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Jul 27, 2022

Ah- what an honour, to be trusted with this task by someone like Howling Wind! Senior yet junior to him, wise and leaderly, she knew what she was doing; and it was a joy to be commanded by her, to feel his purpose among the rest of the Thunderclanners. And to not only be set upon tasks but to partake and run them, the leader. And thus on their walk his head was held high, legs stretched long. And to have their medic alongside them, on her own tasks! He knew not her standing with SkyClan- barely knew her standing with the camp itself- but oh, how wonderful it was. He felt as happy as if he had been filled with the light of the sun, spilling from his eyes in heavenly tears of joy.

"How beautiful," he breathed, words light upon his grateful tongue and his smile a sweetened curve across his rounded maw. "And fascinating that the trees can be so different, yet so close... diverse like the Clans themselves, no?" Perhaps it was winding and ridiculous poetry, but it made sense to the senior warrior. How grateful he was that StarClan had guided him here, chosen him for his destiny here. What better place to receive signs upon and about!

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Tallulahwing has no real opinions on the Clans that border their own. She imagines they live their lives just as she lives her's, with the exception of where she makes her night-time nest. There's no animosity in her when she scents the older tawny ThunderClan warrior and the cats who follow him.

She turns to nod to @FIGPAW, the little ginger bundle of lightning who pads at her side. She smiles and calls, "Why, if it ain't our darlin' neighbors!" Her voice is thick with giggles, but when she turns to look back at Figpaw, her eyes are steely and her tone soft, serious. "ThunderClan. We're allies, sure enough, though we are still different Clans. It's okay to make friends, Little Miss, but remember where your loyalties lie."

She lifts her head, the ribbon at her neck jostled before lying softly against her well-groomed torbie pelt. "It's mighty strange how we live so close but got different trees, ain't it? I wouldn't trade our pines for the world, and I'll bet y'all feel the same 'bout your oaks." She purrs. The undergrowth ThunderClan picks themselves around would drive her insane, she thinks; she'd hate to have her ribbon snagged by brambles. "Well met. I'm Tallulahwing, and this is my apprentice, Figpaw." She flicks her tail tip against her apprentice.



Quills time with Skyclan hardly amounted up to more than a few measly weeks, but he was getting used to it. While he hadn't been too fond of the impromptu adventure Blazestar had pulled him into after first joining, he had to admit that things had been pretty calm since then, pretty normal. It was nice. While he still stood apart from the others as a shadow peering into their glass house, it was fine enough to just be there for now. The rest would come in time, or maybe it wouldn't. Either way he was out of that hellhole he'd called 'home', and that was more than enough for him.

As part of Tallulahwings patrol, Quillpaw was among the cats as the Thunderclanners came into view on the other side of the scent markers. Vague curiosity manifested within mismatched eyes as he regarded them in silence, expression otherwise unreadable. He'd known that Skyclan wasn't the only clan out here but he'd never actually crossed paths with any of the others despite sharing a border with two of them. Still, as far as first impressions went he wasn't immediately given any sinister tones. They seemed like normal cats just like the Skyclanners, and as plesantries were exchanged he found himself regarding them with eventual indifference. They were neither friend nor foe to him, which meant the effort they'd be getting from him would probably be minimal.

skyclan - male - 6 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders
𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

Bringing up the rear of the patrol would be Deersong and her own apprentice, Snowpaw. The warrior had been calmly explaining where the scent markers were when the scent of Thunderclan touched her nose and Tallullahwing greeted a patrol in her cheery manner.

A smile of encouragement would grace her features as she walked to stand beside the warrior, be oceanic gaze settling on Quillpaw for a moment just to make sure he was close by as she waved her tail for the apprentices to step forward. "What it is, friends?" Her strange dialect rolled off her tongue in a coo that was familiar to her clanmates but she was sure would sound beyond foreign to the oak forest dwellers. She would brush her half-tail against both Snowpaw and Quillpaw as she spoke, "I'm Deersong, lead warrior, and this is my apprentice Snowpaw and Quillpaw."

Bouncing off the friendly topic that Tallullahwing had chosen, Deersong would nod in her airy way before tilting her head and purring, "Right on, Tallullahwing. But I'm sure the oaks' are stellar to look when the colors change."



On her first outing with Tallulahwing, they in fact had not encountered any RiverClan warriors... Though as her mentor pointed out, it appeared this outing would be different- only these were ThunderClan cats instead. A glimmer of excitement appears in her eyes and she picks up her pace, all while remaining closely behind her mentor. Figpaw had learned swiftly what got her scoldings.

Allies, it made sense... otherwise Blazestar wouldn't have a girlfriend from ThunderClan would he? She nods, understanding what Tallulahwing meant, "Okay, but I'm pretty sure Blazestar is more than friends with one of them. If you know what I mean..." She lets out a childish giggle and covers her mouth momentarily with a paw.

Eventually her paws are at the ThunderClan border, still standing close beside her teacher. She looks at the ThunderClan cats, eyes wide with curiosity. She recalls their smell from Little Wolf's shoulder. One of them had a scar smack in the middle of their face and a lopsided ear, it makes her feel up her own ear... cringing. Wasn't that uncomfortable? Figpaw felt it had to be, "Why does your ear not stand?" The girl inquires curiously.
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Kindleheart follows behind Trufflepelt, steps carefully taken as olive eyes take in the sight.

He'd known the trees change from oak to pine further down the forest, sure, but he'd never been this close to them. How odd, the change in trees.

Their patrol is interrupted by that of those who live within the pine forest - SkyClan. He listens to their words, to their wonder towards ThunderClan's oak trees - one shared by Kindleheart's wonder towards SkyClan's pine trees.

"Oh yes, the leaves are a sight to see, in leaf-fall. Perhaps you'll be able to get a peek of them, from the border?" he says, looking back towards ThunderClan's territory as if to double-check the view the SkyClanners would have. He almost felt sad - SkyClan's trees wouldn't ever change colors, not in the way ThunderClan's did.
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"Hola, amigos!" its Churro's signature call that breaks through the pleasantries, her body emerging from the trees with her little apprentice in tow. "We havin' a party?" she purrs as she prances, eyes flitting back and forth between her clanmates, her apprentice and Thunderclan. Ah, the change between pine trees and oak trees- such a beautiful sight! Vaguely she thinks to herself if there is a forest out there with the birch tree that was a couple dens down from hers.

"Oh, right! I'm Churrodream, this is my apprentice Greenpaw!" she follows suite after the rest with pride in her voice. "Ay, thats Thunderclan," she bends her head down to whisper to Greenpaw with a large grin. "It's where Blazestar's mate lives! They're really friendly." she nods.

"Oh, that would be great! Next time we see you guys, bring a couple of orange leaves for me, yea?" a purred out light-hearted joke was puffed from her lips as Kindleheart's quip. Secretly she hoped they would, because then she could bring them back to her twolegs and even gift some to Flan, Red and Greenpaw. Idly she wonders if her list of people was growing too long.


"Hello, friends! My name is Trufflepelt." A bright greeting skipped songlike from his maw, gilded eyes bright with sunlight sweetness. What an array SkyClan held in their ranks; how wonderful that the blessings of StarClan should find those so different. One ribbon-clad, raven-ash, one mocha-snow, one pale flame, yet another ivory-freckled- he regarded them all with tangible fondness, gratefulness detectable aswim in his eyes. He nodded enthusiastically, in answer to the agreement of the wondrous nature of their trees. Brilliant, that they should find in their territory the same fascinations as he.

The question from the little one- Figpaw, named by Tallulahwing, what funny names- brought a soft chuckle from a tusk-toothed maw. "It has been this way for a long time. One day it just... went like this!" A laugh tagged his tone. Churrodream's jest did not register as such to Trufflepelt, who bowed his head in a self-made promise. "By the stars that have lead me here, I shall! Many gifts will be presented your way upon my most inevitable return," chimed sincerely, a honeyed grin shone upon his rounded muzzle. Kind friends, they deserved bounties, even if outwardly trivial!

Bright eyes cast their gaze across the border, excitement coursing through the young apprentice.

A ThunderClan patrol! How neat! And the border between the two clans? The border between pine trees and oak trees? That was pretty cool too!

Cloud-hued paws follow Churrodream's steps closer to the border, red ears listening intently as his mentor explains just who ThunderClan is. Blazestar's mate's friends. Of course! She seemed nice, when Greenpaw met her, so her friends must be nice too, right?

They speak about leaves, about how they change color, and Greenpaw's tail thumps against the ground at their words. How pretty of a home they must have!

The floppy-eared one - Trufflepelt - says he'll come back with gifts: colored leaves, as Churrodream requests. The red and white tom looks up at him with wide green eyes.

"Oh! We can get you a gift too!" he tells him, before looking up at Churrodream for confirmation that they could do such a thing, "Can we?" If ThunderClan was going to give them leaves, perhaps they would like pine cones? Or, maybe pine needles instead? That seemed like a fair trade to him!
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