Tired. He felt so emotionally tired and just trapped. He could tell the other cats had been staring at him, whispering and gossiping about what had happend earlier that day. Everyone knew now what had happend and he just couldn't stand to be stuck inside camp with all of them staring at his back. Too loud. All of them where to damn loud. So he had escaped the minute it had been given to him not even caring if Sootstar had orded him to stay put or not. At this point he didn't care to follow the rules. He just needed to get away from everything so he could breath. So he run away from it all. Leechpaw was spriting through the tall grass with no real destination in mind beside getting away from all of the damage he had done back in camp. He couldn't even stand to look at Bumblekit...and Rosepaw's brothers words just keepit on ringing inside of his head over and over, and over again.

He run until he tripped and fell into the dirt. He picked his head up as the emotions started to overwhelm him. Leechpaw had keept all of it in for far to long. He stood up again as he sniffled fighting with the last strenght he had left. Founding an abandoned burrow the apprentice crawled himself inside of thier to let the darkness swollow him and only then he would let the tears finally fall from his face. This long awaited tears he hated so much. Up until now he had been victorius to fight them back but now...he couldn't anymore and soon his sniffling overwent to sobbing until he just straight out cried. He cried through a trembling and shaky voice and to drown some of his cries down the apprentice hid his face underneath his paws.

It was too much. The blame, the guilt. How awful he actually felt on the inside. He couldn't take it anymore.