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Jun 8, 2022

Pine scent fills his lungs, and the track of a mouse. Alert immediately, Haku lowers himself into a crouch, domino paws feathered against the ground. He had always been rather good at sneaking- a snow-strewn shadow, blending half each with dark and light. Before, stealth had been a necessity, or else they would have found him. That was how he had gotten out, paws stained purple silent against concrete- and then, out of earshot, bolts against the ground. He was fast, he'd always been fast.

He could have gotten away from them easily, had he wanted to. But he had not wanted to.

Blue eyes found the creature, snuffling and caught unawares. It was distracted, digging something up- its sensitive nose was likely stuffed full of scents of berries, completely oblivious to a tall predator standing over it. For once he felt pride- it tilted his lips lopsided, upward. Stalking, he assumed his hunting crouch, brow furrowed in concentration. It was a slow pursuit, but one Haku was adamant on succeeding. And for those blissful few moments, fleeting as they were, he was sure he would.

That was until something struck his shoulder- a raspy yowl ripped from his throat, and he needed not look to know that the mouse would have fled. For a perpetrator he searched, slit-wide eyes searching for an assailant. There was no creature, though- only a splotch on his shoulder, and a fleeing gull, its squawking shrill in the sky. This always happened- he couldn't count how many times a bird had relieved itself right atop him, resulting in embarrassment.

Today would not be different, then.

/ tl;dr idiot get shitted on by bird

"Oh... Haku... is- is that?" Big Guy is not unfamiliar with bird droppings, you could find them all over the barn. Never had he been unfortunate enough however to have a bird drop one on him. Right to the river he would go, and the tom before him should likely do the same! Using your tongue wouldn't be... pleasant after all.

Big Guy was all for joking and teasing light-heartedly, but he could tell this was a situation Haku didn't need to be embarrassed further for. "We should get ya to the water yeah? Get this cleaned up quick, then we can both get back to huntin'." He tries, pointing his nose in the direction of a nearby water source.

Char stalks by, a mouse of his own hanging from his jaws. Dull moss-colored eyes happen to catch the event; they glaze with a shine made of half-pity, half-amusement. Poor Haku. Char can't say he'd ever been defecated on before, though perhaps he has and just can't recall. Would one recall something like that?

"Water, for sure," he agrees with Big Guy. "No worries. Once you get cleaned up you can try again. No one'll ever know, 'less you tell 'em." He glances at Big Guy for confirmation of this.

The sound of yelling coming from behind him, the distressed yowl of a clan mate, makes Rain spin around as fast as he could, eyes wide in panic, fur along his spine standing straight up. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He asks frantically as he breaks through the underbrush to rejoin the hunting group. Had the marsh cats finally attacked? He looks around wildly, searching for the possible cause of Haku’s distress.

When his eyes land on the white splatter on the black and white toms shoulder he visibly relaxes, embarrassed that he had gotten so worked up over something so silly. He turns and licks the fur on his shoulder flat, listening to the others as they discussed how they should get the bird dropping off of their clan mate. “We could try wiping some of it off with a leaf first?” He suggests. He doubted Haku wanted to walk all the way to the river with scat clinging to his fur, drying up and getting stuck. He shudders at the thought.
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As all her groupmates were offering advice and suggestions, she was trying her utmost to hold back her laughter. Haku had just lost his prey and gotten all gross and it would be really mean of her to embarrass him even further. What she should be doing was following the example everyone else was setting and helping him out.

In her defense; it was really funny.

"Pffffft, Ember breathed, as the dam inevitably burst. Her laughter cut through the air, loud and boisterous. She nearly fell over from the force of it. This was terrible of her. If she wasn't so amused, she would feel terrible right now. It took an uncomfortably long time for her laughter to begin to fade. "I'm sorry." She wheezed through her dying giggles, trying to suppress them.. "I'm, pffft, so sorry."

He felt bitter toward their obvious pity, even if he knew he shouldn't. "Yep." It was a simple response given to Big Guy, but he had anticipated it. This was not the first time, and would not be the last- he found it almost funny how desensitised he was to ill fortune nowadays. "It's alright." It was clear in his response to Char that this was a slight lie. Bad luck seemed to follow him about, a part of his shadow, intent on tripping him up and slowing him down, and he could not deny that it bothered him. Still, despite his snap judgement he knew it best not to get snappy. They were all being relatively kind- Big Guy and Char resolved to keep it all relatively under wraps, while Rain seemed initially concerned but gave a kind suggestion nonetheless. A sigh loosened his shoulders, calmed him down.

That was, until Ember broke out in laughter.

The raucous sound folded his ears back, and his nose wrinkled in a humiliated snarl. Apologies shuddered through her giggles, though- the sharpness of his cold gaze softened. There was humour in it. If it hadn't spoiled a hunt Haku would be inclined to find it such funnier, but...

"I'm used to it," a mumble accompanying a shrug, he looked about again, avoiding meeting anyone's eye. Taking Rain's suggestion on board, he moved to the undergrowth and cleaned most of it off, an irritated grumble leaving his maw. "Right. Where's the river, again...?"

He meets Char's gaze and nods in confirmation. Yes... they had been thinking the same thing! No need to humiliate Haku any further about this, they could all keep it hush-hush and forget this had ever happened. It was the least they could do really, the tom was suffering enough with uh... all that on his shoulder.

He hears Ember failing to stiffle laughter, contagious it was, as it made him let out a few chuckles. Luckily he manages to keep them pretty quiet. Once Haku inquires where the river is, he would point in its direction with his nose, "That way. When you see that fallen tree ya know you're close."


"Oh, sssstarsss!" Baguette made his way next to the crowd, a frown on his face that quickly returned to his gentle smile. "That'sss not- you shouldn't be usssed to that, Haku! Not cool!" He nodded his own head, brows crinkling in deep thought. "Thisss doessss give me an idea for a new riddle, though. I'm gonna have to.. think about thissss one." He mumbled to himself before turning his attention back. He looked in the direction that Big Guy had mentioned and nodded in agreement. He didn't forget a thing, and directions were certainly easier with visuals. Luckily, he'd stumbled upon the place a while back after a bit of a not so friendly scuffle with someone from his past. Eh. Whatever.