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Jul 24, 2022

It is a quiet day, a boring one. There’s just nothing going on! Crappiepaw has tried to pester a couple of the clan’s adults to take him outside of camp for the day, since his own mentor is seemingly nowhere to be found, but no one has been willing to entertain his whims.

He wanders camp with no aim, lazily kicking at rocks and pebbles that lie scattered arceus the ground. He’s not paying attention to his surroundings until they nearly crash directly into another kit. "Oh, oops, sorry! I wasn’t watching where—ohhh, I like your fur! It looks like the sky at night," they say, a smile lighting up their face. Forestkit’s pelt isn’t quite the picture of a starry sky, but it’s pitch black and reminds Crappiepaw of the darkest part of the nighttime.

It takes a moment for them to realize that they don’t actually know the other child’s name; when they realize this, the tortoiseshell tips their head to the side slightly. "What’s your name?"

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Who are you really?

Forestkit had been watching the bustling about the clan from where they sat, a bored look gracing his hazel gaze while he pawed at some flowers, debating which colors he should try and weave into his fur for the day when an apprentice came running into him. A soft yelp of surprise slipped from Forestkit's jaw before he turned to face Crappiepaw, about to snap at them for running into him but before he could a compliment about his fur came out of the others maw.

Heat began to raise through his body as a look of surprise glittered in his hazel eyes, unsure how to react to such a thing that the other had stated. Paws shuffling in embarrassment, especially when his fur was something he distasted but... perhaps white flowers for today will do well to be weaved into his fur. His mind running with thoughts that he had almost not heard the next question Crappiepaw had asked. "F-Forestkit" he stuttered, questioning why he would stuttered and quickly began to swipe one of his paws against his cheek, trying to cover up his own embarrassment from Crappiepaw's words, what was wrong with him?
"speak""Thoughts" Currently uses She/Her pronouns
❝  Thornpaw was in almost the exact opposite boat as Crappiepaw. Every waking moment it seems is spent out of camp, at the behest of a mentor who did not know when to give anyone a rest. He's dragging himself back on sore, exhausted paws when he too nearly runs directly into the duo. It is only Crappiepaw's absolute siren of a voice that stops him in his tracks. Amber eyes squint at the duo, though the excuse could be made that it was sheer exhaustion rather than annoyance. Maybe that was even the truth. She looks at Crappie as if the apprentice had just given her an unspeakably beautiful compliment, when really all they'd done was call her pelt black. Silly. "Why are you just sitting here anyway, Forest?" Unconsciously, he finds himself sitting as well. As he'd said: exhausted. "Got something on your mind?"

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  • THORNPAW. snarky apprentice of riverclan, at least for now.
    ──── uses he - him - his and will not acknowledge others.
    ──── eight moons old.  formerly a marsh group member.
    ──── sexuality unknown,  seems uninterested in everyone.

    a tall, lanky brown tabby with ragged ears and intense amber eyes. though he carries himself with predatory certainty, his shoulders are often hunched and his body low as if to make himself smaller.
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The she-kit looks upset at first, and for a moment Crappiepaw expects her to snap at them. But her face breaks into an expression of surprise—and then embarrassment. The tortoiseshell doesn’t understand why she reacts in such a way, but they think she’s funny. "Forestkit, I don’t think I’ve met you before! I’m Crappiepaw, if you didn’t know," he says with a friendly flick of an ear.

"Yeah, what’re you doing with the flowers?" They glance up to Thornpaw, extending their warm smile to him as they echo his question. Without considering whether Thornpaw would actually want to join, they flick their ear once again and chirp, "Maybe we can join you. I like flowers!" Their mother had decorated their nest in the nursery with flowers once—that had also been the last time they’d seen her. But though the memory stings, it can’t outweigh the joy that sweet-smelling flowers bring.