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Please don't respond until @Coldpaw | Coldkill does. Hyacinth is testing Coldpaw on his instincts, to prepare him for his warriors assessment. Please keep in mind, her mentoring style is a bit different than most. You're free to have your character react, but Hyacinth won't budge until Coldpaw makes his decision.

Hyacinthbreath walked to the entrance of a tunnel that had been deemed dangerous, sniffing the cave's hole before she lifted her head again. The smell of dirt was thick there, with no wind blowing through the tunnel- meaning it was closed off, somewhere in there. She scrunches up her nose, turning to her apprentice who she'd managed to convince to come with her. This was supposed to be a test to see how Coldpaw would react in tough situations, but she wouldn't push him too far. If he gave up, she would train him more on this. She'd hold off on his warrior assessment. But for now, she had faith in the tom.

"Is the wind against you, or with you?" She asks the taller tom, looking up at her apprentice. She didn't mind the size difference, that didn't stop her from being a good Warrior. A capable fighter, and even better tactician. The wind battered their faces, musked by the smell of old smoke in the distance; ShadowClan's camp. She shriveled her nose up against the scent, but it didn't ruin her plans. No, it only made them more difficult for Coldpaw to figure them out. "How could the smoke smell work to our advantage and disadvantage, depending on how it's facing?"

When Cold had first been assigned to Hyacinth as an apprentice, it hadn't been a smooth transition for either of them. Cold was independent and stubborn, and Hyacinth was demanding, expecting nothing but the best from him. At first there'd been an undeniable level of tension between the pair, with one always pushing while the other pulled, fighting every step of the way. It wasn't in the toms nature to rely on others, not anymore, and so sitting through dozens of lessons designed to mould him as a cat hadn't been anything he'd been looking forward to, especially coming from someone he'd never taken the time to get to know.

But beneath all the cynical sarcasm and blunt comments was still a person. One that enjoyed a good challenge and the praise that came with overcoming it- and the harder that praise was won, the more satisfying it became. And to his surprise, once he'd stopped trying to actively fight the process, Hyacinth had proven to be a good mentor. She not only was able to keep up with his need to constantly be on the go, but she pushed him and tested him on things he didn't even realize were something he'd need to consider.

Today was an excellent example of that.

It was unusual for Hyacinthbreath to take him out for training during the day. Most of what they did happened at night, when it was not only cooler but more challenging to work. Thus, when his mentor had shown up and quickly lead him out of camp and onto the moors, he'd known there was a purpose behind it.

And now he found himself standing behind her outside of one of the tunnels. Cold hadn't really gone into the network of underground walkways, not really lean enough for it and preferring the open skies anyways, and he couldn't help but wonder why they were here.

"If the winds blowing into our faces like this, that means the smoke will be too. At close enough range it'd be harder to breath and visibility will probably be low, if not gone altogether." he replied, trying to put himself in the middle of thick, smoggy clouds. It would sting his eyes to the point of tears and make his throat burn with each rise and fall of his chest.

"Likewise, if its blowing from the other direction- against our backs- it'd be our enemies who get the worst of it. Any cats trying to charge us could easily be led into traps from being smokeblind.

That was only if they had the foresight to have the traps ready though, like holes dog into the ground to trip up enemys.

"At a distance like this though.." he noted, seeming thoughtful. "I suppose you could use it to mask your sent a little easier. Its not really thick enough out on the moors to do anything for us out here though. "

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes

Hyacinthbreath listens to the words that her apprentice speaks, a look of pride in her eyes as she nods her head along with his words. This was a learning process for both of them. With the smog, they could have many advantages, but disadvantages were important to know to. She was thankful he had a good level of common sense and tact; it would get him far in this harsh world. She continues to listen to him eagerly, considering his words.

"At a distance like this though.. I suppose you could use it to mask your sent a little easier. Its not really thick enough out on the moors to do anything for us out here though. "

"Exactly. That, with the smell of the swampy territory that ShadowClan resides in, would make for a great scent blocking tactic." She agrees with Coldpaw, a fond smile taking its place on her face; a sight it seemed was quite rare these days. Hyacinth shoves the thought of her missing mate down for the moment, worrying more about the issue at hand. She stands back a few pawsteps, getting into her fighting crouch.

"Now. What's the first thing to remember when you're fighting a smaller opponent? You're a big cat in a Clan full of smaller cats. Sparring with one of us is one thing, we won't kill you if given the chance. But other Clans must be taught to fight differently. So you must think out of the box." She begins, giving him a short amount of time to think before she launches herself at him, quick with her small size.

The few outings he had with Grackledive before the tom vanished were pleasant memories he would carry with him for the rest of his life. Learning to hunt birds, exploring the borders, examining the territory and learning to recognize foreign scents. The monochromatic tom had been kind but stern and made his lessons easy to understand and with some moments for fun and games. Hyacinthbreath was quite the farcry from such training, her words were as cold as her piercing gaze, her instructions made clear she expected nothing less than perfection and it was a testament to Coldpaw's endurance and will that he was managing so far but he wondered if the dark tabby ever struggled under the weight of those expectations. Did he ever worry, fret about, did he ever wish he had someone more gentle?

Despite Dandelionpaw's unhappiness at losing his mentor, he had gained a new one who he would consider one of the most gentle and kind cats in the clan; the contrast was stark and noticable. Medicine cats had their own rules and duties to attend to but it was still a position of power teaching an upcoming youth. He made a mental note to check in on his fellow apprentice. He doubted Coldpaw would be open to chatting and he certainly didn't think the other would open up about any worries he had, but he always felt he was decent at determining how someone felt without actual discussion. Cats were often easy to read, not all of them, but sometimes.
Hearing the lead warrior give her final instruction he padded forward with his usual lopsided smile and gung-ho attitude, "Need an example of a smaller cat? Ah can oblige~" He wasn't that much smaller than Coldpaw, he was decently tall for an apprentice but compared to the two tabby present he did feel a little dwarfed. He also worried he would get rusty with the combat training he had without occasionally practicing, so this would help him out as well. Medicine Cat or not, he was going to keep his claws sharp in case something happened.


Though her initial feelings of unease that had held her back for her first moon of living as a Windclanner had eased significantly- even taking on her own warrior name, Echolight, the calico was still a rare sight to be seen around camp.
Whether it be running, hunting, patrolling, or simply going for a stroll, the lilac dappled molly was away. Not intentional by any means, she simply just felt better out in the open land.
There were still a few cats that put a prickle under her pelt though, Hyacinthbreath being one of them. The molly was intelligent, beautiful, headstrong… though, Echolight couldn’t help but feel something uneasy in her paws whenever the lynx warrior was nearby.
Especially now, as the sound of chatter caught her ear and she was drawn over, silent in thought as she perched beside Dandelionpaw, curiously tipping her head whilst her mind put the missing context together.
"Are you guys going down there- ..?" She began to prompt, but her question was abruptly stopped when Hyacinthbreath sprung. Now, Echolight was on the edge of her seat, silently rooting for Coldpaw.

It was true that Cold was larger than most of his clanmates. He'd been born in the marshes where the cats came in all shapes and sizes, most of which however had been on the larger side. The cats that had chosen the moors had done so because it called to them in some way, many being built small and lean as if they were made to race across the open fields. Cold had not felt a call to the moors. He had left his home not because of the death of his parents, but because the fracturing of his home had been too much to bare witness to. He could have dealt with losing his mom and dad if he'd still had his home and his friends to fall back on, but instead his friends and littermates abandoned him. Briar let their land be taken from them and divided up amongst cats who'd killed and betrayed them. He couldn't follow a leader that didn't know the meaning of loyalty to her people, someone who would just let families and traditions be torn apart. And yeah, maybe a part of him hated Starclan too for the role they'd played in all of it, even if they're involvement had ultimately stopped the war.

He was smart enough to keep that last bit to himself, though.

To his surprise, their little lesson didn't stay between just them. Yellow eyes shifted from Hyacinth to land on Dandelionpaw, an invisible brow raising in curiosity at their sudden appearance but ultimately saying nothing against it. He wondered if the barn cat preferred their new path in life, or if maybe a part of them was disappointed to walk a path separate from the friends they'd made. They seemed like the kind of cat who would rather fix wounds than cause them, but ultimately Coldpaw knew very little about the other outside of the fact that they were shamelessly cheerful and friendly with every cat they met.

Another surprise, when the medics apprentice suddenly turned toward them and offered himself up as an example. Coldpaw wasn't sure if Hyacinth would approve of their interfering, but he allowed himself to regard the other anyways, yellow eyes sizing the other up thoughtfully. Smallers cats were faster, but usually had to sacrifice weight to achieve it, meaning Cold was probably heavier than a lot of the windclan cats. Closing the distance and using that to his advantage would probably be his best bet, ri-

He wasn't given the chance to finish that thought though, because a moment later something small was striking him hard in the side. He hadn't been expecting it, and Hyacinth had never been one to hold back much with him, so the gray tabby found himself knocked to the ground with Hyacinth baring down on him. Anger flared to life in his chest as his damaged pride demanded payback, and with a growl he reached up with claws outstretched and aimed to lock the smaller cat in a feline bear-hug, aiming to use his strength to flip them over so he could pin the shecat beneath him and roughly slam her to the ground.

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes

Her claws sink into her apprentice's shoulder with a satisfying slice, blood coating the tiny little weapons as she takes a moment to bask in her surprise attack. Dandelionpaw's offer is met with a grunt, the molly soon thrown onto the ground beneath Coldpaw like a ragdoll. She let out a shrill cackle, amused by how easily she was tossed like some kit across a river. "That's it right there! You've got strength on your side. Tossing them will be a lot easier for you." She shrills, glancing up at her apprentice with excited eyes. He was much better than how he used to be, not he was uniformed- well trained.

"But pinning me like this.. It leaves you open." She meows absentmindedly, back paws lifting up to attempt to pummel the apprentice's stomach and ribs. "All it takes is some nice, sharp claws, and your guts could come spilling out." Her eyes search the clearing, landing on Dandelionpaw with a snicker.

"Ja! Come right over. Get 'em off of me." She offered to the apprentice, eyes flicking up to the apprentice currently pinning her down.

He didn't care about the stinging of his shoulder where his mentors claws left smears of red staining his dark fur, not with the adrenaline starting to kick in. What did it say about him that the only time he felt alive anymore was when he was fighting with someone? Why couldn't he take any other pleasure from life than this anymore?

He grunted, wincing as legs battered his underbelly and claws tore out chunks of fur, the warmth of blood prompting him to shift his lower body off of her so he could escape her claws and stomp at her gut, wanting to drive the air from her lungs and stun her. It was hardly his concerned if she bruised, just as it was hardly her concern if he bled.

Her words to Dandelion would cause yellow eyes to flash from his mentors toward the other tom, and for a moment they were as icy as his name. That ice seemed to melt away after a moment though, replaced by something that very well could have been amusement.

"Yeah, Dandelionpaw." he agreed with a smirk, tail lashing behind him as blood dripped from his shoulder and stomach. "Come save your lead warrior." he invited them, before leaning down to try and sink his teeth into Hyacinths arm. If she had to move with a limp then her speed wouldn't be able to save her if she got back on her paws somehow. ​

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes
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