Fingers Crossed {Hyacinth}


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Jun 14, 2022

[color=#6683D]Moonshadow stared at Hyacinth from across the clearing, the whispers of their clanmates no longer able to be ignored as her belly began to swell with the life within her. Despite her cold and calm exterior, Moon was a bundle of nerves. She had not wanted things to come like this. The memory of her first litter was still painfully fresh in her mind, and a part of her had almost wanted to run away, fearing that her kits would be ripped from her this time too.

But she had to remind herself that this was not her homeland, Sootstar was not her father, surely her kits would be safe here. However, that did nothing to calm her nerves over how Hyacinthbreath would take the news. It had been a moment of weakness, after all, Moonshadow had provided comfort to her lead warrior in a time of great sorrow and in the process had allowed herself to be vulnerable for the first time since Volund.

Once she saw an opening in the conversation, Moonshadow would slowly make her way to the beautiful silver lynx and meow softly, "Hyacinth. May I have a word?"

Her belly was too difficult to hide now, and although she would never publically state who had sired her children, she knew it would not be hard for the clan to figure out. After all, the black smoke rarely spent time with anyone else these days.

Once Hyacinth agreed, Moon would lead the way out of camp. They would walk a ways, Moonshadow wanting to ensure they would be overheard by no one before she turned around and blinked slowly at the she-cat before her. "I'm pregnant. The kits are yours." Her delivery was short and to the point, for she sees no need to beat around the bush in regards to their situation. Her tail would wrap around herself as she sat and watched her friend with intense sapphire eyes, trying to take a guess of how the lead warrior was taking the news.


She'd overheard the rumors, seen the look of disgust in passerbys eyes as she did her daily chores- it was like fire ignited her spine, the stares burning through until she felt like she couldn't breathe. She didn't like being the center of attention, she never did- this was her worst nightmare coming alive, and yet she couldn't just run like she wanted to- she had responsibilities now, being a lead warrior meant that she had to carry on even during the rainiest days.

Interrupted from her dissociation by Moonshadow speaking her name, Hyacinth startles a little at the sound before she turns to look at Moonshadow. She knew what was going to be said- Moonshadow would leave and never come back, and Hyacinth would be left alone again- all because she had taken advantage of Moonshadow's kindness. She shuts her eyes, waiting for the rejection- only to open them in time for Moon to ask if they could talk.

Talk, talk, talk..

"Of course." She replies simply, blocking off the anxiety from externalizing with her usual stoic expression and cold demeanor. Then, she follows the molly, far enough away to know that she's sure it's to talk about the rumor, or just about..

"I'm pregnant. The kits are yours."

Everything goes silent, then, Hyacinthbreath's eyes widened despite the fact that she knew- had an idea. There's no way Marigoldpaw didn't know some truths, or maybe they'd heard from a few adults talking about it. Either way, she wasn't taking this too well. She wasn't angry, no- not at Moonshadow at least. Hyacinth opens her mouth to speak, only to shut it with a sharp snap as she scruntizes the ground in thought. How should she even respond?

"I'll take responsibility. I'm sorry, Moon, I- You helped me during a time of need, and I took advantage of that kindness. Now.. Now you're.." Stuck with the concequences. "I.. Will help you through this process, Moonshadow. But I- I can't.. Me, being a mother to kits? Y-You must raise them as if their sire is a secret. If this gets out, we could lose.. E-Everything, Moon." I could lose everything. The voice echoes, and she's reminded of why she's been alone for so long- she's a shit person, after all. "Whatever you need, I'll provide for you. You won't have to lift a paw, and I'll be there for your kitting too- but until they're old enough to understand and ask, they will not know who their sire is." Hypocrite.

Moonshadows' eyes would slowly half close as Hyacinthbreath rambled out a declaration of accepting responsibility and then apologizing. What was she sorry for? Moonshadow didn't feel bad about her kits, they were hers' and she already loved them. But was Hya that filled with regret from their night together that they felt the need to apologize?

Her ears would ever so slightly flatten against her skull as her lead warrior kept stammering and afterward Moon would close her eyes, take a deep breath, and then rise to her paws and fix her reserved gaze onto her friend. "There is no need to trouble yourself, Hyacinthbreath." Her plume of a tail would swish behind her as she spoke, "I was simply telling you because I believe you had a right to know. You helping me with the rumors already spreading will only damage your public image with the clan."

The black smoke would move to walk around Hya and head back to camp, the hurt that was stabbing at her chest hid expertly behind her stoic expression. "I do not expect anything from you, Hyacinth. Please do not feel like you must help me out of guilt or pity. After all," She would look over her shoulder at the silver lynx, dark sapphire glittering with unspoken emotion, "This will not be the first litter I raise alone."

With that, Moonshadow walked away back to camp. Perhaps it was time to move into the nursery.

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