each one there to make you smile // Frost


from neverland
Jul 8, 2022

The night laid with a thin veil of fog as the ground below was too warm for the air above, and they found themselves shifting in their nest. Beesong could be heard snoring not too far away and there was a warm bundle beside them, but for some reason they couldn't get comfortable. A white body wiggled and turned in the moss that surrounded them, and gave a slight sigh in annoyance. Raccoonpaw then got up to their paws and slipped out of the den for the river inside of camp. They didn't want to go out into the territory so settled for what river washed through camp and picked up a spot on an outcrop. Orange eyes glowed in the darkness as they stared up at the stars and wondered to themselves about Starclan.

They hadn't been there for the Great Battle, and they didn't know whether this group of starry cats was real or not- but it was a nice thought. A group of cats set to watch out for them down here and lead them when things got tough. It was quite the thought. They moved to lay down on the little pennisula they found and tucked their paws under their chest, tail thumping behind them. The sting of pulp on their shoulder was evident with their movements and they flinched slightly. The wounds from the fox attack where getting better, but their shoulder was still in the process of healing. As for the fox trap wounds- they caused more psychological damage than anything else.

Raccoonpaw had found themselves having more nightmares than normal. A black widow spider coming from Frostpaws' mouth and consuming all they loved and cherished. A dark shadow that loomed from behind, airing on revengence and hatred. Ready to strike at any moment, and then there was faceless forms that seemed to talk about about them. That they where twelve moons old and should know better, that they were an idiot for doing such a thing. So many horrified visiuals, and Raccoonpaw wasn't sure if they would ever go away. A sigh left their chest and the looked down into the waters relfection quietly, and then heard a twig snap. Their narrow head lifted towards the sound and their fur bristled, claws unsheathing as paranoia thought it might be Spiderfall. Come to finish what he has started, but lowered their shoulders as if to not appear so on edge, "Hello? Who is there?" They called out, but fear laced their voice stealthily.


Guilt, it was something that clawed at the young apprentice's heart. She had allowed the webs her brother had sown trap her and many others, and perhaps she should find this as a blessing but it was nothing more than another scornful reminder of something she had felt allowed, she was too scared of leaving her friends alone and had found herself sticking more close to Raccoonpaw, even sharing the same nest as the almost-warrior, despite not needing to be in the medicine cat's den, though she did not mind it. Bringing Raccoonpaw prey to share, watching as Beesong redressed her friend's wounds, and talking about the day and what happened.

Raccoonpaw's warmth had left and it was that which awoke Frostpaw, blearry eyes scanning titedly before realizing the others form was not next to her. Worry and panic weaved into her chest as she quickly sat up, the other's scent fresh and lingering as hints told her that they left the den, quicky scrambling onto all fours the girl tiredly left the medicine den as she began to look for them, worry in her bi-colored eyes as she traced the other's scent.

A twig having snapped underneath her weight and Raccoonpaw's voice calling out made her ease slightly as she pushed through the bushes to show it was only her. Warm bi-colored eyes still glittering with worry for her friend as she took more steps to stand near the other. "I didn't mean to startle you, I just got worried because I did not see you and... went looking for you" she said softly, trying to calm her fleeting heart that beated like that of a butterfly, she had worked herself up for nothing, Raccoonpaw was safe.

Run, run, Lost Boy
[FONT=TAHOMAFamiliar green and blue gaze glittered in the moonlight as Frostpaw pushed through the bushes that Raccoonpaw had gotten behind. They weren't expecting to see the blue molly, but part of them was thankful too. The other had become quite a daily presence for them. Always worrying for them, bringing them food, and sharing their nest with them despite Beesongs' objections. The older apprentice gave a shy smile at her words, ears burning hot and suddenly air was hard to take in. A normal occurence when they where around Frostpaw. Setting it aside as something from their paranoia and fear. Thats all it was, paranoia.

"[color=#F6900E]I'm okay, I'm right here[/color]," They assured the blue tabby with a soft tone, and they glance down at the ground for moment; a tell tale of them lying, "Physically I am okay," Raccoonpaw twitched their fluffy black tail and avoided meeting dual colored eyes. Their own orange ones flicked with water as they tried to not break down and cry. That wasn't what Frostpaw needed. She needed someone strong, someone to be her rock and lean on. How could they do that if they were on the verge of tears?

The black-legged cat got to their paws and approached Frostpaw, closing the distance between them, and pressed their head into the others' chest, "We should get back to bed before Beesong has out tails," A slight crack broke through Raccoonpaws' voice and they paused in their movements. Praying that Frostpaw hadn't heard that crack nor see the one tear roll down their black-masked face. [/FONT]