Jun 14, 2022
Bug couldn't help but to notice a new face around camp; a new, handsome face. Her cheeks flush whenever she's around him. Her heart skips a beat. There's butterflies in her stomach. Their names even match; Bug and Locust! They're both insects! It's just like the beginning of a perfect love story! She couldn't wait to get to know this prince charming better! Oh, she could already imagine how wonderful their love will be! It'll burn brighter than the sun, she just knows it.

Giggling, Bug watches the lynx point from afar, admiring every hair upon his pelt. He's perfect. Giddy with excitement, the chocolate calico bounces over to Locust, a wide grin plastered across her face. "Heeeey," she purrs smoothly, before not-so-smoothly tripping over her own paws and falling on her face. She's usually not this clumsy, but how could she ever focus on watching where her paws go when he is standing right in front of her? She's blinded by love, for the stars' sake!

Muffling another giggle, Bug waits patiently to see if her prince charming would help her up.