Aug 6, 2022
would you do anything for me?
Loud, rude, and always trying to tell everyone else what to do, a little grey furball had begun to get on Ravenkit's nerves. If she had her way, she wouldn't spend another night sleeping in the same den as him. Yet, as certain as she was that her mother would give her a den of her own if she only asked - it was what she deserved after all - she had no desire to move on his account.

Oh no, she had a far better idea. Once she was done with him, all the adults would realize what an annoyance he was. Then they'd put him in a den of his own so he couldn't bother anyone. They might even decide to keep him in their forever.

"Hello Granitekit." Ravenkit smiled and dipped her head politely, emulating all the things she had seen the grown ups do. "Want to play a game? Just you and me?" she asked innocently, leading her unsuspecting denmate right into her genius trap. He would never see it coming.
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Briarstar's children are all annoying, in Granitekit's opinion, but Ravenkit really outshines them all! The little black molly loves to act like she's grown already, like she owns the whole marsh just 'cause her mom's the leader.

Big deal. Just because Briarstar is the leader doesn't mean Ravenkit or Bramblekit or Marrowkit or any of the other kits are special! They'd have to be leaders themselves first. Legacies mean nothing to Granitekit; it's what you do that makes you special!

But the sleek dark pelt of his denmate catches his eyes, and he gives a frustrated sigh when she beckons him closer. He's in a good mood -- for now -- and she's being nice. He supposes he can indulge her for a few minutes.

Well, he intends to do that, but the words that come out of his mouth are. Not nice. "And why would I want to do that? I'd rather lick a frog's behind." With a smirk, he sticks his little pink tongue out at her and wriggles his rump to punctuate his point.​
would you do anything for me?
Ravenkit can't hide the flick of her ear that met Granitekit's response. What a nuisance. He spared no time in vindicating what she was doing. She couldn't wait until he got what was coming to him. It was going to be so sweet savoring every single second of it. Nothing would happen at all though, unless she could get him to play along. Luckily she knew just how.

"Well, if you're too scared I'll beat you..." she let her words trail off with a shrug, turning to pad away without a care in the world. More obvious, and childish, bait had never been spoken. It was the first trick every kit learned.

Ravenkit, for her part, was quite pleased with herself. There was no way a dummy like Granitekit wouldn't fall for this. She'd have him doing whatever she asked of him in mere moments. What might have seemed like a setback to anyone else was just an opportunity for her to show just how much smarter she was than him.
He watches her with amusement, the way her ear flicks and her expression strains as she tries to contain her irritation. Good. He can't be around her unless she's upset. If she's happy, he's pissed, and he'd rather she be the one who's mad.

"If you're too scared I'll beat you..."

Granitekit narrows his snake-slim eyes. "Beat me? What could you possibly ever beat me at, except being a sissy?" He lashes his thin gray tail and does a play bow. His rudeness isn't a facade -- it genuinely does get him in the mood to play kit games.

would you do anything for me?
Her tail lashed at the way Granitekit talked to her. She was the daughter of the leader, she should be addressed with respect not like this. Still, she did her best to hide her displeasure. "Well, I bet I'm sneakier than you. You couldn't get anywhere without the whole camp knowing. Ravenkit told him matter of factly, and she meant it. That was why she was going to suggest what she was.

"Yesterday, I snuck out of camp without anyone noticing." She lied smugly. "If you can do the same, I'll admit you're better than me in every way. how about it?" she knew full well that they weren't allowed out of camp on their own. Once the adults caught him, he'd be in so much trouble, and she'd just pretend that she hadn't known anything about it. In a way, she was being very sneaky. Her pride in her own trick radiated from her.