It's nearing sun-high as the cinnamon feline picks their way through the pine forest. Their gait holds none of it's typical peppiness, pawsteps as heavy as their heart. Medicine cat of RiverClan. What a cruel joke. Didn't the starry cats see that they aren't laughing?

The scarred tom had awoken with a new name and a new destiny. Beesong, medicine cat of RiverClan. Maybe he would've liked his new name if it did not signal his world turning upside down. He'd departed the glowing cavern with a rushed explanation to Cicada, telling the smoke tortie that he must tell his clanmates. No, former clanmates. The thought crushes him. He wouldn't leave them without an explanation.

Beesong trudges through the camp's entrance. Curious eyes would turn towards him. They would no doubt be wondering where he'd been, his fur a mess and his eyes bloodshot. Before they could bombard him with questions, Beesong rasps, "I spoke with StarClan — the... the starry ghosts." His tail twitches in an agitated manner, his claws sheathing and unsheathing. "I'm RiverClan's medicine cat now. They told me so." His gaze pleads with them to believe that he did not want this. He's not a traitor.
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He'd not noticed Honeybee's absence until dawn, and his worried mind wouldn't let him sleep. He can't explain the dull feeling in his chest, the restlessness that grope at his paws, but he knows something bad is gathering on the horizon like a furious storm.

When Honeybee finally returns, Blaise looks at him with an expression of mild shock. The scarred tabby's messy fur, the stark expression in his eyes, and the words he utters lifelessly to his Clanmates: "I spoke with StarClan - the starry ghosts."

Blaise pads closer, interest sparking in his blue gaze. "You did? You saw them again?"

But Honeybee goes on. "I'm RiverClan's medicine cat now. They told me so."

Blaise stares, confused. The starry ghosts--are they really StarClan, a clan just like they are, composed only of those who have died? "What do you mean, they told you? Why would they do that?" His tone isn't malicious or angry. He's genuinely muddled over Honeybee's revelation. "Why RiverClan? Why would they want you to go... there?" He thinks of the tall curly-furred tom who leads the Clan. Formerly of Briar's group. The cat who killed Rain.

Beesong stares helplessly as Blaise questions him on StarClan's intentions. Even he did not know, but... He couldn't ignore his own destiny. But how could he ever explain this to his clanmates- former clanmates- in a way that would make them understand when he doesn't understand himself? "I kept having these dreams, every night. Of the river, and cicadas. Then, last night, I felt this pull towards this cave. When I got there, I fell asleep, and... Rain named me medicine cat of RiverClan. Beesong." The name is foreign on his tongue. It isn't him. "And... Cicada, he was there too — like we'd both been drawn together for a reason." The puzzle pieces have fallen into place, and Beesong knows now that this has been gathering on the horizon for days now.

"I don't know why they want me, but..." His shoulders sag, his eyes heavy. "I can't go against them." Surely Blaise must understand this? Beesong fears that if he does defy them, the consequences would be high. He doesn't want to risk that, not for himself and especially not for SkyClan.

"I've come to say goodbye," Beesong sighs. They wished there was an easier way, but even they do not have the energy to try and lift everyone's spirits in this moment. "I'll try to visit as often as I can." If Cicadastar would allow it.

No. Beesong would visit, no matter what Cicadastar thinks of it. Their jaw sets in determination. They'll always be loyal to SkyClan, no matter where the stars take them.
( ) Honeybee is leaving.

No— Beesong he says. It's a stupid name.

He doesn't know what to think when he says all these things. That higher beings have told him to leave, they're a medicine cat now— another foolish title. Fitting of them in that regard, he supposes. "That's..." he trips over his speech, words seem to escape him at this moment. He levels him with a glare, a pout heavy on his lips. "That's... that's what you get for sleeping with bugs, now one of them is dragging you away." Cicada, no one with such a name could be good news.

He leans closer to them, lips creased in a heavy frown before they'd flit into something straight-faced. "His mistake, I guess, you're going to kill everybody." he comments, tone stating something like fact. "If you strike first, you can still make it out alive. Meet him, and—" suddenly, he lashes out with his paws in demonstration, attempting to assault beesong with a series of light baps to the head. "You— you have a chance."


Sun scorched her gaze for a moment as the queen took in two figures meeting at the entrance of camp. Glazed in gold, she just about deciphered the shapes of Honeybee and Blaise talking... dejectedly? The sparking sound of syllables finally registered in her pricked ears- "Starclan." A frown immediately marred her slate-painted brows, mouth pursed with disapproval. Those star-soaked hallucinations were getting a name now? Paranoia purged her collected calm and Daisy Flight found herself stepping forward. The memories, misted with blood, lashed with mourning- it all sharpened her breath.

"I'm RiverClan's medicine cat now." Bafflement halted her paces away and she sat down dumbly. A honeyed tail swept across unsheathed claws, its feathery length rapped a soothing rhythm along her forepaws' frosty tips. Blaise seemed to believe this out-of-the-blue manifestation and that deepened her concern. A cave, Beesong, come to say goodbye? The molly felt as though her mind had been simmered like a summer corpse in her skull.

"You-" Her plaintive questioning was cut off by Valentine's ridiculous endorsements of murder and Daisy Flight felt her jaw slacken in shock. She clamped it shut with a bewildered snap and began berating the mahogany buffoon, "Would you get off the poor guy- he's..." Wide, watery fern eyes that shed only a desperate confusion locked back onto Honeybee. "You're leaving? Because they told you too?" The stars in the sky. She didn't understand.