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Aug 7, 2022


Quill had always liked the sky.
Maybe it was because his own world was too loud, leaving his ears buzzing with a cacophony of bullshit that made his mind go numb- too numb, sometimes. Maybe he just couldn't stand the ugliness. Whatever it was, the sky always helped him feel calmer. The night sky, in particular, was something the grayscale raven was fond of. Something about it just put him at ease, reminding him that under that endless expanse of darkness they were all insignificant, and maybe that made him feel just a little bit better about himself. Plus, how cool would it have been to just...go there? It was probably quiet and beautiful, everything the earth wasn't. Being alone in the silence, it would have been nice.

Despite night having fallen, Quill wasn't asleep. No, he was laying in his nest with a frown set onto his lips as he found himself faced with a conundrum. He was tired, but there'd been a coolness in the air today that had told all the cats a change in the season was here. The weather would be turning soon and with it would come an unpenetrable wall of gray that would block out the sky until spring. He wouldn't have the chance to slip out of camp and stargaze for months once the cold set in, and he wanted to enjoy the stars while he could. Besides, you could see them so much better out here away from all the light in twoleg place.

With a soft huff he rolled over and got to his feet quietly, stepping out of his nest and slipping out of the apprentices den. He doubted anyone would notice and if they did he couldn't imagine them caring too much beyond the general formality of scolding him for going out alone. After all, it wasn't like he had parents or friends here to care about where he was or what he was doing. Which was honestly fine for Quill. He hated having any kind of authority forced on him, and he much preferred being able to do what he wanted, when he wanted.

And if a small part of him tried to object, bitterly insisting that it might be a nice change to have some give a shit for once, he didn't pay it any mind. The only attention he'd ever been paid was the kind he could have lived without.

As he came to the exit of camp, he didn't wait or look around to see if anyone was watching. He just left, slipping through the exit and letting his paws touch the forest floor.


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Figpaw sees all.
Not really, but kinda! She was an observant little girl, and now that she was beginning to learn how to climb trees? She often could be located in low hanging branches, watching her clan-mates go about their day, she even eavesdropped when she could! But today? What does her little eye spy? Quillpaw leaving camp! By far the least interesting thing she's witnessed arguably, but for some reason the girl gets a pull to follow him.

And so he does.

"Where ya going Quillpaw!?" The girl yowls after him, racing to catch up with her tail stuck high in the air.

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It was not rare for a night to fall only for Twitchpaw still to be wide awake; this one was no exception, typically. Green eyes observed camp, his dithering for once settled, shrouded by night's veil. In air so silent and mildly cold, it was easy to ground himself without the nerve-wracking racket of everyone everywhere and their loud, loud, loud conversations. He could almost let himself drift to sleep here, sat outside, eyes closed...

Pawsteps shuffled across forest floor, and a voice asked a question- it appeared two of his cohorts were also out in this night, the pale-flame pelt of Figpaw catching his eye and the other more difficult to decipher. Black against night's subtle star shine, it was only upon taking notice of scattered grey patches did Twitchpaw realise that the other was Quillpaw. Paws white-and-brown carried him over, wide gaze fixed fully upon the other, other, flickering to-fro between them. "What's- what are you doing?" Voice a harsh whisper, his brows furrowed. If they were going to go frolicking to the twolegplace and get smashed across the concrete by monsters, then he had to stop them- or maybe he should just keep his nose out. Whatever. He was here now.
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While he couldn't say he'd honestly been expecting company, his irritation at having been spotted sneaking out was short lived, quick to fade as he realized it wasn't a warrior coming to try and stop him, but instead Figpaw and Twitchpaw. As was typical, one seemed far more panicked over the prospect of leaving the camp than the other, but the tom offered them both the same lazy shrug of his shoulders as he walked along. "Stargazing." he offered in response, continuing to lead them farther away from camp. "The clouds will get too thick to see them once the weather turns colder.

The explanation was pretty simple, and if they'd been expecting anything more exciting then they were in for disappointment. Quill wasn't in the habit of running off to do weird or dangerous shit in the middle of the night- not the kind that would end with him dead at the side of a road somewhere."What are you guys doing out here?" he asked, mismatched eyes shifting between the pair questioningly. He knew that Twitch was almost never asleep right now, but that didn't really explain what had prompted the pair to essentially sneak out of camp with him. Did Twitch even realize he was breaking the rules right now? If he did, Quill was surprised they weren't freaking out over potentially having their warrior ceremony put off for 'aiding and abetting in kidnapping' or something as equally ridiculous.

skyclan - male - 8 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders

Oh! Twitchpaw was up too! She never took him as the type to go on a late-night adventure- oh, he was just doing the same Figpaw had been doing. She gives him a toothy grin and turns to Quillpaw, "Stargazing? Cant'cha do that at camp?" She questions, the branches could get in the way sure... but out here in the forest was going to make that task more difficult. Perhaps he desired solitude, peace and quiet, a concept the young girl did not understand.

What are you guys doing out here? Well wasn't that obvious? A high-pitched giggle erupts from her maw, "Following you of course! Seein' as you just up and left camp in the night." Admittedly she had hoped to stumble upon Quillpaw doing some super secret ritual, not something boring like stargazing...

Stargazing- oh, how totally obvious! Because Quillpaw absolutely seemed the type to stargaze- well, at least it wasn't something reckless like riling up a dog or playing chicken on the Thunderpath. And the patchy tom's question was on pointed toward both of them, meaning- Figpaw had probably wandered out with the same intent. Oh, how brilliant- just wonderful! His mentor's daughter, out here in the cold air, uninvited and untold to go home- if something were to happen to her, Daisyflight would probably fire him or whatever a mentor did to an apprentice they didn't want anymore. Disown? Exile? Whatever it was called-

Hesitation twitched an eyelid. "Have you nnn-never looked at the stars before?" His head jolted to the side with his stutter. What was the point of stargazing? If you'd seen them once, surely you'd seen them enough? They were unlike clouds, ever changing in shape- unlike gazing over territory, colours perpetually shifting. The stars were ever-stationary.

"I'm- making sure you're not doing anything dumb," he confirmed, frown upon his face. Quillpaw was still... enigmatic, and he knew not how prone to troublemaking he was. And Figpaw- Figpaw, well, he couldn't just leave her out here. Daisyflight would find out if he had done that, she would somehow, and then he'd really be knee deep. Preventative measure, it was- all of this.
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"Yeah, but it's better view down at the river." he informed them as he made his way along. There were less trees there to obscure the view, and the white noise of the river flowing in the background always helped to clear his head- as long as he was a respectable distance away from it. A simple, "Oh." of acknowledgement was all he offered in response to her explanation for being up and following him.

Twitchpaws question would allow for a shrug of broad shoulders as the tall tomcat walked along. "Yeah, but in twoleg place I could never see them that well for some reason. It's a lot better out here, like the sky is clearer and darker or something." he explained, figuring that cats like Figpaw and Twitchpaw had probably only ever known the stars to be bright and visible. To them, the night sky was probably as common and background to them as individual leaves on a tree or blades of grass on the ground, things not inspected individually but rather en-mass.

At the patchy toms next words, Quill would allow for a subtle smirk to pull at the corner of his lips as he muttered, "Well, the nights still young, so.."

To be honest, he hald half a mind to toy with the other apprentice. Twitches oddness didn't bother him, and at times he could even find amusement in the way the paranoid cat reacted to things. If Quill had been a sronger swimmer, he might have even contemplated jumping in the river just to watch the other lose their shit for a minute before realizing he could swim. Alas, Quill *couldn't* swim, and was extremely uncomfortable around water thanks to his dad, so if he did decide to freak the other out at some point it would have to be some other way.

"Do clan cats not stargaze? You guys are so obsessed with the Starclan thing I thought for sure you would."

Then again, he'd thought Twitchpaw had been to twoleg place before simply for being a Skyclan cat, which had also turned out to be wrong, so what the fuck did he know?

skyclan - male - 8 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders