camp fires his rifle in the sky-hawk aftermath

His back hurt. It was his first serious injury and it felt deep enough that he wondered if the hawk had pierced all the way through him with those vicious talons, but he grit his teeth and worked through it. The poultice on his shoulders and plastered down his spine made his fur prickle, made him want to roll around to rid himself of the itch but it was good for him and necessary. Right now all he could manage was moving back and forth and fetching things as best as he could, struggling to focus due to pain and irritation and his tail lashed behind him with every step he took in the den. He was debating finding his siblings and setting them up with the task to help go out and get some herbs since at this rate he and Honeytwist would burn through them all.
Stuff for infection, stop bleeding, moss and water to keep things clean-rinse, repeat-he moved from the den and out to the nearby ponds sporadically, found himself dragging more bedding in to make places for the cats in need of aid that far outweighted what they were accustomed to having in the den. His mentor's kits had been shooed to the apprentice den to give them more room, he knew it upset her to do so; outside of Melonpaw who he was horrified to know they didn't know how to fix. What would they do. Could they even ask for help from any of the other medicine cats?
The sepia point found himself glancing to the side of the den, keeping an eye out for his cinnamon mentor before turning to grab the poppyseeds and snap another between his teeth to keep him up, keep him moving; he knew he should rest but with everything happening all at once the mere idea of leaving Honeytwist to it all on her own had his stomach twisting.
Dandelionpaw would manage. He had to.
"...out of marigold again..." He muttered, a paw swiping the empty dirt shelf it had once been stored in silent frustration, scratching at the indention as if he could dig for it to find more beneath the layer of dust.

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Pollenfur hurts, but, like Dandelionpaw, she knows she is one of those who escaped the worst of the hawks' ferocity. Rosepaw, Pollenfur had been afraid to look, but he'd passed out -- and Melonpaw. Oh, poor Melonpaw... some of the warriors had been torn up, as she'd been, but Melonpaw and Rosepaw... so young still, so innocent, and dealing with wounds that could leave them incapacitated for life.

She cannot bear to leave Melonpaw, but she knows Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw will need their space. Pollenfur's own wound continues to seep fluid, but she no longer knows if it's blood. She's immune to the smell.

"Let me know if I can help," she says, her voice worn as old leather. She's tired, she's in pain, but she's awake. She can move, she can walk. Will Melonpaw ever be able to again?

- ,,

He couldn't sleep, he couldn't eat. All he did was walking back and forth to the medicine den to constantly check if Rosepaw had woken up yet. He was still unconscious no signs of him recovering or even waking up. It was bad. But Leechpaw refused to accept it. Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw knew what they where doing, they where the only one who could save them. Leechpaw had never felt this powerless before. He knew how to use his teeths and claws but this was beyond what even his words could do. So he keept on coming to check and while he was at it made sure he was useful. Anything they wanted or needed he would get it for them, and when he was not in service...he rested outside of the den to keep watch like he was expecting for the hawks to somehow dive down from the sky get into the den to finish what they had started.

Leechpaw was back at it again as he stept into the den with a fresh hunted rabbit in his mouth. He would dropt it down on the ground and he would face his own paws with his tired looking eyes. " I brought food...if..anyone of you are hungry. It's fresh." This was the third time he had come in here today. Leechpaw glanced up from his paws to glance over at the corner where Rosepaw lay, still unconscious. He had not woken up yet. He clenched his teeths feeling this overwhelmning guilt. He should have been there, out there with them. If he had...maybe he could have done something to prevent all of this. Who was he kidding...He hadn't even been able to do anything to even protect Bumblepaw from the dog. All he ever did was just watch. He was nothing but a coward.

Tearing his gaze away from Rosepaw's body he shifted them around the den to look at each one of them in here right now all victims to the hawks in one or another way. This shouldn't have happend. None of them deserved this. No matter what his personal feelings towards them might be he wouldn't wish this on anyone. He wasn't...that heartless. His tired eyes finally stopt on Dandelionpaw. " Is there anything else i can do to help?." please his voice pleaded for them to give them anything to do, just anything that could be useful. Anything would do...Anything to distract his mind, his thoughts because he felt like he was falling apart on the inside and right now he needed to keep it together. To not lose his damn mind.


Stuck, stuck, stuck. Dawnglare had talked about buzzing before- had this been what he meant? As ever his smile remained- he had to keep it, for happiness was contagious and they could all use a bit of it right now- but his jaw was tightened, his eyes lifeless yet wide. Never had it been more clear that he was forcing this grin- it always appeared intentional, but his eyes were so devoid of any laughter-crease that it was almost impressive how moon-wide they remained.

Leechpaw did not like Mallowlark- everyone except Mallowlark likely knew that. But his offer of help the stark white warrior would gladly snag, his stomach having been complaining for the last hour or so. "Can you bring me some lunch?" he asked, his voice still bright despite his expression's complete hollowness and the fact his side was quite heavily bandaged up. If he could move he would kill for a nice, plump rabbit... but anything would do, really. He supposed if he was looking to recover quickly- and he better- he could not afford to be picky.
like most cats who stayed behind, it was alarming to say the least to watch sootstar return from the moors with a pawful of injured cats following in tow. those who went out on that initial patrol had all made there way to the medicine den, disappearing into the tunnel one by one like marching ants.

it was rare that shrewpaw became anxious but knowing that dandelionpaw and ivoryflight had gotten hurt caused her to pace in circles around the clearing to the point where she could've carved out a path!

the apprentice was tempted to burst into the medicine den earlier and fret like a worried hen trying to keep count of its chicks but knew that would only trouble her brother further so she refrained. it was full enough already in there, no one needed more accidents to happen.

when seeing leechpaw brush pass with a rabbit hanging from his jaws towards the den, she'd assume it's been long enough and broke her pacing to follow behind her fellow apprentice. shrewpaw didn't fully go inside, only peeking her head in with a lip worrying between her teeth. "ah can also lend a paw in helpin'!"
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Shes busy gathering up the last bit of stock she has, chewing various poultices and shes silent, she has not talked outside of shooing her kits away. Stress and more stress, Honey quite honestly feels like shes going to explode with all the various emotions shes been pushing down with a tired smile, constantly worrying about others. Her patience was wearing thin and she bites back an angry scream as she slumps forwards, resting her forehead against the walls of her den. She fights back tears.

Shes failed Pollenfur, shes failed Melonpaw, failed Dandelionpaw. She knew, knew she should have protested because maybe then she would have been able to protect the last couple cats in her life that mattered. She rises from her spot, hears the voices from the cats whom she loved and almost shatters right then and there in tears, angry screams at Starclan because she knew, she knew this would end up in nothing but misery. "Dandelion," her voice is sharp, commanding as she brushes past him, towering over him with a pointed look. "Lay down, now." she does not break, does not bend does not waver despite all that she feels. If she loses Dandelion... Because he was too stubborn to rest... She blinks rapidly to keep the mist at bay. "You did well, now let me take care of the rest." her voice softens in to something akin to love, attempting to touch noses with him.

She'd turn to the rest of the crowd, injured and uninjured, eyes landing on Melonpaws tiny body quaking in the corner. She wants to throw up, apologize, throw herself over her baby and protect her from everything, but right now Melon needs support, needs time to comprehend. Shes in shock, Honey knew the telltale signs. Her head turns to Pollen next as she pads over, giving the girls wound a sniff as she wrinkles her nose. Infection, infection, infection- She can't lose Pollen too. "I need all cats who are not injured to be on herb hunting duty. I need a lot of marigold, poppy seeds and cobwebs. In the following days I need all paws on deck because I am going to have to constantly change dressings." she announces, trying to place a paw over Pollen's with a shake of her head. "You can help me by resting, pick a nest, cherie." tone soft once more before she floats over to the Mallow.

"How is the pain?" she'd ask, assessing how the cobwebs were holding up on his side. "Leechpaw, could you bring that rabbit over here please?" she'd ask with all the politeness she could muster, no sharp demands, no quips, the stress is so much, so much.

Perhaps Starclan truly was wrong.


"...yer a good friend, Leechpaw. Appreciate it, let Mallowlark have it..."
If the tom was asking for food then he was doing well, but Dandelionpaw couldn't stomach the idea of eating currently so it was wasted on him. He knew questions wanted to be asked about the condition of their red tabby friend but he didn't know what words to give, how to explain in a way that made sense, "Rosepaw is.....Rosepaw won't die." It's all he knew, he would not allow him to die but once again he was unable to save the sight of a clanmate despite his efforts. Shrewpaw's voice draws his gaze from Rosepaw and then Melonpaw to offer his sister a careful smile and a shake of his head. Inside the den there was too many cats and not enough paws with any knowledge, but outside the camp was where the most help could be given. He was about to suggest more hunting and maybe cobwebs when Honeytwist beat him to the punch and then just as quickly ordered him to rest as well.

"But-!" The word bursts out of him, voice rising to protest but it is quickly dampened by a jolt of pain that suddenly straining had sent down his back like an electric current. Dandelionpaw frowned, watery-eyed and not liking the idea of sitting there doing nothing but something in Honeytwist's tone gentle guides him back to his nest with tucked paws and a distinct pout; returning the light gesture with a nudge from his nose back to hers.
"...only fer a bit. I'll just sit fer a bit." But he could already feel himself sinking into the warm bracken and moss, knowing he would struggle to get back up once he settled down. He was nowhere near as bad off as poor Rosepaw or Melonpaw, felt guilting just laying there.

She still hurts.

Chickenscratch still hurts, injuries enough to land her in the medicine den next to the rest of her hunting party. Though her journey from the scene of the attack to Honeytwist's den was arduous, she knows there were others that had it worse than her. Perhaps she's one of the lucky ones. Perhaps she's simply minimizing the severity of her injuries. She isn't sure.

However, she's making progress. She's able to sit now - not for too long before she needs to lie down again, sure, but it's still something. Walking is still in the works, pierced muscles still in need of extra healing before she takes steps, before she puts more weight than she can on her shoulders. She can't risk tearing them further.

She's one of the lucky ones, though, she reminds herself, again and again. Rosepaw and Melonpaw, they have it worse, the poor kids.

Honeytwist gives orders to those who are able. Chickenscratch, slowly but surely, pulls herself up to sit.

"I can help organize all the herbs that come in?" she offers, "Something to keep my paws busy?" Maybe it would help her work her way to being able to sit for longer?
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Like his sister, he'd been worrying from the moment word got around that Dandelionpaw - and the rest of his patrol - had gotten attacked. Those thieving birds! How dare they hurt his brother!

It seems like his gaze hadn't been pulled away from the medicine den since the moment the patrol returned back, since warriors and apprentices alike returned with injuries far more horrific than what Thymepaw was used to seeing. Though the fawn-point hoped all of them were alright, it was his brother he worried about the most, of course.

He arrives at Shrewpaw's side the moment she moves closer to the den, peeking his head in just beside hers. Marigold. Dandelionpaw says they need marigold. Honeytwist expands the list, adding poppy seeds and cobwebs.

"I know what those look like!" Thymepaw announces to Honeytwist, to his brother. Though it's a time of worry, the tom can't help but feel a little bit of excitement towards his flower picking knowledge being put to use, that he could help others with his hobby, "I can show ever'one what it looks like, 'nd make sure no one snatches up an'thing y'all don't need, too!"
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