private DUSK TO DAWN // Willow


Jun 17, 2022

Another day was about to end as the first signs of the sunset was starting to make its apperance upon the sky. It was still early though and so there was still time. Ravendusk moved himself around through the camp with a mission and no this time it was not to fish but instead his eyes where searching for a certain cat. A smoke with greenish orbs. Soon his mission would be accomplished when he found the lead warrior and wherever she currently would be standing the rusty pelted angora would lead himself there to stop right in front of them. " Evening Willowroot. Would you mind if i borrowed you for a while?." Ravendusk asked with his typical good manners. She could of course reject especially if they had something more importand and urgent to take care of. This days it would be completely understandable if she had, and Rav could do nothing but respect that decision if so. Still he would wait silently and patiently to hear if thier lead warrior would give them time or not. It wasn't that importand really, just something he wanted to show them. Maybe they even needed it right now. Only once he had showed them he could really tell.



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( ) today's been a relatively okay day for her in terms of emotions. the clan is getting back on track after the two tragedies that had sunk their spirits, and willowroot has found that regular patrols are calming her nerves. as she crouches beside the warriors' den, washing her face after the last bites of a minnow, her ears flick in response to the sudden greeting. glancing up, she'll find ravendusk offering a smile, and a soft one will in turn form on her face. "sure thing, ravendusk. i'm not up to anything right now." standing with a satisfied sigh, she'll turn to the man. "what are we doing then?"