Jul 6, 2022
A thunderous growl could be heard across the moors.

It was clear by how deep the sound was and how far it traveled that whatever was causing this ruckus was huge. Perhaps bigger than any creature the cats of WindClan have seen before.

Whatever it was, the patrol out of camp wanted to find out. Needed to even. What if it was a danger to WindClan? Even if not… their curiosities held a strong grip on them.

As they search for the noise they'd stumble upon a large rock formation that stretched upwards into the sky. Their eyes lit up as they got the same idea all at once… perhaps it'd be tall enough to spot the creature making such a noise from afar?

It was worth a shot!

(I will create a second post revealing the mysterious noise once they have climbed the rock. Remember, within this thread the name "Outlook Rock" must be given to this landmark!)

// @HARE

This new life- oh, it is peculiar! Sharing the moors that he recognised more than the faces he was sharing them with- if five moons ago you had told him that, Mallow would never have stopped laughing! Yet here he was, frolicking around beside some new friends, even if the feeling was not mutual. He had been intending on telling them all about this bird he had found that had moved even though it was dead, but as soon as the thought entered his head it was cleaved by guttural growls that rattled any gory rambling right out of his skull.

Mallow could not stop the snort of laughter that left him- surprised, he turned too-wide grey eyes toward his companions. "Sounds like someone's trying to scoop my brain out- nyahahaha!" Mallow's face did not budge with the sound of his laughter, his grin only parting to reveal teeth sharper than their smiling-state looked. Slate attention settled upon a looming rock- whatever the sound was, it was coming from far away, and rolled over the hill toward them, and that would be a good vantage point to scout out the beast.

Joyfully, the ink-footed tom began to trot toward the rock- though his large form was not particularly built foe climbing. As he attempted to scale it, he found that those on the patrol alongside him were quite a bit faster.
The sudden, guttural growling had scared the daylights out of him!

The fur along his neck stands on end, wide yellow eyes darting over the hillsides. He couldn't see anything that would be makin' such a ruckus, though, which only unnerves him more. "Sweet Sally, my heart ain't strong 'nough fer this," he grumbles to himself, his claws unsheathing and sheathing as he hurries after his clanmates. Mallow says that the sound is reminiscent of someone trying to scoop his brain out. Hare cringes at the thought. "Well, that's one way tah put it, ain't it?" He wouldn't describe it in such a gory manner, though... He shudders at the creepy laughter that reveal unnaturally sharp teeth.

Hare spots the towering boulder at the same time that Mallow takes off for it. The fawn tom scurries after him. If they could climb to the top, maybe they'd be able to spot whatever was making this noise.

With a grunt, Hare begins to haul himself up the boulder. It takes him a good minute, but soon, he's standing near the top. He wouldn't risk getting any closer than a few fox-lengths from the edge, though. If someone fell from this height, they'd surely be in a heap of horse shit.

He scans the moors, eyes narrowed...