FADE AWAY // warrior assessments


For many nights WindClan had been on the moors now. It was time for things to start getting serious.
She needed to ensure the cats who claimed they deserved to be her warriors truly were worthy of such a title. On this very morning, she decides to assess them.

"WindClan!" The small she-cats voice rings across their small makeshift camp, demanding her clan's attention. "All of those believing themselves worthy to be a warrior of mine, step forward! Today, you will prove your worth... I will assign you a task, complete it and you will bestow the title of WindClan warrior. Fail...? Well... you'll stay in lower ranks with the children." She looks down from her slope, expecting to see many step forward.

//this is not REQUIRED, but it will be canon that any warrior who joins before Wind gets to their official camp will have had to show they were deserving and capable of being a warrior. Your character can pass or fail at your own discretion. Let me know specifically if you want them to fail though, I may give you more "unique" ic tasks


When the dark furred she cat makes her announcement, Heavy Snow is sitting in one corner of their new home, limbs sprawled out in front of him and multi-colored eyes half open as he stares out into the distance, watching the going ons of the camp while his large fluffy tail flicks lazily behind him. When Sootstar calls out, however, he slowly pushes himself to his paws, licking one and drawing it over his ears before considering the she cat with a guarded look.

A task? For a moment, he wonders what it could possibly be. He does know though that he and Sunshines family had not had the most warm welcome. Sometimes, he still caught the looks Sootstar gave them, sometimes openly and sometimes out of the corner of his eyes just barely within his peripheral vision. Perhaps she would be more inclined to keep them around if he could prove himself a valuable asset.

The large tom steps forward, holding back a yawn. He didn’t want to look lazy, after all. He meets Sootstars green eyes with his own, cautious and gaurded and refusing to look away. “Go ahead and give me a task then boss, I’ll do whatever’s asked of me” and it was true. If this is truly what Sunshine
and her family wanted, he would follow whoever, do whatever, so that they could stay. Besides, he was starting to like it here, though he would only admit it with some reluctance he was even growing to respect the dark furred leader. She was nothing if not strong.


A sly smirk settles on her features, the white tom who had arrived with the new family among WindClan. He was a quieter one out of the group, perhaps that was why she liked him the best. He was most certainly strong... Soot doesn't doubt he'd accomplish most tasks she'd throw his way. So how about a bit of a challenge for someone of his stature is likely prone to?

"Anyone with eyes can see that you are a strong, white cat... but are you swift enough to call yourself a warrior of these hills?" As if she had pre-planned this occasion, she kicks a rock and sends it tumbling down the slope, at Heavy Snow's paws it stops rolling. It was a heavier stone (for a cat) and lost its momentum swiftly.

"Let us test your strength and speed. I want you to carry that rock to the horseplace and back... It's dawn now so... hmm... arrive back at camp when the sun is halfway to its peak in the sky. If you succeed I welcome you as a full warrior of WindClan." A difficult task, she believed anyways... Sootstar wasn't even confident enough in her own self to do it. But someone like Heavy Snow? Perhaps...

Jenko is returning from one of his solo 'practice sessions' when Sootstar calls out. Large ears perk atop his head, a tilt of his head accompanying. She's testing their worth by assigning tasks, as she calls them. But Jenko only hears it as an assessment. He knows that he is not skilled like Sootstar's warriors, painfully aware of it, even. It eats at him to know that he ranks lower than a newborn kitten, looked down upon as less than by most around him.

It's with this frustration that Jenko steps forward, leveling Sootstar with a determined stare. He doesn't say anything, doesn't think that he needs to. She should know what he's here for.

[ MAKE HIM FAIL!!! >:) ]


And for Jenko she laughs, a kittypet who thought he was capable of such an honor? She'd put him in his place, stifle out this silly little flame right here and now.

"Ah, Jenko... you silly kittypet. You really think you have what it takes?" She sneers, tilting her nose higher into the air. "When the stars begin to shine, you and I will hunt. Catch more prey than I and I'll name you a warrior of WindClan." It was impossible. Not only was she using her impressive hunting abilities against him, but the skills she utilized while in the marshes too. Night hunting.

"If you feel like your task is too difficult, you can give up now and save yourself the humility." She gives the tom a dismissive tail-flick. Next.




To earn himself the right to be called a true Windclan warrior was what Dusk had set about to do from day one, and now it seemed like Sootstar was finally giving him the chance. He wasn't sure yet if he belonged there, wasn't sure if he had what it took to truly be one of her cats, whatever that mant, but he knew that he wanted to try. The few weeks he'd spent on the moors with this group had done more for him that months alone wandering towlegplace on his own, and whatever it was the dark shecat had in mind for him, he was willing to step up and meet it head on if the prize was being able to remain here. "I'd like a task, Sootstar."

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Ember does not need to prove her worth to anyone, let alone this stuck-up molly who calls herself a leader. She rolls her eyes as Sootstar dooms a former kittypet with a task he could never complete. Setting him up for failure... While Ember could never understand how a cat could spend their lives listening to some twoleg, she holds no ill will against kittypets. Sure, she might think they're dumb as rocks, but they're usually nice enough.

Still, there's a challenge waiting in Sootstar's call, and Ember could never ignore a challenge. The flame-kissed molly strides over to Sootstar, her tail and chin held high. She gives a friendly bump to Heavy Snow's shoulder, shooting him a grin, before she regards Sootstar with a snort. "Whatcha got for me, then, princess?" She knows whatever Sootstar throws at her, she would win.
When Sootstar calls, Hare obeys. He does not wish to provoke the ire of the fiery leader again, so whatever task she has in mind for him, he would try to complete it the best he can. Sidling over next to the growing crowd, Hare dips his head to the blue smoke. "Ah'll do my best, ma'am." His teeth worry with his lip, praying to the stars that he isn't doomed to fail his task from the start.

Quick to join them, could it really be a surprise that Mallow was smiling? Wide eyes settled slate statuesque upon the small she-cat as he moved in, inky paw-steps stark upon the pale grass. Assessments... sure, it was a job to do, and he liked to do stuff! Certainty surged within him that he would be able to make whatever task unleashed upon him entertaining in some way.

Taking an unceremonious seat, Mallow's half-tail moved to curl itself around his paws, but could not make it all the way. The large tom barely noticed, attention fixated on Sootstar. "Me, me!" Craning his neck, he was sure she would not miss him.

Public humiliation. Wonderful. What an smart choice she had made in joining this stupid clan, and what great benefits she was reaping from it. Truly, the day they had moved onto her moors was the greatest of her life.

It was all she could do to stop those words from spilling from her mouth.

Kestral couldn't, however, keep the sarcasm out of her voice as she asked, "And what task do you have for me, oh beloved leader?" while stepping forth to accept her task. She tried to hide the worries within her chest. As long as she was given something reasonable, she assured herself, she would be fine. Well, as long as it wasn't sparring. Unfortunately that did little to assuage her fears, as she had no faith Sootstar would be so kind as to grace her with a task that would even be seen within miles of reason.

//i want kestrel to fail this bc im evil
Sootstar laughs in his face.

Jenko's ears flatten, his lips pursing. It hurts more than he'd ever admit, a wildfire blazing beneath blue fur. But he wouldn't, couldn't, show that weakness to her. "Yes," he answers her, and it takes everything in him not to look away from her scornful stare. It burns his skin, withers away his resolve, but he holds it still. He'd prove her wrong someday.

Today will not be that day.

Catch more prey than her under the cover of night? It's impossible for him. He couldn't even catch an idle mossball correctly. He huffs, his tail lashing. What a wicked bastard she is. Setting him up for failure, giddy at the idea of watching him humiliate himself. Oh, but he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of backing down. His spine crawls underneath her stare, but he raises his chin in a subtle show of defiance. "I'm not scared," he says flatly, a bold-faced lie."I accept."
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"Dusk, Ember, you two are strong cats right?" She looks to both of them. Well hopefully she did, because she had a challenge up her sleeve for the both of them! "You two will have your warrior assessment together. Warriors need to work as a team after all... if one fails you all fail." Harsh, but it was the true reality of clan-living. "You are to go out and hunt a turkey. I've seen some out in the moors early in the morning, pecking at the grass for insects. You may pick one warrior each to hunt with you. If your hunting patrol comes back with one of those big birds, you're a warrior of WindClan."

Admittedly, she didn't care if they thought the task was fair. Sootstar was the leader, and that was the task she placed at their paws. They'd figure it out. "Hare, you're used to plentiful eating at the barn right? I hear there is an awful lot of mice..." She licks her lips, "You are to only eat what is left for you in the fresh-kill pile at night for the next two days. It may be scrapped, it may be a measly shrew, who knows. A warrior must know what it's like to starve for their clan. If you don't change your mind about clan life in the next two sunrises, you're a warrior."

Ahh... Mallow. Manage to not be weird for the next five sunrises and I'll make you a warrior. She manages to blurt, certain that it'd be an impossible task for him. "Mallow, twolegs have littered their scum on our side of the river. Kick all of it off into the water and get it out of here... Some of it will be absolutely vile, but a warrior needs to be able to push their wants aside and do things they don't want to for their clan." Mallow was strange, she wouldn't doubt if he could handle her task with no issue.

"Kestrel, a tall tree towers just south of camp. Climb it at least over halfway." That's what you get for talking to me with sarcasm. They'd see soon if she could pull it off...