private FIELD OF FLOWERS // Sunshine

Jul 27, 2022

So many new members had joined them lately and Damask Rose barely knew anyone of them!. It might be true that he found most of them intimating and scary..but he too wanted to do his part to make them feel welcomed here on the moors. In compare to some of his other clanmates here he actually whole heartedly thought they would become great windclanners!. Didn't matter what Sootstar or anyone else who was in agreement said. Everyone deserved a chance to prove themself without getting judged first. That was was his honest opinion, one he keept to himself though. Damask Rose was a bit timid to approach new cats though especially when not Leech was beside him but today he would really try to do this on his own. The best thing that could happen was for him to not cry himself to sleep tonight. Yes...he needed to stay positive!. Not crying was a good thing after all.

Who he decided to approach was one of the new cats who actually not looked all that scary to approach. From what he had seen of her this far she even seemed like a very nice cat. Brightful and friendly, exactly the sort of cat he wished he could become one day. After having build up enough courage to approach, the cinnamon took that brave step forward. " Uhm, excuse me ma'am, i was..wondering if...well, i was gonna pick some flowers and..uhm." he ended up stumbling over his own words as he grow nervous growing cold feet here. That was not good. " Do flowers?." he at least finished with something which wasn't all to bad now, was it?. Feeling nervous over her answer would stare down at the calico's paws, a light blush heating itself up on his cheeks in embarassment. Maybe he would cry himself to sleep tonight after all...