Jul 8, 2022

the world she knew is changing without her. she is changing. buck was not one to be overly friendly or kind. usually sharing when needed but keeping to her own. it is the way everyone was here. now she is running into cats with no interest in learning the waters, ones who seem too hopeless to be taught, her home being taken by greed. her bobbed tail is heavy with embarrassment, perhaps a trait leftover from childhood, but she has usually been much kinder to elders. it's a cruel force that makes buck act this way. the pointed molly only hopes for whatever eyes to be watching her to understand these measures.

there's more than just her to protect in this. deft paws carrying her over the light grasses that brush against her, the uneven and pebbled terrain feeling nothing more than home to her. she wonders if the pine cats have trouble navigating, if the jagged stones prove to be uncomfortable, if the smoothed pebbles are a comfort. she travels along the river's edge, watching the small rapids carry along whatever is not strong enough to fight back. the smooth waters that are clearer than anything she's ever seen. even now, she never grows tired of the sights.

her destination is a beloved spot, a carefully place stone, surrounded by the calm waters and always warm by the sun's attentive eyes. tricky to get to, but a reward for those who manage the uneven ground and jagged edges. she remembers coming back to her family, covered in scratches and marks, but beaming with joy at her efforts. now, after moons of practice, she can jump up on the stone without any worry. the warmth of the sun concentrates on her back, and her eyes can peer down to watch the silver-scaled fish dart about.

she is not aware of how long she lingers, only that it is long enough for someone to find her in the wide expanse. the feeling of laziness starts to leave, once heavy paws come to light again. buck, however, does not move much. the pelt is distinct, the tom from further down the river. "have you managed a fish yet?" she calls to shorten the distance between the two, allowing an amicable conversation to start. buck has only managed to play friendly with caraway and raccoon, and as much as she loves her caring companions, the world can start to be lonely.

it's been a while since a traveler has told her of their travels. it's been even longer since buck got to be on good terms.


The river is a pleasant thing and much like the forest he left not too long ago. Especially when more cats began to flood it. He's not too sure of the atmosphere around here yet. And there is only one of him, trying to stick up claim in this place seems like the last thing he will ever come to do and well it's not on his list yet to meet Death just yet. So he's been lingering around the river, placing his paws against the riverbank and watching the water as it rolls along the smooth pebbled ground. He hasn't come across many cats yet save for two. One with a firm and fiery spirit and an elderly tom who he is quite fond of naturally. The elder cats always have tales from the many days they have seen. Still he's curious and wondering mainly because of the woman's reaction to the claims of being welcomed to Riverclan. She left as quickly as she could that day, spitting about seeing him not as a clan cat. Hmm.

Lifting his head up he focuses on the sounds of the river as he starts to make his way along the flowing liquid. His eyes are half open as he hums to himself before he catches the scent, a familiar one even though he's only caught it one other time. Then her voice comes through and amusement spreads across his muzzle. Oh, his wounded pride when he has to tell her that he hasn't tried since he first met her. "Wha' will yae say if ah haven't?" His voice is casual as he finally spots the chocolate colored woman and her gently spotted pelt. Although he doesn't want to get on her bad side and any mentioning of that clan thing seems to get her knickers bunched. "Maybe yae hav' some time tae teach me, lass. Ah promise ah pick things up quickly."
his voice enters the area, with the molly still trying to understand how his tongue can form such an accent. her own speech is unlike her companions, with a heavy western tint that resides on every word that drops from her. the uniquely pelted tom tells her that no, he hasn't tried since their last encounter. this draws a light-hearted sigh, head turning to the heavens and relishing in the warmth of the celestial sun. anyone with half a brain can guess what will come next, and the thought of the cool waters on her buck-skinned pelt was begrudgingly welcomed. very little does the molly get enough time to relax in the sun, but she can't blame any other souls but her's.

the sun-kissed head lulls to the side, eyes lazy as they refocus on the tom. he asks to be taught and promises that, yes of course, he learns things quickly. it seems that sentiment will be up to buck to determine the truth of it. "hmm" a low hum escapes her, a facade of a woman thinking upon his inquiry. truly, there's no reason to turn him down and send him off. charla has not been a nuisance or a colony cat, which already puts him in a favorable light. "the fish are fat and lazy at this time. they like this rock since it provides cover and shade." her paw hovers above the waters as she explains the situation, the only movement from the lingering scaled beasts are only small jolts of surprise.

they settle quickly. "you'll always get a catch quicker if you take 'em by surprise. chasing them in the water is no good unless you're as quick as 'em." which very little can any cat keep up with them. of course, the bigger the fish, the slower, but the more energy it takes to pull them out of the water. "try to get that fat one. he won't be able to get away from you as fast, but you'll still need to sneak up on him. shadows scare them." a small wave to a silver chub that is a bit further from the rest of the congregated fish. its an easy target, and charla should be able to catch him.

chubs don't fight that much.