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Oct 9, 2022
( ) with most of their clanmates asleep, quailpaw found herself more relaxed than she had been in the previous days. while she was grateful for a second chance, she couldn't help but wonder what their life would be like if they'd stayed at the barn. with too much happening in this place, would it have been just as perilous for them to have stayed? what could have truly happened? with everything with her father, and the reasons apple had laid out, she supposed leaving had been for the better.

quiet sounds of crickets would redirect her, turning her gaze away from the stars, and instead to the form of apple laying beside her. "do you ever wish we'd stayed back home?" voice barely above a whisper, she momentarily would glance to the ground, afraid of how the girl would answer. evenings such as this were what she'd determined as a "safe time" to discuss her true feelings. surely if the clan were aware they wouldn't be pleased with her staying with them? attempting to press her head against apple's side, she could only hope that she had a fair reaction to her question.

// @applepaw

Apple's lost in thought, quiet, rigid, a statue as she stares to the stars. The glimmer in her eyes is undeterminable, could be anger, loathing, she could even be happy - but whose to kid, Apple feels the most at peace when shes besides Quail. Quail has been her best friend for as long as she could remember, spanning back in to her kithood, they've been inseparable, its why she brought her here, for a better future, for a brighter future.

Unfortunately, the future seems grim with whatever the fuck they called themselves waltzing up to the border in fury, with that medicine cat quitting, with the hawk attacks and the death of Rosepaw. Its enough to make Apples face sour as Quail speaks. "No." her voice does not waver, its loud and strong, much unlike Quail's. "We deserve better, so we will make our own path." its determined, she'd claw out of the damn pits of hell if she had to. Quail presses her head against her side, warm and inviting and Apple lets go of the tension she holds in her body. "It'll be fine, it always is. We have each other, okay?" a rare genuine moment from the girl as she breaks her gaze from the stars and looks down to the woman pressed against her.
( ) allowing herself to sink into the warmth of her best friend, she would exhale, turning to look up at the woman as she spoke. she was definitely the leader in their relationship. how she was able to keep such a level head and show her the way was beyond her knowledge. she didn’t know how she was able to do it. i’m lucky we met. i don’t know what i would do without her.

the girl wouldn’t flinch at the loud tone of her friend, merely instead nodding in response. she was unsure of how to respond, but knew that deep down, applepaw was right. "i know." pausing, the calico would halt, trying to find the right words. "always." with any luck, applepaw would know what to say. even just laying here with her was more than she could ask for. beyond this? quail would be more than pleased to sit and allow apple the chance to say whatever was on her mind, only listening in response. just being around the other was comforting in itself.

a soft smile would creep upon her lips, wondering what life would be like should they have never met. would she be living alone in the barn? would she have still joined a clan? what did apple think? "do you remember when we first met?/COLOR]" her soft tone would break the silence, returning to her original position pressed against the warm body of the woman.