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Jul 28, 2022

I keep trying to find me

Spark was known as the resident ball of energy, being as, she never stood still and always was the one to get underneath the paws of other. She would tend to ask for help or just follow them around, and she wasn't one to tire easily. She would help with one thing and quickly move onto the next, and many have told the young eager she-cat that she needs to rest instead of quickly hopping into the next thing and she would just shrug it off and continue on her way. Her dark green eyes sparked with eagerness as she began to scan the clearing for anything to do, scrambling towards the first person she sees as she looked up at them happily. "Hello! I'm Spark! Do you need anything to help with? I can help you, just tell me what to do. Collect moss? Clean the dens? Ohhh maybe I can help you with uhm... hunting?" words flooded out Spark's maw, hardly given the other a chance to respond.

Spark would pause and smile at the other, finally shutting her maw to allow to speak, her eyes glued on the other as she would eagerly wait for the response. Her fluffy tail swishing behind her as she slowly begin to show her impatience, she gently tapped the ground below her while she waited, not realizing she probably caught the other off-guard or already talked their ears off, which aw well, right? She was trying to keep busy, and never gave a thought to how much she got underneath the other cat's paws but everyone liked the help... at least she thought so.

There are times where Batshriek would call herself a saint, a cat with patience beyond anything this world has ever seen. And some days, Batshriek finds her right eye twitching, temples aching with the signs of an oncoming headache, because some cats are never taught to shut up as kits.

Luckily, this is one of the days where the black and white molly feels like anything could happen and she’d still be happy. Her collar, the putrid thing that marked her as an abandoned kittypet, is finally gone. She’s free from her former life. So when a child begins talking to her—and doesn’t stop talking—she merely casts a soft gaze to Spark, her top fangs poking out as she smiles. "Listen, kid," she begins, slowly. "You can help with whatever you want, just please take a breath between words."

Standing, Batshriek stretches her legs before tipping her head to the side. "Are you any good at hunting?" If the kid is willing, they could always gather a clanmate or two and try a bit of hunting. The warrior is interested in testing out her skills now that she doesn’t have that stupid collar weighing her down, anyway.
He's on his way to the fresh-kill pile and a frown graces his features before he makes it. A little low, too low for greenleaf. He wonders if the last hunting patrol hadn't had much luck, or if some hungry cat had just demolished more than one piece in a sitting. His own belly rumbles; it's not like him to forget to eat, but he's been preoccupied with the WindClan situation, wracking his brain and coming up short each time.

Golden ears flick. Sparkpaw is begging Batshriek to let her help with something. A smile tugs at his mouth. He can appreciate that the youth is eager to help out, but Batshriek is maybe not the best one to pester about it.

The black and white she-cat asks Sparkpaw if she's any good at hunting. Blazestar pads closer to the two of them with a nod. "Hunting is a good idea, if you're up for it." Hopefully he isn't going to embarrass himself in front of the apprentice, too, but he should help out. Besides, he thinks better when he's doing something...


The chitter-chatter of a flood of questions twist torrential into his ears, and though Twitchkit was not doing anything particularly important, he had been left without attention for long enough that his fur was beginning to bristle uncomfortably. The noise did not help a calm demeanour, and his head snapped up to locate the noise, eyes wide and wild- before settling upon the low buzz of conversation, Blazestar involved and stood beside an adult he didn't know and a kit he didn't know. Kit or apprentice, maybe? He couldn't tell, he couldn't tell, he couldn't tell.

He still couldn't tell even as he walked up, head tilted, until the word hunting caught his attention. Green eyes flickered wide in embarrassment, and he couldn't seize his attention as it slipped to the ground, settling beyond saving. "Bring me something cool back, if you find... an-y-thing." he murmured, a paw scuffing the ground. Stupid, stupid, stupid- why would he have thought he could come with them, even for a second? "Y'know, please." An afterthought, he added niceties nonetheless. He'd been taught them half-heartedly and would use them as such.
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