camp fate has been cruel (watching butterflies)

Any SkyClanner with eyes and half a brain would have been able to notice that Butterflypaw was visibly shaken after returning from the journey through Twolegplace. To see a cat she trusted with all her soul be crushed by a hulking monster that nobody could stop? It would traumatize any child. He's alive, though. Blazestar is okay, but now the tortoiseshell can see just how dangerous of a world she lives in. She sits huddled outside of the apprentice's den, ears pulled back and tail wrapped tightly around her. She's off for the afternoon - her mentor said he had some things he had to take care of. Probably super important leader stuff, She assumes, reminded once more about how unimpressive she is compared to her incredible teacher. The cat who rose from the dead.

With a frown pulled tightly on her lips, her gaze remains on the ground. However, colorful movement in the corner of her vision gathers her attention. She peeks up, surprised to see a trio of pink butterflies fluttering into view, dancing around a small patch of flowers near her paws. She watches them for several moments, not even realizing that a smile now sits on her muzzle. So delicate, so pretty! Yes, the world is dangerous. It's terrifying. But the colorful creatures fluttering all about her remind her just how beautiful it is too. If such fragile insects can live and be happy here, she can too, right? A small laugh escapes her, and with a playful flick of her tail she gently waves a paw through the air as if she were trying to swipe at one, although her movement is far too slow to actually hurt them.

Figpaw hasn't spent much time with Butterflypaw since they were both in the nursery together. Which was... about a moon ago? Not a long time for most, but for the marmalade tabby girl that was a whole quarter of her life! With them both being apprentices now too, it didn't really open up much for free time. Tallulahwing often worked her to the born, from dawn to dusk, and by the time they returned to camp Figpaw was as tired as a dog.

Shocking though, right? For one who seemed to have boundless energy!

But today, Tallulahwing is busy with a different task. A bored Figpaw (who was likely supposed to be doing chores) laid lazily on her back, casually watching her sibling bat at butterflies. All Figpaw could think about was how pretty their wings would look by her nest, or in her fur, something the girl struggles with was regarding insects as another form of life.

She can't help but give into temptation, and her hunter instincts begin to sound off from within.
Getting onto her increasingly lanky legs, she heads over to the scene and with a wiggle of her rear, aims to pounce at one of the butterflies. This particular one was blue in color, and now it laid pressed gently against the ground, it was still living... but likely seconds from Figpaw tearing its pretty wings off.
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Sharpeye watched the scene from where he was sat in the shade with the remains of a mouse by his paws. The tom was between tasks at that moment and had been savouring the lull in the day, much to the relief of his aching muscles. Maybe he had been pushing himself far too hard again. Oh well. Though he wouldn't deny that the sight of apprentices bouncing around after butterflies wasn't tempting him to join in the fun. Though what would the other warriors say if they caught him acting like a kit?

Before he could return to the remains of his meal he found himself being harassed by something fluttering about his ears. It was a butterfly with exquisite eye patterns on its large orange and black wings. It had him caught in an awed trance, but as it began to distance itself from him he found himself lulled into following it. As it flew higher he made an attempt to leap for it, but it was faster than his swipes and it left him behind on the ground. "Damn..."

Butterflypaw is too caught up in the lovely sight to notice her little sister approaching. It isn't until one of the butterflies lies pinned beneath Figpaw's toes that the apprentice bristles in surprise, wide eyes meeting the other's in alarm. "No!" She complains, hurrying to stand worriedly at the marmalade she-cat's shoulder. She wouldn't push her, but she does beg with her pleading gaze for her sister to get off of the insect. "I was just playing with them! Don't kill it!" She truly is a pathetic excuse of a wild cat, unable to watch a flimsy bug be killed.

Lucky things, how long did they live for- like, a day? With nothing to worry about, set to frolic the skies all day. They thought not of borders and war and death, they only sat licking flowers and flittering about and- well, getting caught. The heard the rising whinge of Butterflypaw's worry, his frantic gaze snapped to sett upon the murderous sight- Figpaw having leapt upon one of the butterflies. Rising to snow and mahogany paws, Twitchpaw spared Sharpeye a glance and an "Alright, dude?" before jumping over his tail and making his way over to his sisterly peers.

"C'mon Figpaw, just- you don't have to kill it right in front of her," he urged, exasperation fraying his tone. Really- did she not know how sensitive her own sister was? She couldn't even stand to look at the fresh-kill pile half the time, how was she supposed to be alright with something so tiny being crushed by eager paws right in front of her? Figpaw could always have her way with it when it died in five hours from natural causes. Preferably out of Butterflypaw's sight.
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Figpaw by now probably shouldn't be shocked by Butterflypaw's empathy, but she is.
Her older sisters pleading expression and words is enough for the red tabby to immediately remove her paw from the insect. It's stunned and doesn't move for several seconds, but soon with a few flaps of its wings, its flying again.

Figpaw doesn't get it, "It's just a butterfly." she shrugs to Twitchpaw and her sister.