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When Leech had been staring, no- glaring at her from a distance as she played with the kits of the nursery, she had felt it. It was like.. His eyes were burning holes through the back of her head, and she had turned just in time to watch him leave in a storm of emotions. She didn't pay it any mind back then, figuring he was just going through .. Something that all apprentice-aged toms went through, and she left it at that. Boys will be boys, you know?

But then he had actively began to scowl at her in passing, and it got on Hyacinth's nerves. She might have been nice to kits, because they were small and innocent, but apprentices should know better.

Spotting the raven-furred tom in the distance, Hyacinthbreath made her way over and dropped a dead mouse at the tom's feet. He was a bit bigger than herself, but that wasn't really an achievement. She was smaller than most cats, it made her a good tunneler. It was why Soot trusted her with the tunnels, too. She was destined for great things, and Sootstar agreed. Looking up at the tom, she gives him a stoic hum of greeting. Before he could scoff and run away, though, Hyacinth lifted a paw.

"Do you have something against me, Leechpaw? Have I done something wrong?"
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Leechpaw were aware that things was changing that Windclan would not be anything like the marsh group had been under Briar's reign. With the new ranks implented that put some cats in this clan into more power then others...Leechpaw was no fool. He was not blind to what was happening and with a cat like Sootstar who lead them obidence was gonna get enforced more then ever before. It left him with no other choice then to have to watch his own tongue, to be wary of who was watching him. He had been here before so this was nothing new to him. The difference was it was not his own mother he needed to be careful around anymore. What he longed for the day he was fully grown so he could leave this awful way of life. Until then he was trapped here with a rank that was not anything to brag about. He was not safe.

He did his best to avoid the cats who could abuse thier power over him though, like Hyacinthbreath, or even worse Weaselclaw, or Weaselbrain like he much rather called him. It was difficult to avoid them though if they decided to confront him themselves!. Tch. Leechpaw had been minding his own business when the lead warrior stopt in front of him, blocking his path to drop down a mouse at his paws. Leechpaw would stare down at the offering with contempt in his eyes. Food was not his friend, and he often felt disgusted just being close to it. It was fine when it was still alive but once its life ended in his paws to grow limp and cold he felt repulsed by it. He never eat in front of other cats and with his vinsible bones it was clear as day he often skipped his meals. He had no intention to eat this mouse.

However, before he could leave to disgrace the lead warriors offering she put a paw up to block him from escaping. Tch. What was her problem?. Leechpaw took a step back his eyes finally falling on her with a bitter look. She adressed out what probably every single cat in this clan was thinking about as well. There was no secret he didn't like anyone here. He wasn't even making an attempt to hide it. Something with her words struck him more then the others though. Have i done something wrong?. What was the point of even asking him that?. Did she honestly wish to hear his honest answer or was she just trying to trick him so she finally had a reason to punish him?.

" No. " came his short answer, clearly not telling the truth at all. Carefully he would watch her. Just like with Sootstar he was actually wary of Hyacinthbreath. Both she-cats shared something that reminded him of his own mother. " Was that all you wanted?." came the added words while giving an impatient flink of his tail. There was no way he was gonna give her what she wanted.


Hyacinth flinched at the brief and cold tone of voice that Leechpaw used, and she found herself struggling with something inside of her. From the looks of him, scrawny and fur unkempt, something was obviously very wrong. While Hyacinthbreath was normally very critical of those who couldn't take care of themselves, seeing a kid like Leechpaw in this condition made her worry a bit. That didn't mean she voiced such, however- she was never good with words when it came to cheering others up.

"No." She responds soon after his question, a frown spreading across her lips. There were no rose-tinted glasses here, no. She saw someone who was exhaustingly similar to how she used to be, and the little voice in her told her to help. To do something good for once, to do something worthy of someone of her title.

But how would one empathize with someone who didn't want help?

"Walk with me if you're not going to eat that, then. Have you ever seen a baby rabbit before, Leechpaw?"

No, she repeated back to his question just like he had done to hers. It earned another flink of his tail in respond patience quickly running thin. Tch. What the rats did she want from him?!. Couldn't she tell he not wanted to be in her present. He was not like one of this kits she could fool by showing a feather in front of his face, or in this case a mouse. Leechpaw would huff but before he could come up with his next line to say or turn his back on her Hyacinthbreath beat him to it. Now she was asking him to walk with her and it did not exactly sounded like something he was given a choice to deny. " If i must." he muttered underneath his breath only for himself to hear. It was not something he would have choosen to do on his own free will after all.

A baby rabbit?. Leechpaw twitched one of his long ears, thinking for a moment if he had seen one before but it didn't took long before he realised he hadn't.
" No i have not. " he admitted, slightly puzzled to why she had asked him that for. Was she planning on showing him one?. Was they gonna hunt baby rabbits together?. What happend to just taking a walk?. Ugh. He had no clue what this lead warrior was thinking or planning but he would agree to follow along but not without remaining wary every step on the way.