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The nights began to grow longer, the days shorter, and both halves got colder. Sootstar's long pelt did not aid her normally on the moors, if anything it usually was a disadvantage on the hot summer days and when gaining momentum in a run. Yet for once she was grateful to have it as frost covered the morning grass and her breath began to turn into miss in the crispy cool air.

Yet she was still cold. She couldn't imagine how short-furred cats felt... like Weaselclaw.
In a sympathetic and partially romantic gesture, she aims to walk at his side, pressing her fur against his. If his gaze met her in this moment, she'd smile, "You look cold." Did he actually...? Not particularly, but it was a good excuse to be closer to him wasn't it?

Nearing a small stream, Sootstar would reluctantly part a few paw-steps away from Weaselclaw. Leaning over she begins to lap up water with her tongue, the temperature drop wasn't plenty in many ways... but she did enjoy the ice cold water. A content purr rumbles in her throat, and she glances upwards to see if Weaselclaw would get himself a drink as well.

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Though the days are still often pleasant and warm, Weaselclaw can't pretend he hasn't begun to grit his teeth against the early morning frosts withering the heather. The winds become merciless here, sending tabby fur rippling and biting cold into exposed flesh. There is no barn with sturdy walls to hide within for reprieve here - and despite the chattering teeth he finds himself putting it up with on some dawn patrols, Weaselclaw bears it without complaint.


Sootstar walks close to his side, and the brush of her plush thick fur against his flank is comforting. Warmth shoots through his paws, the internal kind that keeps the tips of his ears tingling. "Maybe a little, but I'm getting used to it." He smiles down at her, a confident gleam in his eyes. "When leaf-bare is here, though, you might find me begging to share a nest... you've got natural cover." He smirks and parts the fur at her shoulder with a brisk prod of his pink nose.

She pauses and bends to take a quick lap of water from the stream, and he settles close to her to do the same. He may not enjoy the wind battering his thin pelt, but the stream like snowmelt on his tongue is refreshing. He hears her purr, and it's like music to him - he gives a rusty, raspy purr of his own.

"This will be our first cold season in the moor," he says. He sits up and draws his tongue around his muzzle. "Are you worried at all? It wasn't bad for me at the barn, there were always mice, but... I imagine in the marshes it wasn't easy, either." He lifts a brow at her as he speaks.

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Sootstar grins, "Share a nest with you? You're crazy." she laughs teasingly. Her smile fades and turns into a more serious look after a few moments, "I'd welcome it. So long as you don't mind being pestered by kits throughout the night." She allowed Shrikepaw and Owlpaw to stay in her den whenever they wished, the mother found comfort in having her children nearby as she slept... Though soon enough they likely wouldn't want to be caught dead sleeping with mom anymore, they might not care to much when it's cold outside though...

Most cats would probably retreat to sleeping in the tunnels at the walls of camp soon. It'd be too cold to sleep under StarClan's gaze.

Her per stops with a mrrow? at his question, she glances upwards into the sky. "StarClan blessing us with rabbits has relieved me a bit... but yes, I am worried." She meows honestly to him. "I doubt it could be worse than leaf-bare in the marshes. Food was never good at any time of year there- but in the snowy moons? Cats died from lack of food easily." They had always lost so many... she wonders momentarily if ShadowClan will suffer again this season.

"StarClan hasn't let us suffer though. I trust in them to keep WindClan safe... I should probably be more worried about my cats turning into icicles." She muses, with their short fur and the lack of cover in WindClan? Brrr, the wind was going to be cold! "Do you have faith?" Curiously she begins to question, they've never discussed religion before... Sootstar wasn't sure if she's heard Weaselclaw ever speak on StarClan. "Do you think StarClan will keep us protected?"

Weaselclaw smirks. "Owlpaw and Shrikepaw are a bit big for that now, aren't they?" But no, of course he wouldn't mind. As long as Owlpaw knew there'd be no shrugging off her duties just because her mentor was close with her mother... but he imagines she would. She doesn't exactly have a softhearted queen for a mother.

Their topic settles on the leafbare they will face ahead. Sootstar answers him honestly, "But yes, I am worried," despite the rabbit blessing StarClan had bestowed upon them. Weaselclaw's easy smile fades, though he nods his head in agreement. "That was before StarClan," he insists. "They would not let loyal cats suffer."

She asks him if he has faith, and Weaselclaw's smile grows minimally once more. "I do," he says. "Maybe if I'd gone to another Clan, with another leader, I wouldn't. But StarClan has shown us favor. I know I can put my faith in them to protect us all."[color] He gently headbutts her shoulder.

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Sootstar smiles back, "Maybe, but queens have warned me to keep them snuggled up close to me while it lasts." she purrs. No, the mother had never been overly affectionate... but she enjoyed the present of her kits dearly. So for as long as she could, she'd keep them safe in her sights within the rock-made leaders den.

Weaselclaw's words comfort her, "that was before StarClan" he meows. Before their starry gods and godesses had risen to watch over and protect the clans. There is an appreciative and agreeing look in her eyes. They would be protected this leaf-bare, just as they've been protected through green-leaf and leaf-fall.

"Me too. I would've never believed it if I hadn't seen them with my own eyes at the Great Battle." She aims to affectionately lick his head in return for the head-butt. "And stars forbid any universe where my best warrior pledged loyalty to another leader." She chuckles, though the thought alone fills her with incredible envy. She manages to swallow it back down, bury it deep.

In fact, had no choice but to bury it for now at the sound of a high-pitched... screech?
Sootstar looks to the sky, instantly knowing the deliverer of that battle cry. A hawk with long, outstretched talons was descending rapidly torwards them. Whichever cat it got its claws around it would take off back into the sky with, never to be seen again.

Best they make sure that didn't happen. Sootstar reacts with a narrowly escaped dodge.

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Weaselclaw blushes beneath his striped pelt at the affectionate lick to the head she gives him. "And stars forbid any universe where my best warrior pledged loyalty to another leader." He has to suppress a thrill -- to know she values him that much, as much as he does her -- it never gets old. He gives a rusty, raspy purr in response. "I doubt I'd have stuck around as much if I'd had to eat fish or frogs or look at kittypets all day." Appreciation gleams blue in his gaze.

His attention is ripped away, regrettably, at a piercing screech tearing their comfortable quiet. Weaselclaw's hackles rise immediately. Wingshadows fall over them, and the air around their ears rushes with forced wind. The hawk swoops with talons reaching.

Weaselclaw, bristling, flattens himself to the earth and rolls to the left, just in time for the bird to miss him. His heart pounds -- it hadn't touched Sootstar, had it? Eight lives is all well and good, but if one is carried off by a hawk, he hardly thinks any of them will mean a damn thing.

Luckily, she has managed to narrowly dodge its grasp. Weaselclaw rises, panting, claws outstretched. He shoots the circling bird a venomous look, claws unsheathed. "Try it again, see what happens," he threatens, growl rumbling in his throat and chest.

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