, the npc was prepared and kicked out with his hind legs. Anticipating this Wolfsnarl would allow the hit to land before leaning to the tom’s ear. “Remember this the next time you try to step out of your place.

Hissing, he’d allow the npc to stand, before moving to leave a scar that wouldn’t allow him to forget his “defiance” against Wolfsnarl in a hurry. A nicked ear or scarred nose would be plenty of reminder. Judging by the hiss that emitted from the npc’s throat as his claws succeeded in raking across his nose, he knew that he had won. “Go and find something useful to do.” While holding no real authority over any of his clanmates, he would continue to act as if he were above them. Silently he would watch as the npc scurried off, likely to find a task away from the large warrior.

tldr; wolfsnarl has returned to camp from hunting and carelessly throws a rabbit onto the fresh-kill pile. a nearby npc is horrified by this thoughtless action and calls out wolfsnarl for his actions. annoyed that the npc would dare call him out, wolfsnarl snaps back at the younger feline, daring him to do something about it. the npc challenges wolfsnarl to a spar, ultimately losing the battle. left with a scar to remember the consequences of his actions, the npc is sent off by wolfsnarl to find himself something useful to do.


The commotion was loud enough to catch everyone’s attention, even Echolight’s- who was perched right outside of the exit.
She arrived to the scene quick enough where hostile tones had already arisen.
I challenge you to a spar, Wolfsnarl!
A frown tugged heavily at Echolight’s scarred maw as she suppressed a small shake of her head- surely Wolfsnarl would see the juvenile as just that… overzealous and proud, right?
Scarred ears flinch as a yelp rings in the air. Subconsciously, Echolight looks around for any other onlookers, any others that may have been getting the same off-putting feeling as her.
Quick enough though, the fight was over, and the other was off to lick their wounds. "All that, over some words? My stars… " Echolight couldn’t help but scoff. Perhaps Wolfsnarl wanted an ugly reputation, but Echolight couldn’t just keep quiet after witnessing such needless violence. "There are children here, you do know that right? What would you have done if one of them tumbled under your unsheathed claws? Thoughtless! You should learn to take that outside of camp" she continued on, disbelief lacing in her frustrated tone. Some cats, stars!
Weaselclaw enters camp behind Echolight, eyes narrowing against the scene unfolding before them. The young warrior challenging another to a dual, the quick and succinct loss. He gazes at the scarred ginger and white she-cat as she scolds Wolfsnarl, but he shrugs. In Weaselclaw's eyes, he's done nothing wrong.

"Pride isn't a bad thing, but too much of it can lead to bad things on the battlefield." Scornful blue eyes flick to where the NPC warrior had limped out of camp. "He's lucky his Clanmate had the time and energy to teach him that lesson."

Echolight mentions that the camp is meant to be a safe space, where kits can play. At one time, Weaselclaw might have agreed with her, but he still remembers the incident with Kestreltalon.

He does not judge Sootstar for this. He's promised, both to her and to himself, not to judge her and to swear fealty to her, both heart and body, and he intends to keep that promise. But that incident had been out in the open, for all of the cats to see, young and old. Owlpaw and Shrikepaw had watched their mother ruthlessly blind Kestreltalon over insolence.

"They should get used to it," he says, though his tone is flat. "The world is not a safe place. WindClan protects its own, but sometimes that means harsh lessons."

Personally, Kestreltalon didn't much care what scuffles her clanmates got into. If they wanted to start a fight in the middle of camp that was their business. There wasn't a chance she was going to risk her hide over it. She watched the two toms scuffle with idle disgust from over her meal, wincing at each blow. The younger ended up being sent off with a scar for his troubles, and she snorted at the sight.

"Rabbit-brains." She muttered between bites, her eye drifting back down to her food.

Her ear perked up at Echolight's words, and she listened as the molly protested the fight. It seemed a strange thing to do here. In her mind, Windclan had never been safe. Two toms tussling was the least of the worries of any kit who had the misfortune of living here.

At Weaselclaw's words, she finally felt like adding her own comment. "He's right." She told Echolight nonchalantly, shooting the lead warrior a venomous grin to tell him her agreement was not something he should want. "The world is a dangerous place, some words can cost you. How lucky he was to learn that lesson." She concluded, staring at Weaselclaw with her one good eye.[/color]
the commotion of yet another spat breaking out in the open clearing between cats had distracted shrewpaw from her conversation with another apprentice, her head swiveling slightly towards the direction of the fight between wolfsnarl and the younger warrior which didn't last very long as the more experienced tom sent the npc off with a wound to remember him by.

of course something like this garnered the attention of others who responded with disbelief at such cruel act or just plain normalcy. shrewpaw grimaced subtly, personally she never understood why they had to fight amongst eachother but maybe to be shown things the hard way is the best way to learn and grow as a fighter? honestly, they were just given her poor brother more work to do making hime waste all those healing plants!

shrewpaw stayed where she sat for now, listening to the dialouge between the older warriors before leaning to her denmate and whispering. "how much ya wanna bet anotha fight is gonna break out?"
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Wolfsnarl would raise a brow as he stared at Echobright, allowing her to finish what she needed to say with a rather bored expression. “Oh? As far as I can see, the children are all in their nests. You really think a child would not be fearful enough to avoid those partaking in a spar? Surely, you would know better than that.” He’d pause for a moment as Weaselclaw and Kestreltalon chimed in with agreements that he had done no wrong.

Take it outside of camp? Princess… if you think something like that should be taken outside of camp you must not have been pulling your own weight recently. Tell that to Sootstar and see where it lands you. Everyone learns at one point or another. If you have a problem with the way things are ran here, you are free to leave. This isn’t Thunderclan or Skyclan. Things work differently here. Deal with it.” Grumbling, his deep tone would make his words cut like a knife through butter.

He was not here to spare feelings, or treat others with kindness. If Sootstar wished to run things stricter than the others? He was not the cat to argue. Wolf was determined to pull his own weight, and expected others to do the same. If his personality created enemies, who was he to care? It was not his duty to treat everyone kindly. The kind were a rare breed in Windclan, and in his mind they were weak. Beneath him. Those cats would last significantly less time in battle. Potentially costing their clan should they need rescuing.

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He was going to be as gray as Sootstar eventually, worn down and losing his fine russet and cream pelt in favor of a more dreary and storm-colored one. While he felt gray was a perfectly fine color to be, he didn't warrant he'd appreciate being given such a pelt so quickly in his youth. Least let him become an adult cat before letting the stressors snatch his colors, least let him have that. Not in this clan. No siree. Not WindClan.
Dandelionpaw sighed dramatically as he walked forward, at least when that other warrior came whining to the den he'd know the source of it and it hadn't looked too severe. It was nowhere near the level of savagery he'd seen on display already, but it was still irritating it could have been avoided. Did no one just slap eachother upside the head anymore? He did it to Shrewpaw on occasion when she was acting a fool and she didn't need a medical professional afterwards (though he was sure she would claim otherwise).
"Ya'll all ought to find somethin' better to do with yer time than pick'n fights over petty things." Prey was to be respected, so were your clanmates, so was his sanity, so was his time. Boy, he sure wanted a nap. Wandering over the apprentice assessed the damage at a glance and decided it wasn't worth chasing after the other wounded warrior to offer aid. If it was bad enough he'd come to the den, if not then he'd heal on his own time and hopefully not get an infection or something. He made a mental note to pop his head in the warrior's den later.
Mismatched gaze landed on Wolfsnarl with a curious arch of his brow, every day he was finding more and more of his clanmates leaning into violence as the most resolute of solutions. Every time he saw Kestreltalon's face he was reminded of it.
Don’t you have herbs to sort or something? Nobody’s bleeding out here.” Grumbling, the tom would glance at Dandelionpaw almost dismissively as he began grooming his pelt. He could care less if he offended the medicinecat. Regardless of how he treated him, he still had an obligation to heal him when he needed their herbs. Rolling his eyes, the tom would glance around the gathered cats almost daring someone to pick a fight with himself again, or even to challenge him over his actions.