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− ♱ ABOUT : dawn. ducks fly overhead, landing delicately amidst the shore lining the water bubbling just behind tall rock, dipping their narrow heads into the lazy river and shaking droplets wildly about. the air is still, crisp with early leaffall, dew cool to the touch where it layers gently over billowing greenery. willows sway to the hymn of distant bird song — but not a soul moves within their reed - covered home. the first rays of sun just beginning to stretch high over the horizons, painting the lands in shades of pale pinks and baby blues. not a creature stirs — not even the riverclan leader himself, where he lie just outside his warriors den. just to the left to the open maw of stone, he is lying upon his side, features fully relaxed for the first time in moons. a normally furrowed brow is tender in sleep, icy eyes gently lidded and maw agape just slightly, soft, snuffling breaths. the man is dreaming, something nice — rubberblack maw is arched in the sleepy ghost of a smile.

tangled around him is smokethroat.

mottled limbs are draped lazily over the lead warriors shadowy figure, black nose pressed into the feather of his equally dark fur along his throat, each quiet breath billowing the ivory - speckled pelt around his maw. at some point during their late night talk, they’d fallen asleep — weeks of sleep deprivation and longing for comfort made him clingy, he would admit. the river phantom is too deep in sleep to stir at the bitter chill of morning, only clutching the tom tighter, tucking the slope of his chin in the hollow beneath his jaw. the way the slender slope of him melts into the broad warriors’s side, sharp - knuckled paws threaded in fur like constellations and a thick, curled tail lie wrapped around his well - muscled back. safety in familiarity — the comfort of one he trusts, it’s the best rest he’d gotten in ages. perhaps that is why he doesn’t wake a single bit when sound finally emits from within the stony hollow, where warriors are beginning to wake for their early morning patrols. no — he only grips tighter, murmuring drowsily into the ruff of fur around smokethroat’s neck.

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  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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( ) sleepiness is etched in the glassy eyes of the smoke lead warrior as she stretches in her nest, a soft yawn escaping her lips. the first hints of morning seep through the woven branches lining the den, watery sunlight beginning warm the camp. birdsong echoes outside, and she glances out to see a crisp, clear day, chilly but not unwelcome. perfect for a dawn patrol. standing from her nest, the femme grooms herself quickly before glancing around the den to spot her fellow lead. smokethroat's nest, tucked in the back, usually houses the great tomcat at this time of day. today, however, he is noticeably absent... odd. he must be up already, she decides, beginning to make her way out of the den.

it is an unexpected sight that lays before her. unexpected, but not unwelcome. still, humor twists her lips, feathery tail curling delightedly over her back as she stumbles upon the sleeping duo. dark fur collides with snow white in a soft mixture of colors, the two bodies tightly woven around each other. for a moment, willowroot just stands, staring, admiring the peace on their faces. then, she feels a tingling in her chest- she can make something of this. "smoke, i know you reprimanded poppy and i about refilling the nursery, but stars, at least we were in a nest." whiskers twitching, she steps over the two, tapping her friend with her tail. "come on lovebirds, wake up."


His insomnia was mild, thankfully, otherwise he wasn’t sure how he would function in this world. It did have the unwanted benefit that the moment he hit his lowest point and needed sleep or he would simply cease to function he was just out like a light; instant. Perhaps it was a mercy, he could not even begin to imagine the embarrassment of being awake and knowing that his options were to simply accept the fact he would be sleeping out in the open of the camp alongside the dappled leader or to risk rousing the other and breaking away; possibly ruining his chances for a proper rest after everything was said and done. That being said he lifted his head to the voice, the gentle chidding and sudden gesture attempting to rouse him; blinked both orange eyes wearily at the sudden influx of light around him. It was already dawn. He had spent the night in quiet idleness, speaking to Cicadastar and-
A pause. A moment passes. The dark tom realizes where he is, orients himself properly and finds himself stiffly locked in place under legs far longer than his own and a hesitance to disturb the tom out of some misplaced sense of guilt. He should have probably urged the other back to his den at some point, but he would be lying if he had not also enjoyed the quiet company that he often didn’t get in the clans' normally hectic daytime. His gaze drifted from Willowroot’s coy expression back to the spotting of gray and dark colors blended into white that was still entangled in his paws. Should he move, should he say anything, should he make excuses, should he-
“The dawn patrol!” It is then he realizes with startled alarm that he had been tasked with leading it, that he had slept in well past the time and no doubt it had already returned by now since the rest of the clan was now slowly coming from their dens. “....I….shush you.” Now that he was properly awake he caught the smoke warrior in a steely stare, not so much a glare as a look of minor annoyance at the teasing; but he supposed he did deserve it for his previous jab at her once before. Fair was fair.
Being awake and his thoughts no longer listlessly bouncing around in his head made him regain himself, gradually feeling the insides of his ears heat up and turn red from the sudden proximity. He was a very standoffish tom, didn’t often tolerate too much touching outside the few he permitted but this was a lot more intimate than he was used to and his only reason for remaining rigidly there was uncertainty. His mind had properly locked up. Was it rude to hastily pull away? Would he look foolish for doing so?



Redpath had awoken at dawn, and when it was quiet, no one issuing patrols, she happily went back to sleep. When she awoke again, it was to the sounds of Willowroot talking to Smokethroat.


Did she hear right?

Clearly missing a few pieces of context, she got up and left the den. Half lidded eyes widened it surprise when she saw Cicadastar and Smokethroat just. Snuggling there.

It was cute.

"Ooooh~ You guys are so cute~" She said with a big grin on her face and a look of genuine adoration. She was happy for them. They both deserved companionship.

She was still going to tease them though.

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