easy come [open to all!]




A tree limb bounces and bounces as a single paw continues to press upon it. A soft flowing of pale white fur pressed against the bark of the branch easily balanced as glimmering two toned eyes surveyed the area. He is bored for lack of better words and he has been humming to himself for a while now, easily shifting from one tune to another. Bouncing many different sounds around and those he remembers from his days roaming with an upwalker. " Now I've heard there was a secret cord, that David played and it pleased the Lord....." His voice gently drifting across the open air as he watches leaves rain down from above, gaze slightly hooding as he watches each one touch upon the dew kissed grass. "But you don't really care for music, do ya?" It almost sounds as if he truly is asking a question, voice raising up slightly as he gently hums the words that he has heard many times over and over again from the thing that his upwalker carried. Over and over with no true meaning to him. At least perhaps they held something for his upwalker before he shriveled up and passed away. Ah, he does miss him dearly and maybe that is why he continues to say these meaningless words over and over again. Back and forth, to and fro. He is sure of it. Blinking slowly those dual colored orbs would stop what they are watching and instead he finally moves from the branch. Body poised as he arches his back in a stretch as he saunters along the bending wood. With ease he finds himself leaping down from one branch to another, claws scrapping against the trunk before he lands with a soft hop upon the ground.

He remembers hearing things some nights past, screeching and howling. The tang of blood on his tongue from the very air itself. The sounds were like wolves baying to the full moon and his ears had perked up in morbid curiosity. So many cats were here and it seems he has come at a rather bad time. So he stays far away for the time being on whatever can create such a cacophony. Besides he is sure that it is to much work getting involved with those types of shenanigans, at least unless it is interesting. A small chuckle leaves his lips as he allows a flick of his tail, slowly pushing through he foliage to find something to eat.

Sandylights ✧ She/Her ✧ Shadowclan ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Paws moved across soft ground, the warm sunlight bathing a cinnamon tabby pelt, and their steps seemed to just ever so slightly wobble. Sandra had been out of camp to get away from the mourning and grief. It was saddening that so many had been lost but it just felt so suffocating as of late. The whole campe felt like too much to deal with at the time. She just needed some air, to celebrate her own good tidings with finding out about kits! Her own children, and she was beyond exciting but she hadn't told anyone yet. It didn't feel like the right time to bring it up to others' as it was a very sorrowful time at this point.

The forest called to her anyway, called her away from camp and she moved along the territory. Till she came through to those four large trees that hung in the midst of the forest. Gigantic and majesty they were- four of them. With the most perfect clearing and a large rock at the very center, always looking so poised and powerful. Sandra gave a small shake of her coat, feeling a small shiver crawl up her spine, before looking around for a moment. A new scent then graced her nose; one that wasn't of Pine or Marsh. A newcomer?

Curiousity gave way to her apphrensiveness as she followed the scent, "Hello? Is someone there?" She called softly and twitched her tail back and forth.​
The forest is like something he's never seen before. It calls him back, time and time again, even after Reed had initially shown it to him. The thought that these formations were natural makes his head spin. No tamperings of housefolk, no monsters disrupting the wilderness with their bellowing calls and trails of dust in their wake. Only the hollow, the four great oaks, a sing-song voice.

His ears swivel towards the sound, and so does he, sunlight catching in his eyes as he does so. A lithe form is dipping between the trees with a grace he could never hope to master. Even the way he descends from his perch seems regal. Mahi's whiskers twitch, intrigued and impressed. His own climbing skill left... much to be desired. His voice, too, he found to be... nice. He can't help but pout a little, seeing how the other has turned his attention to something else.

The red tom abruptly turns then, offering a grand waving gesture as he strides towards the stranger. A bounce is in his step, green eyes are bright with intrigue. "I'd say I do! Care for music, I mean," he quickly adds, a warm smile on his lips. The thought that the line may be a lyric doesn't even occur to him. "You've got a nice voice on you, honored to provide an audience!" he purrs.

A flash of cinnamon fur in his peripheral would alert him to a new arrival. Small voice, sweet words. Mahi hums in friendly confirmation, though his nose twitches at the tang the molly carries with her. Strange. "Only us!" he replies simply, as if that truly meant anything.

Theres a certain tiredness that drug at her bones and all Fritter knew how to do was walk it off. Resting never came easy for her, especially after the battle. Tiny Marigolds face keeps popping up in her memories, a jumpscare, quite literally. Every time she sleeps she cries for the dead, tries to chase after them but their starry figures fleet away, farther and farther until all they are is a speck of dust. Fritter has resigned to not sleeping. She finds herself overworking herself, hunting, patrolling (though to be quite honest, she would let cats go without a fight, shes too tired to fight once more.)

Thats what shes doing now. She stumbles slightly as she stalks a rabbit trail before eventually giving up, the sound of a low toned hum straight up ahead. More voices chime in and she heaves a sigh before she finds her paws carrying her right to them. Eyes survey the group. Two loners and a familiar golden she-cat. Eyes soften up as she remembers the battle once more, the feeling of Sandra right below her paws. She holds no grudge against her, one lonely female to another. "What are you singing?" accent hung heavy in the air as she stares quizzically, eyes flicking between Mahi Mahi and Sandra. Both seemed docile, but she has to prepare.... Has to prepare.

Well, well, well, he doesn't expect to have an audience of cats but here they are. All different, all from different walks of likes. Looks like the things he has heard are true and he is certainly intrigued by it all. His dual colored orbs shift across them and a pleasant smile pulls along his muzzle then. "My, my, my, shivers and goosebumps across my skin..." He hums softly as he allows his figure to slip through the thick bushes he had been about to leave just moments before. "Indeed, just us. well it was just me but it looks like we have become a pair, lass. Just simple cats to the whims of the world we live in. Who might the two of you be?" Those same wondrous eyes focus on Mahi-Mahi then and he gives an amused chuckle from the other. "That's a right happy thing to hear that you like music. Oh, thank you. I don't often sing but it helps to keep the memories straight." He purrs softly before he then gives Sandra a small wink with his blue toned eyes before he then turns at the voice of another cat. So many indeed. His tail shifts relaxed as he turns his views on this one. She seems more cautious then the other two and that makes him curious.

Is she apart of the wild things he heard happening just days prior? Maybe. Still he doesn't ask and instead he listens to her voice. What a tone. "Just a little diddy that my mate used to play all the time. Over and over, it's what makes me remember him when I can. You have an interesting little voice there yourself, lass. Oh, but let me remember my manners I guess. The name's Charlamagne or you can call me Charla if you want."